The digitalization world connected among the advancement and improvement in technology has interrupted the finance and banking industries, transactions that needed days to complete within times including the use of modern technology. 

Today, it has become too simple for everyone to use efficiently and manage it. Before money investing apps, we always had a call from a broker to invest in the trade or stock market, that process used to take much time which we don’t have now.  But today we just need to download the app and explore the best investment firm or stock within a few clicks by our smartphone for making business transactions.

What is Acorns

Acorns is the best app to invest money platform is the biggest finance company that allows people to review, purchase, and automatically invest money, Also, it allows users to invest any particular amount and diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds offered through amazing and expert asset managers with Vanguard and BlackRock. Acorns were founded in 2012 and headquartered in Irvine, California.

Acorns Money Investing app is micro-investing that helps users to make the appropriate investment and earn profits.

Our latest research news from, Acorns has achieved a tremendous performance regarding funding. The company has raised $105 Million toward a Series E round of funding which is driven by Comcast Ventures, NBCUniversal, and numerous private investment firms.

Acorns are the best money-saving app that helps to earn money for each penny spent.

Current Statics says, “The good investment apps such as Acorns has been hit by 3.5 million app users and got 100,000 sign-ups to remove products for its first month.”

A Great Business Model of Acorns Work

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Acorns require users to pay up to $1/ month to utilize the services and that is the main earning model for the business, Also, it allows users to earn by referrals and pockets commission in the trade market.

Why we should Invest in an App like Acorns

  1. The online investment business is the most popular where many users can work for their support in the trading stocks marketplace, managing the firm’s portfolio, and planning for savings.
  1. Easy investing apps are a wide range of idea-collection regarding niches you can obtain.
  1. Another thing to consider is the number of non-professional investors who are ready to spend during a well-diversified portfolio.
  1. Online investment providers perform a similar worklist at a nominal cost
  1. Greater opportunities such as margin accounts management, operating hours management, moving specific investment purposes are available at a more high-priced rate.

Acorns – How it works?

Acorns app enables users by connecting to many debit/credit cards including the account of the app. Every transaction happens by these cards and saves the money within the account of the app.

Acorn users can set up an amount monthly or daily, earning money including referrals and cashback. Acorns are the best money-saving and growing apps that perform good to earn money for each penny spent.

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Key features to Include in the Investment mobile app development like Acorns

Customer App

  1. Instruction: A user can get instruction in the investment app where users can use and work accordingly. Instruction helps to find out the right way to use the app and about all the registered firms that perform their portfolio and benefits.
  1. Registration & Login: Simple registration and login process in the investment app. Users can register easily with their valid information, document verification, email ID verification, etc. The user gets verification from the investment app by submitted documents, and they can explore the best firms to invest.
  1. Review Firms Details: A user can view firm’s details that they are going to check the details.
  1. Check Portfolio: Users are able to check the portfolio of every firm, where you’re interested or want to invest as per benefits.
  1. Calculate for Upcoming years: users can calculate their benefits till upcoming years that will be displayed to you the actual benefits as per your investment amount.
  1. Link Unlimited Cards: A user can link their unlimited cards with an investment account. Every account must be verified and after can start from any specific amount investment.
  1. Review Investment/Account/Payment: Users can review their account details every day, monthly and yearly within a one tap only.
  1. Money Management Tools: Users can manage and use the tools for money investment such as daily expenses, online bills, daily transactions. They are able to see their daily amount transactions by date as well.
  1. Check lose & Profit: A user can check the lose and benefits as per their marketplace area.
  1. Real-Time Alerts / Push-Notification: A push notification is a personalized reminder, and real-time feedback features that can help to keep updated with the app.
  1. Financial planner: A financial planner is an advisor who helps to manage finances, they explain how much you should invest through a certain amount.
  1. Transfer & Withdraw Money Anytime: Users are able to invest and withdraw their amount anytime and can get an amount into a bank account directly. Just make sure when you are going to withdraw the amount you have a profile amount on your invested amount.
  1. Latest Updates, News of Investors: In the investment app, users can get the latest news and latest updates about the finance and relatable information for every registered user.
  1. Transfer amount via Account or Manually: USer can connect their account with the personal bank account or can transfer investment amount manually on any specific date as per their selection.
  1. Change Date and Amount: A user can change their investment amount and date as per their convenience.
  1. Manage Profile: the users are able to manage profile with the valid details and profile picture.
  1. Customer Support & help: A user has an support and help option that can be helped to solve any query.

Admin Web Panel Features

  1. Dashboard: A admin user is able to view the dashboard such as total user, total firms, daily registration etc. And graphs are also included to present a growth level.
  1. Manage Users/Firms: Admin can manage all the registered users and firms by add, edit and delete them. Admin can make changes any time in the details and make them approved to use the platform.
  1. Manage Payments: Admin can view all the transactions and manage them easily.
  1. Push Notification Manage: Admin is able to send notification to a particular user or firm regarding their activity and can send to all.
  1. Latest News & Updates Manage: Admin can manage all the latest news and updates for their app users.
  1. Customer Support: Admin can receive all queries and issues to solve them, and connect directly.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Investment App Like Acorns

The best app for mutual fund investment cost apps like acorns can be developed with the rich and standard features and make a platform to manage every activity. 

We at Deorwine Infotech are the best stock investment mobile app development company that has vast experience to understand and develop the same. We follow the agile methodology to manage your valuable project and make them successful. 

Our team first always goes to understand the requirements of our customer and started from creating an MVP, Design, Implementation, API Integration, Third-party integration, Testing and Deliver, that is the best way to create an online investment app.   

The team is required to develop an Investment app like Acorns:

  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Tester
  • Support & Maintenance

The best free investing apps are the most growing businesses nowadays, because every user is looking to save the money for their bright future. Sometimes, this app can be complicated, so you must choose the best mobile app development company.

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