Identically, On-demand Education Apps like Unacademy become the traditional education platform, which has been followed for decades.

Unacademy Online Education App introduces things in a more reliable way and educates learners using the right technology stack remains what performs these platforms very successfully.

The platform of Unacademy just soon after its launch, Unacademy expanded $500,000 toward funding. But in 2020, Unacademy worth above $510 million after Facebook the social media has gain made around $110 million investment.


Unacademy has a lot of great Free courses available and offers specialized competitive exams courses. 2020 March, Unacademy announced its future hosting over 700 various live classes every day with a number of exam categories.

“Unacademy is the biggest online educational app above 22 million users”.


So, the Education platform has proved that the people going to school and college is not the only way to become qualified, even they offer different online courses with some great and experienced lecturers from high-universities such as Haward.

Online Education Apps like Unacademy present the matters in an explainer way with examples and.

Key Features of Unacademy Mobile App Development

How much does it cost to create a Educational app

Student App Features

  1. Simple Registration: The student app has a simple registration process with entering basic details such as full name, last name, class, subject, etc. 
  2. Login: Students can log in with their login passwords such as User ID and password.
  3. Search with Filters: Students are able to search their required courses using different filters. 
  4. Choose courses: Students can choose their study subject or course which they want to learn.
  5. View Course Details: When they select any course, after they are able to view complete with description. 
  6. Multilingual Selection: Students have a facility to choose preferred language as per their understanding. 
  7. Recommendation: This part is dynamically creating records of trending and popular programs certificated basis user-generated recommendations.
  8. Live session:  Students are able to attend the live session by experts. 
  9. Choose Payment Method: Students can choose and pay for premium courses by using payment options like a debit card , PayPal, etc.
  10. Online Test and Quiz: Moreover, Once the paid or free course has completed, then students are able to take the test to evaluate themselves.
  11. Video Chat: Students are able to use the Video Call of advanced tool to communicate with teachers.
  12. Text Chat: Students are able to text chat including features like messages, emoticons, and GIFs, etc.
  13. Practice Session: Students can manage and do their practice session from the app.
  14. Real-Time Notification: Real-time notification alert about students activity such as upcoming courses, classes etc. 
  15. Manage Profile: Students can manage their own profile such as edit or update the details. 
  16. Performance Statics: That feature presents the performance status of the student according to their classes, and practice. 
  17. Setting: Students have a setting in the app where they can change passwords etc.

Teacher App Features

  1. Registration: New registration applicable and send request to work on that platform. 
  2. Manage Courses: A teacher can manage courses which they are going to provide students. 
  3. In-App Video Call: Teachers are able to do video calls to communicate and teach their students. 
  4. Online Test: Teachers can create and share online tests with their students.
  5. Setup Live Session: They are able to schedule live sessions or live class with date and time. 
  6. Real-Time Chat: Chat features help with text messaging, share files with students. 
  7. Check Students Performance: teachers are able to view the performance status of every student.
  8. Manage Profile: Teacher able to manage their profile according to their expertisation.

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Admin panel Features

  1. Dashboard: Dashboard presents a totalling of the platform such as total students, total classes, total registration, etc. 
  2. Manage Students/Teacher: Admin are able to manage students/teachers such as add new, edit or update. 
  3. Push Notification: Admin can use this feature to send notifications to students and teachers.
  4. Content Management: Admin can update new content on their apps platforms.
  5. Manage Courses: Admin can add, edit and delete a number of courses.

How to Make an App Like Unacademy?

To create an education app like unacademy needs a great team that has experience on both android and iOS platforms. Making the right business strategy with choosing the right technology stack for your education app development.

Unacademy app development company will provide a skillful team who can create an education app for you. The team is required:

  • Business Analyst
  • App Developer – React Native Developer 
  • Back-End Developer
  • QA tester

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How much does it cost to create an app like Unacademy?

Cost to create an app like unacademy totally depends on choosing platform, standard and advanced features, team. Also, different countries have their own cost and features.

We create a business strategy, UX/UI design, Implementation, Third-party integration, Testing and delivery of your app and web.

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