Alexa, Siri, and Cortana prompting into business development. Google Home or Amazon Echo device supports your booking by keeping confidential appointments and extending aid during your busy lifestyles. Voice Assistant is going worldwide to create a large platform of business, where people can connect with each other easily, and fast.

Alexa and Google Virtual Assistant both are turning their attention toward how voice assistants help to make people productive at their commitment. With the potential regarding voice assistants, they deliver convenience and drive productivity in your workplace which helps to commit promising on the new focus.

In the year 2017, Alexa with the Amazon assistant reached around 10 million unit sales.


In the year 2018, Google Voice Assistant App is a specific technology stack powering millions of Google Virtual Assistant widely6.


In 2019 has an estimated around 3.25 billion digital voice assistants being used globally.

Number of voice assistants in use worldwide 2019-2023-Statista

Forecasts say that in 2023 many digital voice assistants will reach nearly 8 billion units, a number bigger than the world’s population.

Number of voice assistants in use worldwide 2019-2023-Statista

According to a study by the Global Banking, and Finance Review, around 88% enterprise leaders stated they believe markets are able to achieve a competitive power with integrating virtual assistants in day-by-day business processes.

Use Case of Alexa In the Business


Use Case of Google Virtual Assistant  In the Business


Famous Businesses that Are Using Google Voice Assistant


The most top grocery delivery platform Walmart integrated voice-controlled shopping to Google Assistant as a new feature of “Walmart Voice Order”. That exclusive feature allows users/customers to add Walmart with their Google Assistant and link existing Walmart delivery accounts.

Users/Customers are able to use voice commands to add products into the cart while Walmart proceeds, and deliver orders on time.

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Real Estate

Alexa is integrating into apps like Talk and AgentNEO in the House, buyers, and sellers where they can get specific data to booming businesses including on-demand real estate businesses in the states.

A real Estate agent is able to use Alexa’s skills to perform a unique skill as an agent, Also help in generating more numerous leads and boosting your business probabilities.

Examples can be many but these highlight the untapped potential from virtual assistants. Advanced technology, virtual assistants will incorporate different functionality that will help you further improve the business landscape.

How Alexa and Google Virtual Assistant are Making Business Efficient?

  1. Instant Connecting with customers & Fast Response

  2. Through Google Assistant and Alexa integrated features, mobile app development to create actions that will allow them to interact directly with customers. Such as, In the Grocery Delivery App of your business, you can integrate virtual assistants to instantly interact with customers.
  3. The same we can use in On-demand laundry app development, where businesses can reach their customer instantly.
  4. Uber, Spotify, Disney, Starbucks, etc., these are a handful of making use of these exclusive features, included with the help of localized Actions, companies are able to customize content and activities based-on country, language, and location.
  1. Virtual Assistant is Everywhere

  2. The top-selling factor about Google Assistant and Alexa is that specific functionality is everywhere in their businesses. From smartphones to smart displays, speakers, Cars, TVs, Game streamers, Watches to IoT, you can take your mobile app connected with the Google Assistant app and Alexa, and begin this from every individual device user uses. 
  1. Completely Proactive

  2. The Machine Learning technologies including Google Assistant and Alexa for PC, Smartphones, and a plethora of other devices have been powered, that give it the capabilities and skills to do the prescriptive and predictive analysis that will prepare to extend services equivalent before the users request for it.
  1. Handling Infrastructure & Support

  2. Voice of the Alexa dashboard profession is to observe one’s health through back-end computing co-operations and implement those services that are connected with Amazon Web Services.
  3. Users can ask available resources, how a particular system is performing, and which security alerts are activated.
  4. Alexa has the ability to track health from public websites by Vigil Website Monitoring and it can be programmed to allow corporates to know if and meanwhile websites crash.
  1. It Allows People to Buy Products

  2. Through Alexa and Google Assistant SDK accessible to many mobile app developers team, Google and Alexa have created it possible to add Assistant functionality in the apps that arise by the included feature to order products online, It makes possible toward the Android assistant app developers by giving the convenience to the end-users to request Assistant to add products into the cart.

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Deorwine Infotech Help Your Business Making Efficient Through Alexa & Google Virtual Assistant

Deorwine Infotech has an ability to integrate the virtual assistant into your  on-demand grocery delivery app development, where people just speak to search products, add to cart etc. Also, it helps to ask queries regarding deliveries.

We can help you into your laundry business and can connect with on-demand laundry app development, where customers/users are able to search laundry services, find areas, add to cart etc.

Also, we are ready to serve startups and industrial level businesses where businesses can integrate virtual assistants into their mobile app development, and provide their services globally.

Virtual Assistant will help your customer to order online products from your business app instantly and will get instant solutions of queries. Businesses can reach at customer’s problems and orders, and will get good traffic.

Final Words

Let’s allow your businesses mobile apps to integrate virtual assistant features, that will be advanced features if you have an app already. Alexa and Google Virtual Assistant are helping the businesses to make it efficient and increase productivity.

Allow us to discuss with you and create an advanced level of online shopping for your apps. Businesses can be from any industry such as grocery delivery app, laundry app development, Medicine delivery app, Tutor mobile app, and on-demand app development.

Validate your idea and get a free quote.