Today, on-demand food ordering app development through websites and mobile apps like UberEat, Swiggy, Zomato, and such similar platforms have been growing day by day. To leverage the advantage of such emerging market place, it is obligatory to have your own website and /or an application. It is obviously a trademark loyalty program to convert customers to use your application as a search engine to get the best understanding on the best available Food Delivery App.

Online Food Ordering Mobile App is the absolute platform between Restaurant Owners and Customers. Develop highly interactive and easy-to-manage food delivery Android & iPhone app that combines your restaurant / fast-food association with customers.

Food Delivery application is not merely restricted to convenience of valuable customers but it has proved to be a great Investment value for Food startups, New restaurant ventures, small scale dabba walas etc. With growing demand of online food, it is necessary to have apps on all platforms i.e Android, iOS, Windows, etc to meet the growing demand of prospective consumers.

The On-demand Food Delivery Market

Food businesses are utilizing cutting-edge technologies and advanced procedures to reach out to their target consumers. Almost 70% of millennial prefer to order online their favourite food through their smartphone.

Going through few surveys and stats, its been observed that app users prefer to order food online merely because they love the on demand services because it delivers their order straight at their doorstep in an insignificant timeframe.

They also prefer to save money because online food Delivery applications and Food Ordering Website give offers/discount that help them enjoy their meal at discounted rates without wasting their efforts or time. Surely, this article helps you get the reasons behind the popularity/Functionality/Features, etc. more of Food Ordering solution. We also present how it can improve your food business.

If you have such similar ideas, I would recommend you work with our developers to create an app for your brand.

The State of the On-Demand Market Today

To the most outrageous, the conventional form of delivery is the traditional model where the customer places an order to the local Chinese restaurant or pizza parlours and waits for the order to reach the doorstep. This popular
category has an 87% market share, as most of those orders are ordered by phone.

However, on-demand digital technology is reshaping the market for different kind of businesses. The traditional model is acquiring a new way to shop online by making proper use of apps or websites with high comfort and support along with transparency.

The customers are expecting a related experience when it comes to online ordering food. The prevalence of online food delivery service can be associated to several benefits it provides, such as food delivered to the doorstep of the consumer, multiple payment possibilities, winning discounts & Offers, rewards, and cashback offers, etc.

Restaurant and cafe also find it beneficial to sell their food through online mediums since it overcomes a significant amount of operational depreciation. College students, working couples and office goers are the key target audience of food ordering companies.

Functional & Features


Online Food App Development Company in India is one of the greatest techniques to increase your business and sales. Through the Food Delivery App or Food Ordering Website, your customers simply order their food without any hassle. The quick check-out process and online payment with various payment gateways add a bunch of flexibility to the food delivery app.

Food Ordering App Solution offers the following features: –


The User Interface with Features: –

  • Search for various restaurants, cafe based on the kind of food, zip, location, device location, Restaurant name, etc.
  • Display populated in list view or map view. User can browse the map or listto see all the restaurants.
  • Specific offers Search
  • Get details of restaurants with their name, logo, rating, reviews, menus, etc. many more.
  • Add multiple items, quantity and extra services like topping etc.
  • Add to Cart feature
  • Add to favorite
  • Multiple orders
  • Pickup or Delivery
  • Online payment options
  • Real-time email & number verification order
  • Place order
  • Online Payment via Paytm, Credit card etc.
  • Push notification
  • Tracking Order
  • Review & rating
  • Reorder last any order
  • History order list available

Restaurant Owner features: –

  • Web and App based
  • Manage restaurant profile
  • Set images, logo etc.
  • Manage Offers, Discounts, special occasion.
  • Push Notification
  • Order Management
  • Verified orders
  • Extra services options
  • Opening/Closing time manage
  • Delivery time set
  • Withdraw payment

Delivery Men Panel : –

  • Delivery Men Panel
  • Order request
  • Order delivery
  • Order history/logs
  • Call/ chat
  • COD
  • Push notifications
  • Wallet/Get paid offline
  • Withdraw payment
  • GPS tracking
  • Online support
  • Google MAP Navigation

The App Developer can also include various features in the app, and the opportunities are unlimited. Some of the features that can be added are-

  • Lock Guard Widgets
  • Coupon and Vouchers for discount
  • Smartwatch extension
  • Schedule and Plan delivery and pick up
  • Allow sharing in the food order Social Media

Food App Process

Online Food Delivery App Development Company has a broad team of skilled and creative designers and coders who set in all they have to serve to clients with precisely with what they want, realizing their happiness and trust.

How to Build a Food Ordering App?

On-Demand Food Delivery App like Postmates, GrubHub, Doordash, Zomato, Swiggy and UberEat. Deorwine is helping dining out into dining in a setting where all prefer the food to come to them, instead of them going to eat out. They are looking for establishments to deliver to them at a tap of the screen and in such a synopsis, food delivery apps are in high demand. Food delivery apps are a new mode, from restaurant owners, making their own food delivery app for you while relaxing on anywhere to services which act as a collaboration platform between the restaurants and clients.

Restaurant owners and customers are finding online food ordering and delivering a platform quite easy and profitable. It gives them a platform where they can grow their business. Moreover, it helps the small businesses restaurant to stand out in this competitive market.

