89% of smartphone users download various varieties of a mobile app including social media, shopping, games and 50% of these downloads are from the education section, in 2019!


In this lockdown situation, all are facing study issues with their children, schools, and colleges. So here we are working to solve those issues, and in this blog, we have explained how you can manage your study through your mobile phones, you can manage students, classes, new courses and can work as you work in the school or colleges.

Education applications like buyju provide for kids of all ages and skills. They include a range of topics such as math, study, reading, writing, and even international languages. The adaptability of educational apps implies they can run on a range of smartphones or tablets. Allowing for the scope of devices used outside the classroom.

Learning App screens

Average App Downloads Per Month


Most of the education mobile apps have to keep information between runs, and a high dimension will need to store information on a cloud server. So, around there’ll be a database with all that material, and that’s got to be locked down hard.

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  1. Remote Learning
  2. Learning away from the classroom not only supports students to grow faster but also improve their ability to use technology. The apps can even be used when school holidays, so your child is continually learning new information
  1. Education & Entertainment
  2. Mobile Apps join education with entertainment so that children can enjoy learning. This laid-back approach can support students to overcome the anxiety they may feel about studying in a school environment. This will, therefore, improve their learning abilities, as children are more likely to take in and remember knowledge when they feel relaxed.
  1. Online Study and eBooks
  2. Students are usually very affectionate of online studying. This is where library and book search apps reach into the picture. These applications make it simple for the students to explore the relevant study stuff in the mobile application. It saves them closer to the study material and benefits them in separating their studying materials over the web.

Teacher App features

  1. Login/Signup: Logging in and signing up automatically with your Facebook and Google (or other emails) account will be a large perk for any user since it significantly reduces the signup process compared to typing in an email or mobile number and personal details. For more options, you can consider Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.
  2. User Profile: A user profile can make teachers set their profile, upload materials, and see analytics and statistics about students to properly compose their needs.
  3. Set Material: Teachers able to set up their expert subject/material so that students easily can find relevant teachers.
  4. Online Attendance: The teacher will have a feature to know about who is present in the current class or not. Online attendance has been done as physically you take. 
  5. Search with filters: The teacher will have search functionality to find out the better and relevant results. 
  6. Assignment/Test/Homework Assign: Teachers will have complete functionality to create assignments or homework or test for their students. It will be easy to access and giving work. 
  7. Push notifications: Push notification to bring users back quicker than emails. You can also use notifications for promotion and to request users to rate your application in the app store.
  8. Scheduling: The teacher can set a specific schedule to take a class or lecture. They can schedule for the whole class or for a particular student too. 
  9. Statistics and analytics: Teachers help from viewing statistics. The ability to identify blind spots in knowledge helps instructors adjust the program and eliminate issues.
  10. Subscription Plan: Students have an option for subscription plans which they can buy and continue online learning services.
  11. Activity Arrange Setup: Teachers can set up or organize online activities from their or school side, it will help to encourage students. 
  12. Audio/Video Call: Teacher will be able to arrange a video or audio call with students, daily classes will be arranged accordingly and online chat option if have any kind of query from students or ask update about student status.
  13. Group Video Join: That teacher app helps you to whole class’s student can number of students to join lectures.
  14. Support/Help: Support/help helps to received queries.

7 Best Elements of a Successful Educational Mobile App - Features in 2020

Teacher App Feature

  1. Signup/Login: A simple signup and login with their email id or required details, Social login will have with Facebook, Google, etc. many option possible.  
  2. Accept/Reject Request: The teacher accepts or rejects the received request from the students. It can be a query or added with the teacher.
  3. View Student Details: Teachers can view students’ profiles, subjects, or more details after connected with a student.
  4. Suggest Courses/Subject: Teachers can suggest, mention their subjects, courses in their profile, where the student only can select and go for the next process. 
  5. Received Payment: Daily/weekly or monthly payment can be view with sender details. 
  6. Profile Setup: With the complete details about their expertise subjects, specific courses that you are providing to the students, class session time, etc. The teacher can mention every detail in their profile where students easily can find relevant things. 
  7. Check weekly/monthly earning: Teachers able to view earning details which they earned by taken classes or sessions.  
  8. Set Availability: Everyday teachers can set their availability for their class so that students can be available accordingly. 
  9. Chat & Video Feature: Teachers able to do or receive audio/video calls.   
  10. Push Notification: That helps to teacher up-to-date with the app activities.
  11. View Booking Details: Booking detail will provide detail about booking, past bookings, and upcoming bookings, etc. 
  12. History: Easily access history and view details. 
  13. Track Student Location: They will be able to track student location easily if they want to go home and take sessions. 
  14. Review & Rating: View all review & rating given by students.

Admin Panel Feature

  1. Login: Admin will have an ID password to access the compressive features of the admin panel. 
  2. Dashboard: Dashboard will display a summary of the whole activities of the apps like total students, teachers, total classes, etc.
  3. Manage Students/Teacher: Admin can add/edit and delete all the new registration and view all details about both. 
  4. Subscription Plan: Admin can change, update subscription plans when they have a new strategy. 
  5. Courses/Subject Manage: These are will be editable, and upload up-to-date courses and subjects according to class. 
  6. Payment Management: Admin able to view complete details about payment, that who is sending and who is receiving, they can make receipt and manage with GST too.
  7. Booking Manage: Booking will be done or not or continuing, these managed by admin and view all details.
  8. Reporting: Reporting can be downloaded of students, payments, daily/weekly/monthly so that they can share too.

Cost to create an Education App Development

With Education app development, many things need to be recognized when estimating the cost of an education app. Few apps require audio feature integration as much as applications for studying. Additionally, for education apps, it’s extremely suggested creating both for Android and iOS right away since also in a single classroom there are normally students with both kinds of devices.

How much does it cost to make an educational app in India,  essentially depends on the platform, third-party features, design, and size of the mobile application. 

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How to Create a Language Learning App Like Duolingo? [Cost + Features]

Team Required to develop education app

Hire dedicated developers for an educational app development method will be something like this:

  • Project manager
  • UI/UX design
  • Mobile App Developers
  • QA specialist
  • Support & Maintenance

Final Words

Many go to develop an app for the education sector, with standard or advance features mentioned above listed, Deorwine Infotech is here to assist in connecting your dream to existence. Our experienced app and web developer team is here to help you at any point in the method. 

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