The world is reeling now from the arriving economic crisis and coronavirus pandemic. On March 9, 2020, a market crash happened, Travel banned, Sporting events dropped. Mass meetings prohibited, Markets in free fall, Empty shopping malls. Make ready for the Covid-19 global slowdown. On this date, DJIA went down by almost 7% in the US, and FTSE 100 fell by 8%. The future crisis is apt to influence all businesses, and notably tech startups. It will be more challenging for them than ever ahead to gather capital, get investors, and rise their products.

Covid-19 Impact on business

Whether you require working software development services or IT services, you can outsource for reliable conclusions. It’s not only affordable for your business but also assures that you do not feel darkness during this unpredictable lock-down period. This ensures you a level of others in the market, who have their services trained until the outbreak is concluded.


During this transformation from an office to a remote working atmosphere, how can a software development company and mobile app development team support small and medium businesses in a coronavirus caused lockdown?


How many Small Businesses want to grow right now?

Some small and medium businesses won’t have the latest technology to help a remote working atmosphere, which is a problem as serious as being able to do’, there is a company that can help with this important technology deployment.

Deorwine Infotech has some guidance on few common spaces where an IT team could support to all small and medium businesses:

  1. Allowing calls to work from home — Automatically re-routing customer inquiries to an employees’ mobile phone.
  2. In-home Appointments — when employees are doing home visits for installs, deliveries, execute automatic Covid-19 rechecks with the consumer to confirm it’s secure and safe for employees to visit.
  3. Communication — Growth comms for a situation when a workforce is quickly separated when an emergency occurs.
  4. Broadcast to Co-workers/Colleagues — IT teams can better broadcast to colleagues via video call or conference calls such as Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams.

How On-demand mobile apps are significantly converting your market?

If small and medium start their business, and then they will grow till 2022, Future growing business. Deorwine Infotech can support every small and medium business to grow on the grand level and few businesses are we listed here. They are: –

Ecommerce for Essential Commodities

  1. According to the experts, other than essentials, for which trade is huge, most e-commerce sections are observing at least a 60% decrease in sales. Ecommerce and different online delivery companies are besides trying to obtain grants to explore warehouses and deliver things, medicines and other necessary items to customers. The partnership benefits keep the economy going and allows Indians to stay at home, as well as plans earning possibilities for drivers.
  2. Uber has partnered Walmart-owned e-commerce firm Flipkart to give daily essentials to people, among the continuous national lockdown. The two companies have combined moved out of the service beyond Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi.
  3. Also, you will find in the PhonePay app where apps are connected like Domino’s, DocsApp, Netmeds, and Swiggy.
    • Grocery Ordering App development
    • Vegetable Delivery App Development
    • Medicine/Pharmacy Delivery App Development 
    • Fresh Milk Delivery Development

Online Consultation

  1. Through Doctor Consult App and Healthcare app solutions, we can make the healthcare sector more convenient. Instantly consult with an experienced doctor/hospital/clinic, via a video, audio call and chat from their smartphone, laptop, or any web-enabled devices. There is no obligation concerning how you’re going to visit the clinic or hospital or doctor or pets while you’re absent from the house. The focus is merely on talking to the doctor– getting guidance on how to feel much better as instantly as possible.

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Online Education & Find Career Guidance

  1. There are lots of online educational tools that can support you in learning. Deorwine provides some kind of the best interactive learning application, career counselling around us, we can do at home, to have their creative juices streaming and their minds learning in the long times ahead. Coaches will also need access to extra resources and training to aid in the proper delivery of online lessons, they can through video, audio, video recording, Online Lectures, online classes and online discussions for problem-solving, etc.
    • Online E-learning Solution  
    • Education Website like Udemy
    • Career Counselling App Development 
    • Free Online Courses/ Online Consultation for career
    • Live Video Streaming App 
    • Online Exam Info/ Find Papers
    • Mobile App Like Naukri

Online Accounting Solution

  1. Online Accounting can help taxpayers and businessmen in succession to satisfy their tax assets and duties on time. The Online GST software or application will be well-mannered and technically supported by the team to assist the clients in each and every level. Our online accounting solution delivers various supporting features for the tax experts which in service takes them through the multiple methods of advantages and services tax including billing, e-filing, and GST e-waybill.
    • E-billing App Development 
    • Payment Transaction App Development
    • GST Calculation/ Taxpayer app development

How to earn money from developing mobile apps

 Online Fitness Solution 

  1. Affordable workout app development or free Fitness videos, Workout Videos, Trainer guidance many more there’s a plethora of fitness solutions to decide from. Now, anyone can stay fit from the comfort of their living room, especially helpful when you’re required to stay home due to a global pandemic.
    • Meditation App Development
    • Fitness App Development
  2. Providing some online learning resources for students such as Google online classrooms, activities, Accounting solutions for taxpayers, billing, Video Streaming apps, career selection apps, ecommerce essentials application, Doctor consultation apps, and online fitness solutions, All are possible now through Online Working, Now many businesses can earn to stay in the home.
  3. Due to lockdown, we can’t see our business come to a standstill here Deorwine Infotech wants to help sustain this market by giving technical support at an affordable price.

Deorwine Providing Complete Best Solution

Dating app
Grocery app

Deorwine Infotech is helping many enterprises for on-demand solutions to bring their offline business online amidst corona lockdown because enterprises can grow through online presence, Many enterprises are considering the start to work online to provide their services, products, etc.  We are ready to remotely work with you and your requirements. So no business will stop due to coronavirus lockdown.

You don’t need a big amount for that because We are providing a cost-effective solution to everyone who is looking to re-start their business or want to start a business from scratch.

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