In today’s situation, 75% of students are studying using mobile devices, even spending more than an hour every day continuously on mobile screens. Nowadays education mobile apps are mostly used by schools, colleges, coaching etc.

A education apps are the most trending in this COVID-18 pandemic


The technologies are growing stronger and becoming common in the classroom, because now the online education mobile apps are offering opportunities broadly. Those education apps are helping to learn new skills, class courses, class study, mind games, extra courses learning, etc.

Education app includes a taxonomic group of the mobile app choices by illustrated interactive fictions and activities, puzzles, English, mathematics, history, music, drawing, multiple language learning, educational and mind games and many more.

By organizing classroom activities, educational apps have sorted everything, it made it simpler and more enjoyable to study.

Most Popular Online Free Educations App

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Best 9 Free Educational Apps for Students

  1. EdX
  2. EdX is a unique free education app which offers courses from actual colleges. There are courses in computer programming, engineering, psychology, history,  statistics, nutrition, etc. That app has a lot of features included such as:
    • Online or offline video lectures
    • Course announcements and handouts, 
    • Various Tutorials available
    • Test your knowledge
    • Quizzes and Exams
    • Learn programming like HTML, Python etc.
  3. Completely Free Online learning available. If anyone is looking for higher education, then they should have installed this app right now.
  1. Quizlet
  2. Quizlet online learning app has a number of powerful techniques that make your learning more comfortable, and each mode is different approaches for learning your wanted topics.
  3. Some of the included features in Quizlet online Free Learning App:
    • Available Practice tests
    • Standardized exams study sets
    • Custom Images
    • Audio feature to enhance learning
  4. Platform: Android, iOS
  1. SoloLearn
  2. learning app provides a huge collection of free coding tutorial languages such as java, swift, python, c++,  PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more.
  3. In this online learning mobile app has a few highlight features such as:
    • Interactive coders Community
    • latest coding trends Tutorials
    • Free mobile code editor
  4. Platform: Android & iOS
  1. Google Classroom
  2. Google Classroom is the free education app for students  that has a kind of virtual classroom, that implies we are able to use it for sending announcements, discussions, creating classes, presenting and grading assignments, statements or answers, sharing resources, and many more features are available. Also, teachers can share code with his/her class students, all students can have a code that will be helpful to enter the virtual class.
  3. With all these features we have some more highlight features, that are most useful:
    • Enhanced Your Communication
    • Improve Organization
    • Process of Faster scaling
  4. Platforms: Android, iOS
  1. Khan Academy
  2. Khan Academy provides a free education all over the world that has some unique techniques for initiative knowledge into your minds. All world-class lessons have video tutorials, drawings, recorded videos displayed on a virtual blackboard as your teacher gives a lecture in the classroom. Also, Khan Academy provides online courses to prepare your standardized examinations like MCAT, SAT, LSAT, and more available.
  3. More features available that help you to improve your progress:
    • Learning in multiple languages chosen by you
    • Tracking your progress
    • Practice tests
  4. Platforms: Android, iOS

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  1. Remind
  2. The Remind App helps connect with the school community or team. Also, teachers and parents are permitted in this gathering. This app allows a unique class code for joining the community, you would be able to receive regular and proper updates of classroom activities such as class schedule, home-work, etc. We are also able to use Remind for messaging each class, submit assignments, sharing photos plus handouts, and problem-solving sessions with both individually and collaboratively.
  3. Also, this app provides you some more features that would be sufficient for your benefits.
    • Share photos
    • Handouts, and flyers
    • Chat translations with 70+ more languages
    • Instant messaging Chat
  4. Platforms: Android, iOS
  1. Duolingo
  2. Duolingo app provides a free education apps iPad that has addressed language learning as cakewalk.
  3. That provides us to learn kinds of languages like English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Latin, and more are available in fun plus interactive action. This app starts with basic knowledge labeling games and completes more levels, including many engaging games, and that would improve vocabulary and grammar skills.
  4. We are able to set our goals on a daily basis, and the app tracks your on-going progress, which will be given info insights. 
  5. Also, significant more sets are available to interactive stories that would unlock and improve your reading and listening skills comprehension.
  6. Platforms: Android, iOS
  1. Quizlet
  2. Quizlet app has a number of powerful techniques for learning more accessible and quicker. The best free education app provides you with multiple study modes like learning, writing, flashcards, tests, and match, etc.
  3. Quizlet free app for education has millions of available flashcards in this app. Also we are able to create flashcards, and share with other students. Additionally, this app contains numerous gaming activities to give a sharpness of what you have learned.
  4. It provides constant research study reminders of ongoing progress checkpoints. More features are added:
    • Tests for Practice 
    • standardized exams Study sets 
    • Custom images and audio 
    • Enhance learning
  5. Platforms: Android, iOS
  1. Udemy
  2. Udemy is the best learning app for students that have around 130,000 online video tutorials to learn new courses covering technology also that has business-to-personal development models such as drawing, writing, yoga, etc.
  3. That app has an easy step to ask questions if you are feeling stuck on any point in the lesson, you can ask questions or clear your doubts.
  4. Advance features always wait for you to give you the best online free learning solution ever, and in this app also has more advance features:
    • Expert in instructors
    • Easy Discussions Area
    • Survey of creator
    • Interactive learning
  5. These are the most highlighted listing of best education apps for students where you can explore your skills, learn new skills.
  6. In this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more helpful to learn from home by sitting in a chair or comfortable zone. Online learning apps are free to provide their service to those who want to study or learn new skills.

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