Doctor Appointment Booking Apps are a helpful tool to explore doctors, schedule & set appointments with concerned doctors. The Healthcare sector requires newly discovered techniques to improve and optimize services. Today, people will guarantee that they are freakier about their health, include fitness aims. They can certainly be looking forward to fix appointments ahead than waiting in the line.

Nowadays, people work on their smartphones to analyse their development. No wonder it’s the simplest way to book online any specialized doctor appointment. The possibility to communicate with doctors online allows patients to book an appointment only on one tap from mobile phones. This not only conserves time but also saves money.

People are going with mobile technology, and the healthcare industry adopts this latest trend. The mobile healthcare industry records that: –

  • 52% of smartphone users make health-related data on their phones.
  • 80% of doctors use smartphones and medical apps.
  • 40% of physicians consider eHealth technologies can decrease the number of visits to doctors’ offices.
  • 93% of doctors get value having a mobile health app connected to Emergency health.

According to Markets and Markets estimate, the healthcare IT market is to touch USD 280.25 Billion by 2021.

Benefits of Doctor Appointment App Development

. This intimated that there would be a huge on demand solutions for comprehensive healthcare services in the upcoming time. Below we mentioned some benefits of Doctor Appointment Mobile App development for doctors and patients.

Doctors Benefits

  • Online Appearance
  • Self-Promotion
  • Improve patient base
  • Round the clock path to patients
  • Work remotely

Patients Benefits

  • No need to wait in a queue to meet a doctor
  • Stand out to doctor by one tap on the mobile app
  • Cost-saving & Time efficient
  • Consult Doctor at one tap on a mobile app

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Key Features to Doctor Appointment App Development

There is a wide scope of doctor appointment app development offering a various range of App Development Cost & Features, doctor appointment app development, doctor moving from fundamental mobile apps to complicated stages. We are presenting some doctor app features for patients and for doctors, which are provided on both platforms Android & iOS:-

Customer App

  1. Sign in/Sign up: The patient will have social login from Facebook and Google. It will have a login with a mail ID and password.
  2. Customer profile: Customer s will have their profile to manage their public name, profile, bio-data, description, etc.
  3. Appointment Booking Option: To appointment to a doctor will there option for online booking.
  4. Push Notification: Customer will be notified of their activates in app.
  5. In-app Chat: Customer and doctor can chat when the Customer gets any confusion etc.
  6. Video call option: After an approved valid profile by Admin, they will have an option to video call with a doctor.
  7. Doctor location tracking option: Real-time location tracking to react at doctor place if needed.
  8. Payment Option: Online payment option to consult or doctor fee.
  9. Review/Feedback: After consulted Customer  can give rating or feedback to doctor according to their experience with doctor,
  10. In-app Tracker for Prescriptions and medications: Provided medicines by consulting doctors, Customer s can track with the doctor too.
  11. Safe and secure health records: Customer s will have a complete record of their health and can share with their consulting doctor to improve or get more treatment.

Health and Fitness mobile App development – Types, Features, Cost

Doctor App

  1. Doctor Page: The doctor can view all the patient, total appointments on this page.
  2. Doctor Profile: Doctors can manage their profiles to provide details for visitors.
  3. Appointment status Check option: This section for the check appointment status.
  4. Accept/Reject option: According to doctor availability, they can accept and reject appointment requests.
  5. Edit Schedule: Doctor allow changing or editing appointment schedule.
  6. Chat or video call: The doctor will have features that they can do chat and video call. The doctor can accept chat and video calls from customers.
  7. Online Prescription: Doctor can share necessary details of the medication treatment in app and track to their patient’s medicines.

Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard: Admin will have a view of their total activities like total patients, total appointment, scheduled etc. in a graphs and statics.
  2. Patient Management:This covers all-important patient details with their full medical history. This helps to give better and appropriate treatment to all patients.
  3. Doctors Management:All details of the doctors and they are categorized according to their field of expertise.
  4. Report Management:This is to store the complete detailed reports of each patient. This also provides an up-to-date generation of information whenever needed.
  5. Payment Management: Admin can manage complete payment and explore in details about payments.
  6. Marketing Tools:Coupon Codes, Discount, Offers, SEO tools, Loyalty Programs, etc.
  7. CMS: Under this section, the admin can manage all the publishing articles or details of the doctors affiliated and can advertise them as well.

Required Team Structure

Hire dedicated developers from mobile App Development Company, an intelligent team of developers, designers, and testers, are the keys to building a modern medical application. The App Development team should possess the following members for on time and goal-based performance:

  • Project Manager: They must have full knowledge about the Healthcare Solution and must provide with managerial skills.
  • Developers: Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers
  • Designers: Expert UX/UI designer
  • QA Testers: Quality Assurance Experts with good knowledge of testing.

What is Cost to Developing a Doctor Appointment App?

The cost of on demand doctor appointment app development, on estimation, developing an online doctor booking app takes from 2-3 months. The timeframe, just an estimate of the app, depends on the range and complexity of the project and the hourly rate of the development team.

The real cost of building a doctor appointment app depends on the following factors:

  • Platform — iOS app development, Android app development, Windows development
  • UI and UX design — expert Designers
  • Complexity — Diversity of features and functionality
  • Third-party Integration— payments, payouts, etc.


The medical industry has become advanced and different features have implemented to the online doctor appointment. If you are looking to develop an online doctor app, complete these features and the cost that we have mentioned is proper to develop the doctor app.

We at Deorwine Infotech, provide a complete Healthcare and Doctor Appointment Solution that all concerned about a well-organized health-care system and a well-planned expert meetup.

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