Today, the education system has changed over the decades. Digital learning is the best system that is increasing the order day-by-day. The key professional has affected this radical conversion is the educational mobile app that assists the learners in their learning process.

The worldwide eLearning marketplace is forecast to exceed 243 billion U.S. dollars in the next 2022. 

Approximately 65% of teachers support and recommend the use of public educational resources for teaching, Also 63% showed their interest in the based on the competency education system.

Google Classroom is the most downloaded Education app worldwide for May 2020 including more than 17 million installations and a 12.6x over year increase from May 2019.

The countries with the most app installs between that time were Brazil at 15.2% of its total downloads and India at around 13%

Best 9 Free Educational Apps for Students

The Online eLearning industry has grown during the last decades, it continues with greater accessibility and enhanced on-demand education applications that serve the specific demands of all age groups of the student industry. 

In this industry serve their service with two types of, Paid and Free education app, While educational mobile app development company provides paid and Free services that grow mostly toward the Ads that are performed there.

Top Education Apps Worldwide for June 2020 by Downloads

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7 Best Elements of a Successful Education Mobile App

  1. Easy Login With Dashboard
  2. Developing an education app ensures that your educational app must have an easy to login for every user where the user can simply create his/her profile with a few steps. After login successfully they are able to operate their dashboard where the user can view his/her progress, result, courses applied, etc.
  1. Testing Knowledge
  2. The test is an essential element in the learning industry and the educational mobile app must perform the same. A good education app must allow students to mock tests and quizzes to play which is based upon different relatable topics and subjects. These elements help student’s knowledge and capabilities and focus.
  1. Offline Mode
  2. Internet connectivity can be affected in small areas. Due to this reason, the app must have an offline mode, where students can download the modules offline and continue their study. These features allow keeping their interest in-app, and students can visit the app whenever needed to explore information offline as well. Allow them to download modules, view details, that make how powerful and effective the education application is and the users are responding to every module.
  1. Push Notification
  2. Push notification is an essential feature that must-have in every mobile app that is considered a vital part of nearly every on-demand services app. That allows keeping engaging with users and updating them about the latest activity and version in the app. Through the push notification, provide comprehensive information and prepare for actionable steps for the future. That also enables you to send related messages such as an update, an alert, and an advertisement to all and specific users.
  1. Live Tutorial & Session
  2. Education mobile app development must host interactive live sessions and tutorials for every student to polish their skills practically. Offer live tutorials would be great for students to have live interaction with the experts to ask queries live and go for deep details. Through the live sessions, students can get relevant answers.
  1. File Sharing
  2. A great education mobile app must have file sharing features that helps to share files with each other such as document, PDF, image and video etc. Whenever tutor or expert want to share bulk of information then they just need to share files with their students. It helps with convenience and interaction with students and experts.
    An education app supports different files so in future they can share the files with every extension
  1. Real-time Text Chat & Video
  2. The best educational mobile app development company offers a real-time text chat as well as Video chat. By using these features students get access to the classroom at any time of the day. It helps to interact with each other to ask queries and make their discussion easy. With text and video chat, students are able to use beneficial features like zooming into a selective image, rewinding anything wherever they want.

Create App Like Unacademy - On Demand Educational App Development (Guidance 2020)

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Deorwine Infotech is the best mobile app development company in the USA, that offers an user-friendly solution for education business. With the above features we can provide advanced features as well, that would help to make a top place in the market and facility to the best education system. 

Also, we are offering subscription features as per your plan which will be helpful for students and for the owner of this system. Students can get pre-services and extra benefits and owners get an amount as per plan. You make sure that you are selecting both platforms without limitation to usage of your app, and must develop an app for both Android and iOS.

We have an expertise team to develop an on-demand education app for your beginning and large scale of industries. Our team is expert and has a lot of skills that would be helpful to reach your goal. A mobile app is simple and easy to reach millions of users who are looking for a quick and fast process. 

Education system can be developed to manage your classes, students, Live sessions, Fee management through Online Transactions, and many more, Unlimited features can be included as per your requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an Education Mobile App

How much does it cost to create a Educational app


An education industry is growing day-by-day, especially in the year 2020 of lockdown, most of the schools, teachers, and tuition are developing an online education app to teach on time and easy to manage. If you are looking for the best on demand education mobile app development company then you are at right Place.

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