Educational app

Educational app

How to Create a Language Learning App Like Duolingo? [Cost + Features]

Duolingo was released back in 2011 to remotely teach English language to millions of students all around the globe on their mobile phones. It has become a world leader in terms of revenue, and the annual income...

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7 Best Elements of a Successful Educational Mobile App

Today, the education system has changed over the decades. Digital learning is the best system that is increasing the order day-by-day. The key professional has affected this radical conversion is the educationa...

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Best 9 Free Educational Apps for Students

In today’s situation, 75% of students are studying using mobile devices, even spending more than an hour every day continuously on mobile screens. Nowadays education mobile apps are mostly used by schools, coll...

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How Much Does it Cost to Build an Education App? A Breakdown

89% of smartphone users download various varieties of a mobile app including social media, shopping, games and 50% of these downloads are from the education section, in 2019! ...