At present, learners enjoy the way tons of information on the Internet has spread across multiple platforms. A lot of educational web sites and mobile apps are into the market, with some of them succeeding real teachers and others being strong supporting materials for offline studies.

The online education has a great platform with huge traffic for Websites such as Udemy and Coursera, which are increasing day-by-day, while some brick-and-mortar schools, universities, and organizations are keeping up and developing their platforms to improve learners’ experience.

College education is getting more costly every year; with prices increased by 3.5% in the last 10 years, and not all school graduates can afford to study in high universities of their desire. Apart from this, many adults require constant improvement in their skills or getting a degree but can’t leave their job to attend classes. For them and a number of other categories of people who want to study, distant online education is an excellent way to acquire knowledge and a diploma.


Developing a website and app for online courses like Udemy, while some brick-and-mortar schools, universities, and corporations are keeping up and developing their own platforms to improve learners’ experience.

Improbable E-learning Statistics

  • The worldwide e-learning market projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025.
  • In 2017, approximately 77% of US corporations used online learning.
  • In 2017, 67% of US companies offered learning opportunities via smartphones.
  • E Learning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%.

Here, you recognize, education is on the boundary of a complete transformation to digital space. That’s because of it:

  1. Learning Personalized  Digital learning’s most consequential advantage is that it supports every student to learn at their own pace, and as per the time of their service.
  1. Various learning opportunities – Way to full-time and part-time learning, multiple language, courses, school, and college previous curriculum and advanced education, everything will be available from a single online training platform like Udemy.
  1. Assessment & Adaptive Learning – Digital learning uses various analytical tools that assist a student in performance, thereby suggesting the points they need to focus, through adaptive learning.
  1. Power Collaborative Learning – Social learning platforms like Udemy make it easy for the students and teachers to build, operate and access the groups.

Customer Panel

  1. Social Login/ Signup– Easy user signup and login with easy OTP verification via contact number and easy profile edit.
  1. Search – Ease of searching and choosing the subject/course with advance filters.
  1. Subscription Plan – Customers able to select a subscription plan monthly, yearly. Transparency regarding subscription plan.
  1. Quiz Model – Quiz module for testing customer’s knowledge.
  1. Forums & Discussions – Customers can discuss their courses with other members, as well as expect a specialist to give a speedy response to their questions and doubts.
  1. Settings: Customers can manage profile related settings like profile, password, and image also edit for the same.
  1. Mock test: Include Mock tests that enable the learners to evaluate their knowledge.
  1. Recommendations: Recommendations on courses can help a user find interesting they did not consider. You apparently noticed that the system collects data about all your views and concerns.
  1. Payment Method: Customers can be able to pay instantly for courses in which they are interested.
  1. Push Notification: Learners can receive notification or alert regarding the activity of classes and response from tutors for their doubts posted.
  1. In-app Chat: Learners or customers should be able to chat with tutors to clarify their doubts.
  1. Money-back options – Customer can get refunds to who are unsatisfied with the courses and claim within a specific time.
  1. Progress Tracking: Learners should be able to track their progress, achievements, and performance through a personalized report generated. As an extended feature, the functionality to assist them in recognizing repetitive mistakes can also be attached.
  1. Advertising. Advertising in web applications must not be disturbing. However, displaying some related audience-specific banners, or promoting sponsored courses from organizations can be reasonable.
  1. Certificate Courses: – There is a Certification add-on that makes sure each student can get a certificate. It also allows Drag and drops to assist the instructor in designing better certifications for the customer.
  1. A variety of courses offered– Website like Udemy offers a broad range of courses that provides to over 225 subjects.
  1. Support: With so multiple courses over education website and a greater number of enrolled members, answering, the system sends emails with recommended steps for solving their possible problems with the course.

Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard: Dashboard will display all the statics and graphs of the activities.
  1. Course Creation: The ability to create courses, to create categories of different types of courses, create lessons, quizzes, topics, assignments, and tasks for your learners.
  1. Reporting: It is important to keep a record of all the details and data encompassing your platform.
  1. Administration: Being ready to give a learning platform online is a large value to your organization, but having the tools available to manage that method is equally great.
  1. Management System: Content Management System (CMS) allows the ability to create content that coordinates with your LMS offerings.
  1. Systems Integration: A system will integrate into existing programs like a Human Resources Information System or billing methods.
  1. Automated Communication: e learning website provides you with the accessories and features you need to create communication easier.
  1. Social Implementation: There is a variation of ways to implement a community experience for your employees and learners.
  1. Manage Rating & Review: Admin will manage all reviews & rating that received from customers who are using the platform.
  1. Multiple Language Support: According to your target audience, you can provide multilingual options for your platform.

Team Required

Now to create an udemy clone website to start your own educational platform, let’s see the team structure to create a Website:-

  1. Backend: The back-end part is a server component of a learning management system that enables creating and delivering courses, managing users, storing data, sending notifications, etc.
  1. Frontend: The frontend part includes a user interface that is displayed in a browser recognizing learners, teachers and website admins to perform their tasks.
  1. Database & Infrastructure: To build an eLearning website, you’ll usually need multiple add-ons, plugins, and APIs that connect the system with third-party tools.

How much does It Cost to create an e learning Website

Cost for website like udemy, With our years of experience in developing a website for an e learning solution that starts with ambitious targets along with our expert team of Web and Mobile Application Developers, UI/UX Designers, Business Analysts, and Project Manager, we can support you develop this app meticulously.

Deorwine Infotech is a leading education web site development company that helps you to endorse their course and market their brand. It serves the more benefits with the development, Support & maintenance, complete structure instructors to build their valuable student base while providing the students to learn virtually at their availability and convenience.

The development costs of an e learning website like Udemy will totally depend on the features list, which we want to create.


Be creative, Even though creating a clone of udemy of a good business model can make you profit quick and easy, your product and your company should have some value and brand of your own. Education Website gives you the opportunity to become high business to build LMS like udemy unique.

Deorwine Infotech provides an engaging platform between the subject element experts and students in an interactive way. This has created online learning more convenient eliminating the traditional method of attending the classes to complete a course.

Let us have a discussion for the features, benefits and what you required

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