The niche ‘healthcare’ has now explicitly recognized the probable of digital healthcare around the world. It has appeared as a fast-growing and possibly disruptive division of the healthcare business. Consequently, the regular usage of the medicine to manage these conditions is increasing. Furthermore, there is also an improvement in the lots of people taking many medications simultaneously, recognized as polypharmacy.

The US National Health investigation has reported that the prevalence of polypharmacy rose from 8.2% to 15% between 1999 & 2012. This addition was detected in all age groups, with the most popular increase among young adults aged 20-39 years, in which polypharmacy had expanded from 0.7% to 3.1%.


With the guidance of a healthcare mobile app patient can track rest, if they pre-planned in the app or set reminder, physical activity, stress, food diet, body weight, mood & vital symbols to provide abstract concepts to utilize more concrete. They assist in improving health conditions and reduce overall healthcare charges as well as enhance the quality & convenience of healthcare.

With the Medication reminder mobile app, you just need to verify your pill daily to make sure that you will not overdose. With the app, you can have your family recognize if you have missed any dose, in case they can remind you to be on track. The innovative refill reminder helps you to refill the medicine before it stocks escape.

We improve your medication management market to reach and save from unnecessary wasting. Here we set collectively eight must-have functionalities to attract your possible customers and present them to prefer your pill tracker app.

Health and Fitness mobile App development – Types, Features, Cost

Features of on-demand Medicine Reminder App Development

If want to develop a medicine tracker app, you can have a high level of authority above the patient’s schedule, medication management, and comprehensive healthcare. The medication app includes a long record of benefits for both doctors and patients.

Here are a few important benefits:

Medicine Planning

The core functionality of a mobile app must be the ability to schedule pill reminder. When the patient requires the medication, he/she can contact to their consulted doctor and share the medication plan updated.

Dose Reminder

The patient with more intense continuous treatment is provided with different types of pills. Dose reminder benefits the patients by sending a notification to provide the details of the medicine and the quantity too.

Pill Identifier

A pill-identifying feature can assist in this position and will inform a patient what pills they have.

Medication Price / Location Search

Standalone pill apps enable searching for the nearest or cheapest medicine stores with the required medication in stock that is common among patients. Map navigation is optional but can be helpful, too, especially for customers who prioritize cheap charges and fine with traveling over long distances to little-known places.

Prescription Renewal

The prescription renewal feature keeps the time of patients and doctors where the automated reminder is transferred to the health expert when the medicine is about to expire. The patient fills the form and it has sent to the doctor where they send the new prescription and contact the patient if necessary.

Drug Checker

This is one of the major features of a medicine tracker app, which is a section of a medical app development. The interaction checker operates an analysis and displays the message if a new record is not cooperative. Furthermore, it also benefits in configuring the individual’s health recommend pregnancy or any specific allergy.


The next major feature is timely refill alerts that are all about to support customers to assure that they would not go out of pills. Such a feature provides a warning in advance when it’s time to buy a refill of medicines. This core feature is extremely advice to carry during pill reminders and medicine tracker app development.

How to Select a Mobile App Development Company?

Track History

This feature enabling app customers to track the complete history of medicines used in the past or for the last week. It will help you to create a unique medicine reminder and pill tracker app. It’s great to include such features, which gives the comfort of experience to your customers.

Earn Points & Rewards

When building a medication-tracking app, it’s great to add a beneficial feature that enables other users to invite to share what they are up-to in their medicines. Simply, such a feature is beneficial to include, and users’ can track them into the pill tracker app.

Cost to Develop of Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker App

Selecting the ballpark to develop a pill reminder app is a great and inspiring task. The cost of mobile app development depends on various factors. These apps, android app development, and iPhone app development can track all medicines/pill and sends reminder notification whenever it’s time to have a pill. Let’s explore the cost of medication apps for patients and all the sections that affect the overall development cost. We provide

Team Structure

Deorwine Infotech has an expert mobile app developer to build a medicine reminder app, Hire dedicated developers:

  • Project Manager – Manage whole project
  • Mobile App Developer – Android App & iOS Developer platforms
  • UX/UI Design: App designer
  • QA Tester – To testing app


Now, you have gone through major required features to develop a successful pill tracker app or medication tracker app. The on-demand medication tracker app is not a new step but it’s a high-level in the health industry, first it has become the need of the age. For doctors and patients both, it’s profitable and succeeds situation. Further, these apps are the most successful, because the market demands the automation of conventional standards. Medication Tracker apps can be a multifunctional device with major features that support patients manage their medicine consumption.

Deorwine Infotech is an expertise in medicine reminder app development, which can provide you an all the major features including their benefits. We have available readymade solution for pill reminder and tracker app that will follow your plan and track your medicines completely.

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