  1. Technology encourages repeat business
  2. Food delivery apps help to growth
  3. Improves customer interaction
  4. On-Demand delivery can help with stock management
  5. Customers can track orders easily
  6. Data helps you manage your food business
  7. You can build a brand in a competitive market

Important features to concentrate on building a food-ordering App

We provide Food Delivery app with most simplistic functionality. It permits the users to search for restaurants, menu list, and order their food online. Our App encourages new users to be engaged to the app with exciting features and offers in their preferred location.

All the stakeholders have their own application and the features of all these apps differ. If you want to plan the features for your Food Ordering App Development, here are few considerations list for your business development-

Web Service
Web service is maintaining the responsibility of the platform owner. This means that if you develop a Food Ordering mobile app, then you are in charge of managing the web service portal.

Admin Panel
To manage and control the overall functionality and various stakeholders, the admin dashboard has the capacity to view the list of the restaurants, the number of users, and the delivery specialists. The admin can add, remove and modify any stakeholder at any time of using this control panel.

restaurant Admin

Analytics & Reporting
Data insights and metrics based on the bookings performed is determined by generating reports from the app and analysis can be done about the usage times, total number of users on board, demographic data, number of restaurants, number of delivery professionals, acquisition and loss calculation per week, month, and year, etc.

Delivery Professionals
This app is specially used by the delivery men. They get a delivery request by Notification, they accept or decline request according to delivery schedule from the app, they are provided with the information of the order, restaurant details and the address of the customer.

Delivery Information
The delivery man takes the restaurant’s pickup address and the drop details of the user.

The app for the delivery people consists of GPS which is integrated into the app for simple shipping. It consists of the route and the total time calculated for the delivery.

Route Optimization
The map integrated with the app helps the delivery professionals with a great potential route where they can beat the traffic and secure their deliveries as fast as possible.

Contact User/Restaurant
The app consists of a contact user/ restaurant characteristic that assists the driver call the concerned stakeholder without having to copy the number and dial it manually.

Delivery Complete Trip
Once the delivery professional receives the request and begin his trip towards the restaurant, his trip starts. Likewise, the different trip starts on his way to make the delivery. This is the evidence of the amount he earns per trip.

Things to Take Care of while Building a Food Delivery App

There are many forms to fill before you start building an app, guidance, and schemes while you build a food delivery app, evaluation, and aftermath feedback next you have successfully built a model and/or launched a beta product.

The main point is you don’t have to do that, the fundamentals and basics of all food delivery apps are equivalents.

The time you start the development of a product, it is eternally good to remember your target purposes from it, Features you want in it and the benefits you are going to focus upon.

  1. Excite, examine your idea, launch marketing operations then scale onto a wide scale.
  2. Development and Promotion are necessary before you launch your product and from the powerful start of the initial state.
  3. Hire dedicated experienced and skilled developers who have beforehand experience working in this field like Android Developer, iOS Developer etc.
  4. Engage your possible customers via social media, emails, etc.
  5. Concentrate on receiving feedback and accept from customers and making improvisations based upon that.
  6. Hire a team that’s true and do it stay, a contentious salary, flexible working hours, work from home choice, incentives, rewards, etc. they are just a few obvious perks.

How Much Does it cost to build Food delivery apps

A different question that is almost easy for every startups owner: “How Much Does it cost to build Food delivery apps” or “How much money this app will require?” The cost of making an Online Food delivery app may modify depending on various determinants.

Well, the cost of On-Demand Food Ordering App mainly depends on the variety of functionality you wish to implement in your food ordering app.

The initial one is the range of functionality. A sincere platform with few tools will definitely incur low cost. However, if you want your app to implement a wide range of functions, the price for app development will surely change.

Another next factor is the mobile app development platform: iOS Mobile App Development and Android App development.

Furthermore, the design can also affect the total cost of an app. Compact design schemes will point to a higher price.

That’s why the cost of an app will be modified in several particular cases.

Hire Grocery App Developer

There are several fundamental values included in developing a Food Delivery App for IOS and Android and we here at Deorwine Infotech have the few which are-

  • Developer’s obligations – Here you can Hire a Dedicated Developer on Hourly or fixed price basis. These figures keep on changing as per the availability and Level of specialization from the developers.
  • Price of the gatherings – This includes a huge amount of money that we need to spend on social affair, overviews, and conferences and on the staff that will take out such profession strategies.
  • Development and Design – Applications configuration and its development is entirety that any business will use on its developers and related staff. This also involves the cost of different permits as well as the cost of Hire mobile app developers such as React Native Developer for providing Android App Development, iOS Mobile App Development for providing Mobile App Development Service.
  • Testing – Bug fixing is necessary, so after an application is designed it should be rigorously examined for any kind of fixes. And as far as the opinion of outside testing is reflected, the expenses increase.
  • Market or Business – These are unavoidable marketing costs associated because the advertisement is necessary. Without advertisement, you can’t be convinced about your app reaching the destination market.

Based on the recent development cost and time estimates in Deorwine Infotech, there is quite limited estimated cost. Manageable table-based apps – here customers provide content, directions, and patterns of related applications. There are some additional things, such as GPS Locator, Bell, whistles such as social media integration which add on to the cost.

This kind of food delivery mobile application makes everyday life simpler because people have their food at their doorstep and provide satisfactory service in the online food delivery app.

These factors and costs effectively explain to you what type of food delivery mobile application you need to develop? So if you want to get your business online, please contact Deorwine Infotech. Our skilled team is skilled enough to grow your business in all the latest trends and adhere to growing business standards.