The car rental industry is leading the world with a passion to take it as a utility service for every individual. Many cities have a lot of difficulties due to apathetic traffic and lesser parking spots. Ola, Uber, and Grab have changed the face of the industry. And, now the car rental mobile app is doing the corresponding.

On-demand Car rental mobile app development company providers like Zipcar and Uber have obtained lots of fame in the past years, they allow them to ride as a private vehicle while excluding the parking & managing hassles. This is the reason that for the transportation companies out there, it is just a profitable chance to develop a taxi or car rental mobile app.

That’s why taxi or car rental mobile app development is the right option for your transportation company.

We offer Car Rental App Development Service which is a unique and innovated service. With the cooperation of a website and your car rental application, you can now maximize the profits by extending your reach to consumers and by developing a highly-customizable booking and ride system software. The application is user-friendly and can be run efficiently.

The architecture of a robust Car Rental Mobile Application

  • Social Login
  • Multiple Car Types
  • Schedule Booking
  • Book Now
  • Manage Bookings
  • Fare calculator
  • Payments & Receipts
  • Push Notification & Alerts
  • Tracking & Security
  • Cancel a booking
  • Refund
  • Offers, Discount, and Coupon
  • Car pickup points
Taxi application
  • Dashboard
  • Car Management
  • Customer Management
  • Payment Manager
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Fares/Location Based charges
taxi admin

More high-level features in Car Rental App

  • Assign Drivers
  • Interactive statistics
  • Operational Zone Setup
  • Payment Gateway
  • GPS Tracking
  • Cloud Environment:
  • Behaviour Tracking:
  • Promo Code & Offers
  • Rental cost calculator
  • Electronic identity verification
  • Loyalty program
  • Operator-assisted service
  • Gamification

Planning to Launch Car Renting Marketplace?

Car Rental platforms have developed as an interesting startups grant, and are building their presence appeared around the globe. If you are also planning to develop a successful peer-to-peer car rental platform, then here are the business model and features relevant details:

1. Business Model – Car rental app offers a platform where you can quickly rent your car when it is lying free. The implicit formation of vehicles is made from participating owners who charge a fee to pay out their vehicle. The occupants can easily locate a vehicle and pay only for the time people are using the car. Such industry provides a platform for car bookings and charges a fixed percentage of the fee as a percentage.

2. Resources Model – Some experts of generating resources from your peer-to-peer car rental opening:

  • Commission on Booking Fee – The website owner can charge a trivial booking fee on every car booking from the occupant.
  • Banner Ads and Car Promotion On-Site – Banner ads or featured Listing for car owners who are prepared to pay some additional money.
  • Subscription Kits for Car Owners – Monthly/yearly subscription to digital products that support them succeed prepared & secure car sharing with features such as GPS tracking, engine lock, and tamper detection, through smartphones.

Succeed with car rental application

The car rental features explained above are significant in nature, and it is essential to design and develop the functionality appropriately. The Focus is to convert your app successfully –

  • Verify Occupants and their license correctly.
  • Tying up with a good insurance company and roadside service provider will be a good business for Renters and Car Owners.
  • Secure Booking confirmation timing.
  • Do process available, both online and on-road.
  • Mobile App is a good step to understand and extend reach in the market.

Do you want a website and mobile application that has all the prepared script features or require something more complicated?

Whatever your design and development needs, Get in touch with our team to discuss your queries about beginning an online car rental web & app development.

How much does it cost to build a Car Rental Mobile App?

Now, all these sources of requirement analysis are taken into record, the next step is to find out what cost will be involved in making all these features onboard and in IOS app development and Android app development.

The complete process needs to be separated into simple states and calculate the man-hours required to complete each and every phase. Designing has to be simple and clear, and it has to be cost-effective too. In appreciation to the cost of the features, the cost of in-house developers, analytics support, customer service specialists, mobile network providers, etc. is also to be considered into records.

How can Car Rental App and Deorwine Infotech benefit your business?

  • Grow your Business
  • Real-time tracking
  • Higher Visibility
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Inclusive growth
  • Customer Feedback
  • Brand Building
  • Connect and interact seamlessly
  • Reduce Marketing Costs.
  • You can be visible to them in the Market.
  • Brand yourself on the customer’s phone.
  • Car Rental mobile App Development reaches out your business to a much bigger set of audience through Deorwine Infotech.

Conclusion –
Great professionals of the domain have already transferred to the Internet and generate revenue through the online channels.

By building your own application for your car booking or rental business you will grow your connections to your consumers and get significant benefits.

Deorwine Infotech Mobile Application Development Company has determined the expertise and huge experience in developing solutions for the transportation industry and has a unique way of creating Android and iOS apps development for a car rental industry.
Find it more exciting? Feel free to contact us, we have helpful information to share with you on your idea!