The digital alteration has become the entire outlook of customers and their marketing performance. Shopping for vegetables and groceries is slow work as one needs to move to the store, spend his possible time searching for fresh things and have to be standing in the long queue at the billing counter for billing pay. A grocery delivery app like Instacart is the correct way to help customers in getting fresh items delivered at their doorstep on time, suffering from any hustles. The grocery app is serving its customers by outpacing conventional methods and using them through an exceptional customer visit.


To create an app like Instacart is an online grocery shopping mobile app. The Instacart app is regularly given grocery service through a smartphone, the apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms individually from its website. It’s providing you fresh and healthy eatables. Through the grocery app, the grocery will be delivered to the customer within an hour.


This digital reconstruction, that is the cause of more than 50% of grocery businesses, 54% to be accurate, they began offering mobile shopping apps to keep with the competition and succeed. Instacart, Grofers, ShipIt, Wallmart, AmazonFresh, and FreshDirect, are amongst the best goals for online grocery shopping today.


Instacart delivers meals from both grocery stores and restaurants but largely converges on groceries. Instacart platform endured volatile growth in 2017, growing to more than 150 new businesses, commencing services in Canada, and discovering deals with dozens of retail connections. In the newest funding extensive, Instacart boosted $200 million at an appraisal of $4.2 billion. 


What we need To Know about Grocery App Development

Now, whenever you require to know the cost to build a grocery delivery app, you have to select a few things, to start with these:

  1. The Grocery Business Model
  2. The Accurate Platform
  3. Mobile Applications included Features

Customer App features

  1. Sign Up or Log In – Customer will have to sign up and add details and log in to provide an Email ID and password.
  2. Social Media Login- You can access or log in with your social ID such as Facebook and Google, etc.
  3. Location – To find nearby stores you can enable GPS to track location.
  4. Listing & Choose Store – You’ll be picking any store you wish to order from.
  5. Search & Filter – Search required products and can apply filters to specific products.
  6. Add to Cart – Required products can add to cart.
  7. Check Out – Checkout to process for payment.
  8. Coupons – During the payment user can apply a coupon to enter or provided.
  9. Multiple Payment Options – A suitable payment option can choose easily.
  10. Wishlist – Customer adds any product in the wishlist for future needs.
  11. Delivery Tracking – After completed ordering customers will have an option to track their order.
  12. Schedule for Delivery – When customers will have a specific time to get home delivery, then they can schedule their delivery time.
  13. Order History – Customer can view their order history with complete details an upcoming delivery.
  14. Ratings & Review – Customer can give review & rating to the service provider.
  15. Help & Customer Support – If the customer has any issue with the delivery they can connect with support from the app.
  16. Push Notifications – Notification will help to get info.

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Driver Agent App

  1. Login: Driver login with credential email id, number, and password.
  2. Manage Availability: Driver agents can manage their availability for the next order. If the driver agent is busy with one order then make non-availability by the app.
  3. Requests: The driver agent will get order request to delivery, they will accept & reject the order.
  4. Live Tracking: With the order, the driver agent will get complete details of the customer with address, they can track via map to reach on the exact place to delivery.
  5. Push Notification: Any kind of activity in a driver agent account, he/she will get and notify of every
  6. View Payment: After delivery order on the place they can verify and view payment when they get or not.
  7. Manage Profile: Driver Agent can manage their profile of information.
  8. Orders History: Order history will show all the total order with details a few filters like date, day and time, etc.
  9. Customer Support: Whenever a driver agent has any issue they can connect to direct via chat or another way to support.

Vendor App Features

  1. Login: Vendors can log in easily with their email id and password to access.
  2. Dashboard: Vendor able to view the complete dashboard with the graphs and statics.
  3. Accept/Reject Order: The vendor can accept and reject orders.
  4. View Order: Vendor can view all orders, search orders and manage orders.
  5. Activate/Deactivate Products: Vendor can manage their menu and activate or deactivate their products.
  6. Customer Manage: A service provider has a feature that they can manage all the registered customers. 
  7. Driver Manage: Vendor can manage their hired drivers who are going to deliver at the customer’s doorstep.
  8. View/Manage Payment: A vendor can view a received payment from the customer side.
  9. Help/Support: The vendor manages to receive a query from the customer side and can contact them.

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost in 2020 (On-Demand Solution)

Admin Panel

  1. Sign in: Admin will log in via email id, password to manage, and reviewing all details and activities of the running apps.
  2. Dashboard: Dashboard will display graphs and statics.
  3. Manage Stores: Manage the entire registered store with their complete details like Add, delete and edit details.
  4. Assign Order: Main role of admin assigning the order to the delivery agent.
  5. Manage Payments: Complete details and managed by the admin.
  6. Real-time Analytics: Admin will be able to manage real-time tracking.
  7. Notification: Notification will get for every activity.
  8. Inventory Management: Manage complete inventory by with billing information.
  9. Accept or Reject Orders: Admin able to manage orders that received from Customers, and they can accept or reject according to their services.
  10. View Review/Rating: Received from customers they can view all the feedbacks, review/rating.
  11. Communication Channels (SMS, Emails, Chat): Boost emails, SMS for providing any kind of info.
  12. Tracking orders: At the time of receiving the order they will get the address of the place and can track.

Cost to develop a grocery delivery app like Instacart

Now here is the answer to your question that ‘How much does it cost to develop a grocery delivery app like Instacart?’. It depends on your business requirements and needs, selection of platforms, number of panels, addition or exclusion of website development and required features & Functionality. 

Like many other businesses, a mobile app development company is also working on using various revenue models. At Deorwine Infotech, Hire Dedicated Developers for mobile app development, also hire a dedicated resource or team for your project completion. 

Now you have gone through the entire features and you understand how to develop a grocery delivery app, let’s discuss getting an estimated cost of development. The correct cost will depend on various factors.

If you’re working with a mobile app development company and intend on working for Android and iOS both platforms, We’ll require a team to hire:

  • Project Manager
  • Mobile App Developer
  • UI/UX designers
  • Backend developer
  • QA 

Learn grocery app development & make app like bigbasket appLearn grocery app development & make app like bigbasket app


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