The main reason for the rise in demand for Grocery Delivery App development remains a growing number of people using grocery apps. Countless people are going to use an on-demand grocery app, which has increased drastically in many countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Spanish, The US, Malaysia, Singapore, and is on the rise.

With the growing Industrial business by all means and it is developing by leaps and bounds regardless of the challenges, it is filled with. An increasing trend in online grocery shopping has been recognized, and A number of causes could be assigned to this with the more impressive and active.

A number presenting the revenue of Grocery ordering and grocery delivery: 

IRI research says that around 55% of people aged between 25 – 34 do online grocery shopping, And 45% of people aged between 34 – 45, and purchase groceries online plus 35% of people aged between 45 to 54.


From the top of the positions to the satisfaction of On-demand grocery app development  to distances, long lines at the mall and market, managing work-life stability. You can have countless reasons why people love purchasing grocery shopping online instead of purchasing from malls and stores.

one expert, Nielsen, showed some numbers. 18% of people who are shopping grocery online used their coupons on the total amount of billing, 15% of people used the online shopping lists and around 14% got used to the loyalty program of mobile retail.

How a Typical On-Demand Delivery App Works?


On-demand Grocery Delivery App

How many types of grocery apps in the Market

Today, On-Demand Grocery App Development has tech-savvy customers, you have several choices and some of the most popular types of grocery delivery app refer to one of the following divisions.


Aggregators are just a simple list of nearby grocery stores to a user. The user can choose one of the nearby grocery stores already listed on the app. Next, from the online menu, he can add whatever he wants in any quantity to the cart. Checkout, and make payment with different available payment options, and set for the store to confirm and verify the order. The responsibility to deliver the orderlies individually with the store owner, aggregator simply lists the store and its menu on its platform.


A marketplace grocery app store is much similar to the aggregation grocery store platform, but this marketplace has its own team of delivery agents to deliver ordered groceries to the customers’ home by means of a direct mobility solution.

Exceptional Stores

In a separate store app, the grocery owner commissions his own stamped app and gets care of everything from maintaining the app and keeping an updated online list to delivering the order to a customer and receiving payment.

Grocery Successions

The grocery succession, for example, Walmart manages to have its on-demand solutions, which is similar to a single store at micro-level processes.

Personalized Grocery Apps Solution

As the name implies these apps are specially developed for customers. It supports them to plan their grocery shopping in an efficient manner and the goal of building grocery shopping apps is to analyze the overall process and to give a great experience to the user. Furthermore, it supports the users in the following businesses:

    • To generate a grocery menu
    • To set notes
    • Share grocery information to your connections

Business Model of On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Business Model of On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Key Features of On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

A Grocery delivery app development company joins dealers, consumers, and a delivery agent. So the app has three apps interface that front of accordingly that one for dealers, consumers, and a delivery agent. And the Mobile App Development Company provides an On-Demand Grocery delivery app solution: –

Features to Consider for a Successful On-demand App Development

Customer App

  1. Create a User Profile: Customers can sign-in to the app with their email ID, Facebook ID or by joining OTP received on their mobile number.
  2. Location-based Detected: Via GPS it will be caught the customer’s current location.
  3. Browse Products: It allows for picking specific products from the list of grocery and food products served with a full description.
  4. Search Products: Search specific products as per customer need to order.
  5. Add to Cart: Customers can add their selected products in their cart, it will be displayed in the customer account.
  6. Add to Wish list: In Just one click customers can make a list of the liking product in the wish list.
  7. Schedule Delivery: Get a format and make a schedule of the delivery wherever they want to deliver between a fixed range.
  8. Add new Address: Customers can manage addresses, add new, remove and edit from their profile.
  9. Order Tracking System: Order tracking is one of the most real-time features where customers can track that where are their orders.
  10. Checkout: Process to choose a payment of complete billing.
  11. Discount Coupons: Beneficial for customers, can apply discount coupons for getting more discount.
  12. Delivery Details: After completed order customers get complete order details with a store, products, and payment, etc.
  13. Multiple Payment Options: Choose a payment method anyone from an app and make payment successfully online or choose a COD method.
  14. Notification: Notify about many activities over the app like complete payment, order at your door, etc.
  15. Offer Zone: Offer zone will be providing seasonal offers and get lots of products at a reasonable price.
  16. Review & Rating: Share customer’s feedback via review & rating over the delivery, products and about store too.
  17. Setting: make a few changes in their account like change password etc.
  18. In-app Chat: In-app chat integrated into customer app.
  19. Customer Support: Customer can directly connect with the support if they have any kind of issue related to delivery and food.

