We are now transforming ourselves in a digital world. Internet is now not just restricted to online shopping or browsing for information, it has scattered its wings across almost all industries. One such industry is real estate mobile apps. Gone are the days where traditional methods of buying your dream home used to take place. Just go through trending mobile apps and here you have a list of exclusive properties while relaxing in the comfort of your home.

IF you are into real estate business, these mobile apps may work wonders for your entity. Along with the proper listing of your properties in a visually appealing manner, you can reach out to any customer 24/7 be it locally or widespread internationally. These applications benefit the consumers to view properties within their budget. According to the mobile app development company in the USA, the knowledge regarding the properties is possible to find within the applications and it is easily available with one click.

Times have truly turned for the real estate app market and it is becoming more competitive than earlier because of real estate app development. Making a potential consumer to buy real estate property is really a challenging task. You have to travel around town with the individual customer to show the property site, illustrate what you offer is the best and get into exhausting price negotiation discussion in the conclusion step.

Now more than one-sixth of people are using Real Estate Mobile App Development. No wonders that business searching on mobile apps have increased by 123%.

What Are the Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App?

Mobility has become the global economy by violence and every business in status to leverage its influence, engagement and growth potential is advancing in mobile app development. Being a real estate agent questioning how a mobile app can help you? Here are top benefits of real estate mobile app development.

Here we’ll examine the best features for real estate apps, agents and their customers. We’ll start with top features and then let you know about features specific for agents and buyers. To classify these features from each other, you can either do two separate apps or make two different user roles in one mobile app. To moderate your platform, the best practice is to create a web app for administrators.
  • Extensive market scope
  • High-grade commission sharing
  • Instant decision planning
  • Solicit support from users
  • Get feedbacks to become more appropriate
  • Reliable brand reputation
  • Get your brand efficiently

Features for Real Estate Apps for Brokers and Buyers


Customer/ Brokers Application

  • Register
  • Social Login
  • Profile Verification by Admin
  • Search Add Favourites – Filters & Sort based on various property measurements
  • List View & Map View – For Property Listings
  • Get Features & Details of selected Property
  • View/ Edit User Profile
  • Add Your Property for Selling OR Rent
  • Purchase subscription for preparing properties

Want to get more advance features in your App

  • CRM Solution
  • Push Notifications
  • Advanced Search
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Temperature Map
  • Interest Rate Calculators
  • Lead management
  • Geo-location
  • Custom Mail/Message Reminder System
  • Real-time Analytics for real-time Decision making
  • User Experience is Necessary
  • ERP – Enterprise Resources Process Solution

We have more Top Features for you

  • 3D Model Search Option
  • Loan Facility
  • Real-time Messaging
  • Property According to Budget
  • Simple Advertising
  • Single Platform
  • Complete and Detailed Information
  • Professional Advertising
  • Freemium Tools


  • Add/Remove/Update Property and details
  • Reports – Download/ Export data from Pane;
  • User Management
  • Property Management
  • Currency Converter
  • Customer support Panel
  • Add/Update/Remove Subscription Packages
  • Earning Management
  • Discounts and Offers
  • Revenue Management

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate Mobile Application?

Real Estate Mobile App development cost is important to every business out there be it a startups, a mid-level industry or an innovative brand.

Now, the cost of real estate mobile app depends on its measurement & complexity. Different than that, the location of the developers and the number of hours or time expended in the app development work an essential part in determining the app development cost. Based on various aspects we have planned the cost to develop a featured real estate app.

Here’re several aspects on which the cost of development depends:

  • Type of Application– Social media, transport, on-demand, business, lifestyle, game, enterprise or more.
  • Mobile Platforms– iOS, Android and Hybrid
  • Number of pages or total number of screens
  • Wireframe or design of Application
  • Features & API integrations
  • Hardware cost including – Light, AR equipment, VR headset
  • Access to device features- camera, voice, and media
  • The target audience
  • Level of customization
Basic App- Startups
(Informative App)
$10,000 – $12,000
(Custom App)
$13,000 – $20,000
(Custom Functionality)
$21,000 – $30,000


The cost of the real estate app development completely depends upon the features included in the application and according to features and functionality cost may vary.

Real estate mobile app development has grown popularity in current years with the number of companies attempting into this domain. The choice of mobility in real estate can get new possible results to generate business. As the world grasps on developing mobility is now the modern standard. Today, we can’t imagine a successful business without mobiles. On-demand apps have probably excelled real estate website development today. If you are looking for the most desirable real estate app development company to develop mobile apps for your real estate business, then get in touch with our expert developers to streamline your business possibilities.

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