As per the yearly reports of 2019, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of downloads by users, it ranges around 2.6 million in Android whereas 2.2 million in iOS platform. These figures can be easily compared to the total number of app Downloads in 2018 i.e. 194 billion; up from 178 billion in 2017.

It indicates that the popularity of smartphones is growing because 85% of the users consumed their time within many applications, so we can securely say that any business could benefit from a mobile application  that would serve them.


With the expanded utilization of mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, react native mobile app development, are also growing in great quantities. The use of smartphones at this time has identified a significant improvement in the utilization of technology.

Why do we need a development partner for app development?

Some important goals make us hire a mobile app development partner as things are impossible otherwise. Creation of an app is a complicated process including several critical steps and this is why it is necessary to hire the right app development company , blowing of highly skilled developers, UX/UI designers, testers, etc., to make the most out of their ability to create effective and unique mobile applications.

As you come up with an app-based marketing plan and need a mobile app development team to make it a reality, the first point you will be doing is starting to Google to find the ‘best mobile app developers’ or in case you are short known, you might type in best iOS developers.

Online platforms like Upwork, Goodfirm, and Clutch etc. have shown to be of tremendous help to several businesses seeking the top app development companies. They offer company and app developers’ ratings & reviews, cost to hire an app developer and also enable them to filter the search based on number views, demographics, cost, etc.

Ultimately, it all depends on your requirements. Like, whether you are looking for a freelancer or an app development company, what platform application will work – iOS, Android or a cross-platform one, your budget and your choices in usual.

How to hire a Mobile App Development Company?

While you start with your journey of searching the best hybrid mobile app development company for yourself, we’ve got your backbone. So we decided to be your informant. We are sharing with you all the important details that you must be informed of before hiring a mobile app development company.

  1. Research your Rivals : Such researches will help you to get input on the most needed and trending features. Moreover, they recommend to you what you must avoid doing with your application. Investing time in learning more about your competitor’s app will assist you to get a bright picture of what you want in your application. Following which you can simply explain your expectations to the iPhone app development company.
  1. Global Presence : It is important to view the size of the app development firm you are planning to hire, like the number of developers, designers, Testers, UX/UI experts, QA experts, working in the company. Also, look out for the firm’s global presence, as it is vital to opt for a reputed and globally-recognized company.
  1. Examine Their Portfolio : Portfolios highlight the achievements but also the skills used to complete the project. It’s a collection of past successful projects in brief. Going through the portfolios of your shortlisted mobile app development company is a great choice. It will support you get more precise of what apps they’ve developed till now.
  1. Request about the experience : The experience should be one of the patterns so that you can choose on a firm with a proven record in the industry, various mobile apps they developed is equally great as their quality. IPad app development is a complex process that requires experts, a broad understanding of the expected audience and creativity, and these skills are also obtained with experience.
  1. Take References : As you hire from other sources and ways, you must request references from the service provider. The best method to do the same is by connecting with their previous clients via phone and get a complete knowledge of their possible vendors. As you hire from other sources and ways, you must request references from the service provider. The best method to do the same is by connecting with their previous clients via phone and get a complete knowledge of their possible vendors.
  1. Go For the Reviews : These reviews support you in reaching out to the clients who’ve partnered with the company in the past. It can help you get some helpful suggestions. Above all, it will assist you to advance in an organization which can help you build progressive apps.
  1. Have a Team Experts – From the app’s features to its UI/UX, you need an expert team taking supervision of all nitty-gritty. Check developers’ skills by providing a one-on-one meeting with a couple of them.
  1. Ask about design processes follow : App users are looking for experiences. In the application development field, experiences are achieved through the user interface (UI). To deliver a good UX, you must ask the development company about their practices to design a unique application. All these are required to launch a robust app with a captivating design.
  1. Technical Documentation : Ask about documentation with deep requirements of a client, it is necessary to follow the client’s need with technical terms and elaborate on the requirements. SRS or basic document is the standard process to follow needs and approve by the client.
  1. Time & Hiring Model : In this model, project & efforts are expected in the duration of the performance of time & resources deployed. In case you are ready to invest in the progressive and connected development of quality app development. In case, there is any trouble in terms of selection & compact model, then feel free to ask your chosen company support system.
  1. Cost & Contract : Usually, the cost of a full mobile app development project is subject to app’s features, scalability, scope & complexity. It also includes the amount & kind of resources that go into app development. However, it doesn’t mean that you should pick the one offering low-rates, quality succeeds everything here.
  1. Willingness to go into an NDA : Mobile applications are all about your business and your plans. Therefore, it’s essential to go into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the mobile app development company. You must ensure to confirm the agreement before you discuss aspects with the organization.
  1. Quality Assurance & Support : Once your app is published in the app store, it will be expecting up-to-date, maintenance, bug fixing extension of new functionalities & features. This is why, it is important to understand the chosen company’s policy in terms of app maintenance, like for ongoing support whether they charge at an hourly rate or a monthly fee.

Conclusion : Given these factors, choosing a mobile app development company is a complicated decision for the business and the professional team. Refer to the preceding factors as well as analyse security, compliance and cost in mind and get the best choice for the app platform. Hence, all potential factors need to be examined carefully, evaluating their pros and cons, giving evidence for the customer’s needs and the business possibilities – to develop an app with real significance.