The grocery delivery app is becoming broadly adopted today. The customer has shifted themselves from the common way of opening “No more trolley preference, I want it to deliver at my address”.

People are enjoying grocery applications with a grocery shopping list, as, when it’s required, such platforms are to bring lists for online food shopping to obtain supplies. Persons who don’t have chances to shop nearby will happily use online grocery applications. The delivery options shall be essential for those who cannot pick what they’ve bought from the supermarket.


The online grocery industry is matching up with trending improvements like Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and have created enormous growth. Thus, spending in such a tech-savvy business will give you well-organized inventory management, loyal customer support, customized lists and recipes offered by your groceries. You will reach many people in a limited time and place discounts, offers, and avail added profit.

Current Statics of Grocery Shopping from Mobile App

  • 79% of consumers use their smartphones when they go shopping. 
  • 2018 during vacations 39% of all e-commerce shopping was managed.
  • 80% of customers use mobile devices standing in the grocery stores to check the item.
  • They are checking reviews on the items, Comparing rates and searching for other grocery stores nearby. 
  • Today, there are about 10 billion active users connected with mobile.

Big basket is India’s largest online grocery store and allows a customer to move the drudgery of buying food and a simple method for reading and looking for essential needs. The industry as of now serves from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and has a various portfolio that carries more than 12,000 products and more than 1,000 brands.


Things Need To Learn Before Starting An Online
Grocery App Like Bigbasket


  • Examine the market trends
  • Target your market, and plan your business as per the trending module


  • Choosing the area of business is the most crucial phase. Choose carefully.
  • Once your business rises, grow yourself too.
  • Try to stay connected with more people.

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  • Register your business with complete terms & conditions.
  • Fulfill all GST agreements.
  • Make a business bank account


  • Presence your online fast delivery system


  • Give a secure delivery plan.
  • Include more features of tracking for consumers.


  • Pick cross-platform grocery application
  • Apps should be for both iOS and Android
  • Make the best website for business

 A module of Grocery Business

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Do you have a Grocery Delivery App
Development Idea?

Another factor that affects the overall grocery app development cost is its features are classified into two sections.

  1. Basic Features: – 
    • Standard features cover User Profile, Barcode/QR Code, Offer, view order history and add to cart.
    • With many features we provide support options for customers. 
    • These essential features will improve the online grocery shop to give the customer.
    • It gives marvelous shopping experience. 
    • Basic features cover your needs, It’s more helpful for startup businesses.
  1. Advance Features: – 
    • The advanced feature’s benefits in improving customer fulfillment.
    • It gives excellent choices to satisfy the customers’ requirements. 
    • We implement features like In-app calling, messaging, Geolocation, push notification, Data Sync, and more. 
    • We provide best on demand solutions  to the users with a simple platform to connect with the customer. 
    • Deorwine, helps you make a secure online payment transaction via more options like debit card, credit, cash on delivery(COD) net banking and much more.

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost in 2020 (On-Demand Solution)

 Customer App

  1. Create a User Profile: Customers can sign-in to the app with their email ID, Facebook ID or by OTP received on their mobile number.
  2. Location-based Detection: Via GPS it will be caught by the customer’s current location.
  3. Browse Products: It allows for picking specific products from the list of grocery and food products served with a full description.
  4. Search Products: Search specific products as per customer need to order.
  5. Add to Cart: Customers can add their selected products in their cart, it will be displayed in the customer account.
  6. Add to Wish list: In Just one click customers can make a list of the required products in the wish list.
  7. Schedule Delivery: Get a format and make a schedule of the delivery wherever they want to deliver between a fixed range.
  8. Add new Address: Customers can manage addresses, add new, remove and edit from their profile.
  9. Order Tracking System: Order tracking is one of the most real-time features where customers can track where their orders are.
  10. Checkout: Process to choose a payment of complete billing.
  11. Discount Coupons: Beneficial for customers, can apply discount coupons for getting more discount.
  12. Delivery Details: After completed order customers get complete order details with a store, products, and payment, etc.
  13. Multiple Payment Options: Choose a payment method, anyone, from an app and make payment successfully online or choose a COD method.
  14. Notification: Notify about many activities over the app like complete payment, order at your door, etc.
  15. Offer Zone: Offer zone will be providing seasonal offers and get lots of products at a reasonable price.
  16. Review & Rating: Share customer’s feedback via review & rating over the delivery, products and about the store too.
  17. Setting: make a few changes in their account like change password etc.
  18. In-app Chat: In-app chat integrated into customer app.
  19. Customer Support: Customers can directly connect with the support if they have any kind of issue related to delivery and food.

Driver App

  1. Login: Driver login with credential email id, number, and password.
  2. Manage Availability: Driver agents can manage their availability for the next order. If the driver agent is busy with one order then make non-availability by the app.
  3. Requests: The driver agent will get an order request to deliver, they will accept & reject the order.
  4. Live Tracking: With the order, the driver agent will get complete details of the customer with address, they can track via map to reach the exact place to deliver.
  5. Push Notification: Any kind of activity in a driver agent account, he/she will get and notify of every
  6. View Payment: After delivery order on the place they can verify and view payment when they get or not.
  7. Manage Profile: Driver Agent can manage their profile of information.
  8. Orders History: Order history will show all the total order with details a few filters like date, day and time, etc.
  9. Customer Support: Whenever a driver agent has any issue they can connect to direct via chat or another way to support.

Admin Panel

  1. Sign in: Admin will log in via email id, password to manage, and review all details and activities of the running apps.
  2. Dashboard: Dashboard will display graphs and statics.
  3. Manage Stores: Manage the entire registered store with their complete details like Add, delete and edit details.
  4. Assign Order: Main role of admin assigning the order to the delivery agent.
  5. Manage Payments: Complete details and managed by the admin.
  6. Real-time Analytics: Admin will be able to manage real-time tracking.
  7. Notification: Notification will be for every activity.
  8. Inventory Management: Manage complete inventory with billing information.
  9. Accept or Reject Orders: Admin able to manage orders that are received from Customers, and they can accept or reject according to their services.
  10. View Review/Rating: Received from customers they can view all the feedbacks, review/rating.
  11. Communication Channels (SMS, Emails, Chat): Boost emails, SMS for providing any kind of info.
  12. Tracking orders: At the time of receiving the order they will get the address of the place and can track.

Challenges faced by Online Grocery Delivery mobile app and their solutions

Cost to develop an app like Bigbasket

Well, it totally depends on a few more factors to Estimate the Cost to create an app like Bigbasket or an app like Grofers, based on client needs and application features which clients want to implement in their applications. Developing feature-rich grocery delivery mobile applications is at a standard level and advance level will take only a few time to deliver to our client.

The overall cost to build an App like BigBasket is estimated includes complexity nature, the platform you choose, and the Mobile app developers and cost may vary depending on the features and functionality

Team Required

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • QA


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