As we all know that COVID-19 is spreading with leaps and bounds in the world and it is making lives most difficult for everyone and it is affecting our income source which is our Marketplace. And due to this virus, everyone needs hygiene items such as masks, gloves, hand washes, or hand sanitizers. Every consumer is also opting for a solution which they can enjoy with leisure.

Rightly Quoted by Alexander Graham Bell

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

So today we are here to show you the opened door, i.e amidst the Pandemic, which all business opportunities you have and which can be your new successful venture on a long run.

Some businesses have certainly grown up in the market such as Online learning class, education sector, Grocery & vegetable, market, home delivery items, medicine delivery and many more.

Now the number of cases is increasing and with all that, needs are also increasing day by day such as daily essentials, grocery, vegetables, study, books, etc many things.

30 Best App ideas for the startups

So keeping in mind all these things a market has started with new ideas to increase sales and traffic again. This is the on-delivery platform which allows customers to order and explore items through mobile apps following their needs, where they have to go outside from their home and now there would only use some needful apps. 

Mobile App downloads will reach around 183.7 billion, i.e. more than 9% from the estimate made before COVID-19.

Statics of app users or downloaders

Retail & logistics categories such as electronics and health experienced by 91% and 109% increase.

Amidst this pandemic situation people have strong hope for a bright business world.

It’s all about taking your offline business online this would make it easy to use your customers’ lives, you can serve them at their doorstep or location including many justifications that you need to know.

Online Businesses are Growing in COVID-19


9 Business Ideas That Are Worth Investing Amidst COVID-19

  1. Ancient Games/ Consulting Doctor Online
  2. Nowadays online games like chess, Scrabble, or 8 ball pool, etc. many kinds of games are there to activate your mind and keep stable, also protect one from depression or anxiety, etc. Also, mental health, online doctor appointments, meditation apps, etc. are high-range due to COVID-19 because every person prefers to stay home only until it’s quite necessary. 
  3. In this idea, users can have a mobile app or website where they can access a number of features or services from their homes and no need to go outside. This idea will increase the business traffic of the sector because they are able to access book appointments, play games, get a consultation easily and get solutions about their health, mental health or issues, doctor consultation, etc. and backgammon website, Chess Gammon, based in the United Kingdom, has seen a spike in demand for these traditional games. With billions of people housebound, the company has been helping people at homestay mentally active and reduce the risk of going outside. Who would have thought that such ancient games would have suddenly become so popular again?
  4. As Deorwine Infotech is able to create your business on a great level and provide solutions about:
  1. The most trending is Ecommerce Sector
  2. This is the most trending and acceptable sector, every business wants to start an ecommerce business. The reason behind starting an ecommerce business is that you have a number of users online. It is not only restricted to clothes or any product which is locally unavailable, but it has extended its reach in other sectors too, such as Groceries, vegetables, clothes, cosmetics, books, electronics, automation, computer parts, watches, etc. most of the things which we people used to purchase on offline stores.
  3. According to online research, sales have increased to 52% since years, and many online customers have added around 8.8% since the outbreak began. You can allow countless ecommerce deliveries when you are taking your business online.
  4. We have an ecommerce website development and ecommerce app development solution for your business:
  1. Online Medical Supplies
  2. Another idea in the COVID-19 pandemic which is leaving a remark is Online medicine supplies. This is not only making your life safe but comfortable too as you don’t have to head outside to even buy your regular doses as you have it at your doorstep. Apps like Online Medicine delivery, Online Ambulance booking, Medical van and few others are working wonders in lockdown situations.
  3. Deorwine Infotech has the best solution for medicine or online booking that is able to create a mobile app for selling or booking your services and any customer can get a benefit to book from their home. As we have highlight solutions:
  1. Real Estate Business
  2. The real estate business is the most beneficial nowadays.
  3. 69% of Americans have started businesses at their home. By using these digital ages on advantage, you are able to launch a new idea startup outdoors with illiquid investments such as in real estate.
  4. We are an experienced real estate app development company that has worldwide knowledge to provide the best solution.
  1. Online Tools & Apps
  2. We have wonderfully implemented handling and also protect yourself in this pandemic connected with our predecessors.  In this pandemic we can have a number of tools or apps, if someone wants a different line of business instead of grocery, medicine , etc then they can invent new ideas to go online.
  3. In our virtual world, this online platform offers substitutes to seamlessly complete new real-world projects. That represents an array by providing the best opportunities while creating an online framework for establishing a modern activity for the digital age – right from business to socializing.
  4. We are able to implement your idea to help your business and create apps.

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  1. Fitness World
  2. People who want to invest in a new business idea is an online fitness app where users are able to explore a number of online trainers and set their goals. Various people are suffering from their body issues like obesity, BP, Acidities, etc. so they have turned to a digital platform to train their bodies. 
  3. This Industry is witnessing a hike in demand, as people who are quite health conscious and the one who are facing other health problems are now opting for such online apps.
  1. Online Cleaning Service
  2. If you want to go to the cleaning business then you can turn it into a business in an easy way with a few members of staff to a host from cleaning supplies, transportation, also offer cleaning services at their homeowners, apartment, and commercial area, etc. Take charge according to work and do your job easily. 
  3. The cleaning services provider is a straightforward business which requires relatively brief elevation. Just need simple planning and strategy, dedication, and strong marketing to present your business notice.
  1. Education Planning
  2. Now schools, colleges and institutes are still closed in most of the world  just because of COVID-19 spreading continuously. A number of students be it for schools, coaching, competition exams almost everyone’s studies have been affected.
  3. With the new idea of Online education apps every school, tuition, coaching, or tutor can restart teaching all students. You can make a collaborative platform where students and teachers are meeting with each other and start their regular classes as normal.
  4. This idea will give benefit by creating an education mobile app where everyone can install and start to do their learning daily. Here we are listing our solutions:
  1. Pick and Drop Delivery Business
  2. Pickup and deliver business indicate many businesses like courier service etc. Online service providers easily get orders through mobile apps and prepare their orders and deliver at the customer address. This pickup and delivery business idea is such a blessing to start your business.
  3. Apps like Logistics Handling, mini courier services in a particular locality or even a district are being taken care off. For eg; Small parcels, instant taxi services, packers and movers, Flower Delivery, Gifts deliveries if you are good in logistics, this option will work wonders for your business. As social transfers will always take place, but now due to this pandemic, instead of people manually doing it, they would prefer a medium to meet their social expectation. 

Picking The Best Startup Idea For your new Business:

Analyzing marketplace trends also satisfying consideration on your customers are important here. 14% of startups disappoint and the reason behind this is they don’t analyze customer needs. Offering practical solutions to your customers in a quick and easy method should be the principle to strive for. 

Like we said earlier, all is not lost, and these are just a few ideas from the techseen team to get you thinking. These are tough times, and the community needs much more, there is a lot that can be done and achieved all we need to do is get started. 

On - demand Delivery Platform - A powerful solution for all your delivery needs


In this tough time, we stand for you to restart your business with support. We support startups and large businesses to get a benefit through online service which is based on mobile app development and website development. For now or for our future this is the best way, or we say it’s a blessing for us that we are presenting our services and products online where thousands of people are exploring from their home and just want to one click to get things at their doorstep.

Deorwine Infotech is the best supportive company for startup and large businesses to create a mobile app with a new idea and create a strong platform for your business.

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