Now, customers expect easy solutions and expertise at every touchpoint. This involves the starting of new business models to achieve connectivity, synthesis, and energy with developing the technology. Forrester predicts that various companies will spend billions of dollars approaching digital transformation leadership in 2020-2022, with a destiny of digital transformation resources going towards on-demand app development. Because mobile applications are conventional now, many customers think about personal use apps when they plan for new app development.

Mobile App development is an ambitious field but mobile app development companies and website development companies are everywhere, which makes it exciting for the customers to pick the right one.

Mobile has grown interested in every connection of regular life. Mobile devices have changed not only our individual lives but also the market in great ways. The customer has emerged, converting into more demanding and time-poor, which indicates businesses require accommodating as well to be where their customers are.

More than 60% of Indonesian’s total community have presently already joined to the internet by reaching it through a mobile device. Daily mobile customers consume up to 6 hours per day on their mobile devices. In fact, mobile internet traffic exceeded desktop traffic globally. Mobile apps now represent the majority of digital media using among users (comScore).


Types of On-demand Mobile Apps

All of the start-ups named below have come with a different business idea or plan that supported and became effective within a specific time duration. To obtain knowledge of the important business components. An on-demand mobile app allows its customers to explore the services at their doorstep by scheduling via a smart mobile phone. It uses only a few taps on the phone to access the needful services rather than going through the bother of calls.

Successful on-demand App Start-ups – Stunned the Modern Environment

Let’s look at the modern prosperous on-demand start-ups a fraction closer: –

Uber – The idea emerged of the need to go somewhere easy and fast. Uber became a large connection between the customers who wanted a ride and the drivers who needed to earn money. Later, many transport issues were solved similarly.


Netflix. – A private cinema in a smartphone, which allows the customer’s flexibility of watching the movies, shows, and web series they like anywhere and whenever they want.


Now, Business mobile apps are more transparent when it comes to how businesses work day-by-day, built individually for the operational party in the industry have increased friction.

The benefits of the on-demand solution apps for usage on a mobile device to transform a market process start with the purpose we use apps in the first point- convenience.

Logistics and Transportation Mobile App Development Cost and Features

How on demand Mobile Apps change the way of doing business?

On-demand services, improve brand advantage by enabling businesses to stay connected with their customers. Aside, established traditional businesses grow your business quickly in this area. The most number of start-ups unicorn developed as a sequence of on-demand growth.

Following industries are there which are generally influenced by on-demand mobile apps:

Food Delivery App

  1. Smoothly and constant, on-demand food delivery app development that is spread beyond 900+ cities of the in the world. Online food delivery apps are expected to deliver orders on schedule time, giving them customers’ preferences in the food delivery app.
  2. In the food ordering app, we must integrate features like Social login, online order system, payment gateway, real-time GPS tracking, profile, push notification for order placement and minimum delivery time-based on addressed, to handle multiple orders and deliver them on time.

Dating App

  1. Online Dating app development Company is developing apps like Tinder and Bumble, which find much connection because they support real-time video scanning to verify that shows customer identification.
  2. Develop a dating app like Tinderyou must have features – Gives you bio-data of the match, a number of matching benefits, geolocation matching, algorithm-based, subscription plan, extensive features, swipe option.

Home Cleaning

  1. First, the home cleaner app or the house cleaners were asked to go house-to-house, asking for the requirement for cleaning services. However, the maids/house cleansers of today do it separately, by using the on-demand home service provider apps to join with their potential customers.

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Laundry App

  1. The laundry service app development company offers their services with a complete solution to customers in far-away areas as well and thus improving the opportunities to set up in the multiple areas and implementing more of profession opportunity.

Logistics & and Transportation

  1. The usage of on-demand apps in the logistics area is developing constantly and it is short it is required to reach a platform where the higher rate of the millennials will be favouring to use these apps rather than the common ways.

Social Media App Like Instagram

  1. Social media development like Instagram , companies have customers a preference in mind to create social media app similar to the popular.
  2. Thus, your requirements these features as a social media contact, taking the popular platform, customize user profile, push notification & news feed; expand user followers & outbound sharing.

Car Booking App

  1. It has grown immensely relaxed for the people now, to place a request for the car rides to multiple locations anytime with their mobile phones.

Cars Rental Mobile App Development - An answer to your travel guide

The Key Features in on-demand Apps Most Consist

  • Booking/Reservation
  • Push Notifications
  • List of Order
  • Geolocation
  • Payment Gateway
  • Navigation
  • Fare Calculator
  • Order & Delivery Confirmation

On-demand Mobile App Development Benefits



Every start-up, investor or developer desires to create an on-demand solution that can gain everything, but you should have in mind that success unusually comes without a difficult path to go forward.

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