Driver Agent App

  1. Login: Driver login with credential email id, number, and password.
  2. Manage Availability: Driver agents can manage their availability for the next order. If the driver agent is busy with one order then make non-availability by the app.
  3. Requests: The driver agent will get order request to delivery, they will accept & reject the order.
  4. Live Tracking: With the order, the driver agent will get complete details of the customer with address, they can track via map to reach on the exact place to delivery.
  5. Push Notification: Any kind of activity in a driver agent account, he/she will get and notify of every
  6. View Payment: After delivery order on the place they can verify and view payment when they get or not.
  7. Manage Profile: Driver Agent can manage their profile of information.
  8. Orders History: Order history will show all the total order with details a few filters like date, day and time, etc.
  9. Customer Support: Whenever a driver agent has any issue they can connect to direct via chat or another way to support.

Admin Panel

  1. Sign in: Admin will log in via email id, password to manage, and reviewing all details and activities of the running apps.
  2. Dashboard: Dashboard will display graphs and statics.
  3. Manage Stores: Manage the entire registered store with their complete details like Add, delete and edit details.
  4. Assign Order: Main role of admin assigning the order to the delivery agent.
  5. Manage Payments: Complete details and managed by the admin.
  6. Real-time Analytics: Admin will be able to manage real-time tracking.
  7. Notification: Notification will get for every activity.
  8. Inventory Management: Manage complete inventory by with billing information.
  9. Accept or Reject Orders: Admin able to manage orders that received from Customers and they can accept or reject according to their services.
  10. View Review/Rating: Received from customers they can view all the feedbacks, review/rating.
  11. Communication Channels (SMS, Emails, Chat): Boost emails, SMS for providing any kind of info.
  12. Tracking orders: At the time of receiving the order they will get the address of the place and can track.

Online VS. In-store shopping preferences of consumers

Online Vs In store Shopping

How to Grow Your On-Demand Delivery Store?

The competing advantage of the grocery booking app rests in implementing the high-speed, reliable and affordable service. The great success of an on-demand delivery app requires much more than just developing it. Here are five beneficial techniques to grow your on-demand delivery app:

    • Begin with Localization – Sharply marked target audience makes it easier to advertise, deliver builders and test, a concept in a small terrestrial space with a compact population. You can increase your target user base and run on a wider range.
    • Pre-launch Application Marketing – To launch a successful on-demand delivery mobile app, it’s an important part to advertise. Appropriate all marketing ways from social media to offline ads and referrals to promote your app.
    • Persevere a Referral and Rewards Programs – To increase user view, try introducing exclusive offers in grocery order apps such as free gifts, subscriptions, refunds or vouchers. Make convinced to research your audience is proposing such offers.
    • Business Organizations – Mobile app development publishers can get a percentage of all deliveries made through their platform. Developing partnerships with providers and customers in B2B applications or with the
      providers in P2P apps is essential. Partnerships with reputed retailers is a fast way to create a user goal as the retailer already has an incorporated customer audience.
    • Feedback System – On-demand delivery apps need to have a star-rating way for both seekers and providers. An actionable rating method benefits create trust between app users and Deorwine Infotech Mobile App development provides that kinds of features in Grocery app development.

Types of Online Grocery Shopping App

Types of Online Grocery Shopping App

On-demand Grocery Shopping app has grown to become an industry of its own with its range of app producers, service/product providers, and end-users. On-demand delivery apps can be classified into three important divisions: –

  1. Person to Person (P-2-P) – This type of grocery delivery applications that allow a person to request a thing from another person.
  2. Business to Business (B-2-B) – B2B relies frequently on helpful and robust business ties to guarantee long-term involved customers. Among the success factors of the B2B leads are effective record management team, good process optimization, and profits from technological innovations.
  3. Business to Person (B2P) – Many businesses have built on-demand solution apps to offer their products and services to their consumers. For example, Domino’s Pizza has a food delivery app that offers features like a built-in pizza tracker, enabling the consumers to grasp a sight on what’s falling from pizza preparation to the pizza delivery process.

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How much does it Cost to Develop an On-demand Grocery Delivery App?

The Grocery app development cost depends on various appearances such as business model, kind of app like simple, compact and large scale, number of characteristics and functionality, pricing design, platforms, the development team, and more.

To get a correct estimation of your on-demand grocery delivery app, you should opt for an experienced Mobile App Development Company. Deorwine helps clients as their IT consultant and Provides the best services to their respective clients helping them deliver the best platforms to showcase their businesses.


Deorwine Infotech is an On-demand Grocery shopping app that helps the user to purchase grocery in the most comfortable distance using their smartphone, tablets at their fingertips. It solves all the problems associated with the on-demand grocery app and simplified the entire process. Its simple access and usability is an important reason for its popularity. One can avail great benefits and discount prices using these platforms. One can easily view the product review in the state of quality uncertainty and get the alerts to know about special offers and deals available on various products.

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