Now we all are working on the great ideas of applications due to COVID-19. The industry is looking for the best solution who can manage and increase growth in their business. In this situation every business is not able to survive anymore with this virus. It’s high time to generate lots of ideas to develop a mobile app for our businesses which can offer online order, real-time tracking, choose your preferred store/doctor, etc, number of payment methods, and many more features. All the users have individual panels like customer app, vendor app, driver, super admin, admin, etc.

It will be easy if your application is able to generate an invoice, billing, all expenses as well as financial calculation in a daily/weekly/monthly with the Online transactions and your business accurately working.

It all only can be possible by Mobile App Development Company which has a number of ideas for your business app.

In 2019 Canada had above 26 million smartphone users and the future set to reach 30.4 million in 2023.


Now, mobile apps are making money for huge businesses.

In 2018, mobile app revenues generated over 365 billion dollars globally.

In 2019, it was more than estimated at around $462.5 billion.

In 2023 developed apps generate approximately 935 billion revenue via paid downloads and in-app advertising.

Mobile app revenues 2014-2023

Best Innovative Mobile App Idea

Now we are going to explain some mobile app ideas to create for our industries or startups.

  1. Grocery Delivery App Idea
  2. Grocery Delivery Mobile apps generate huge revenue even as startups because they allow their customers to select a variety of grocery stores, explore favorite stores or products. With the more innovative new things in this grocery ordering and delivering market which allows them to focus on what they can do best. All this benefits the consumer tremendously.
  3. These businesses are focusing on local markets better which you can have an enormous competitive advantage when you know your local market better.
  1. Ecommerce Mobile App Idea
  2. E-commerce is the most convenient and innovative in the mobile industry and also enhances overall product browsing progress. By using standard features into the app such as product view details, add to cart, get billing details, product quantity, and more can be added which you have in your mind. Push notification to boost the loyalty of customers and attract them tremendously.
  3. Develop amazing e-commerce mobile apps and features implemented to enhance more users implicitly and sales.

Logistics and Transportation Mobile App Development Cost and Features

  1. Doctor Appointment Booking
  2. This is the most used app through an online appointment booking mobile app.
    • Around 350,190 online appointments booked in 2018 through the app.
    • Online appointment booking has been found to reduce staff labor.
    • 58% of healthcare centers using online booking apps.
    • 76% of patients/customers use a mobile phone to book appointments.
    • Online Appointment booking reduces paperwork and through the app, it increases smoothness and fast process for any emergency.
  1. Real-time Car Sharing
  2. The care sharing mobile app industry has grown at the speed of the rocket power with the rising demand which allows users to book and the car in real-time with sharing another user if they both have the same way.
    • In 2020 predicted around 685 million people are going to use the ridesharing services app global.
    • Industry revenue expected 21.0% above the current five years between 2019-20 to touch $68.9 million.
  1. Home Service App Idea
  2. Customers are searching for services such as pest control, car washing, cleaning the house, and lawn care are the most likely to get a service from a home service app.
  3. In this home services verticals, above 55% of customers work any search before scheduling and booking service
  4. This solution provides your customer with an online booking facility, payment transaction, scheduled to reach at the address and complete management to create new service, charges and many more.
  1. Pharmacy/Medicine Delivery App
  2. For all medicine, stores are the greatest opportunity to have an app for delivery medicine through the application. With this pharmacy app, the customer will have a facility to compare price, better management, doctor suggestions, upload prescription and manage all the bills, doctors, medicine, and many more can be possible.

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  1. Pill Reminder App
  2. Pill reminder is one of the best solutions for all patients which can receive a reminder on time through mobile app notification. Through this app user can:
    • Track all medicine schedule
    • Receive On-time notification
    • Can get a consultation
    • Globally e-pharmacy market
    • With an approximated value of $42 billion in 2018.
    • It is expected to approach $107 billion in 2025.
    • 53% of adults in the US, using a smartphone to get a pill reminder.
  1. Logistic & Transport App
  2. Transport and logistic apps allow users to select services and book online, where admin will provide delivery at their doorstep. This business is going at a high range from the last few years. More than 56% of logistic businesses have accepted online orders.
  3. Composite mobility systems, data, and mobile app and web development to build smart processes including products move rapidly to improve this skill needs from the Transport and Logistics workforce.
  1. Location tracking app
  2. These types of location tracking applications are able to give your users on-the-spot access to someone’s places including If you are using your mobile app with Bluetooth, then easily tracking connections within limits.
  3. Including Features: –
    • Real-time & Offline tracking location
    • All visited place history
    • Google Services Integration
    • In-app messaging chat using AI chatbot
  1. Subscription/Coupon Based App Idea
  2. This subscription plan can benefit your business through different plans such as a subscription plan can have monthly/weekly or yearly wise where the user will purchase according to them and in this planning app, users will enjoy advanced features like unlimited streaming, etc.
  3. Nowadays apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and much more love streaming apps will generate high revenue.
  1. Mobile Apps idea for Restaurants, Bars, Café, More
  2. This subscription plan can benefit your business through different plans such as a subscription plan can have monthly/weekly or yearly wise where the user will purchase according to them and in this planning app, users will enjoy advanced features like unlimited streaming, etc.
  1. Education Mobile App Idea
  2. The education sector is on high nowadays because it’s generating good revenue for all online learning apps. Education apps are enhancing efficiency of the online learning processes of the conventional strategy through the smart e-learning approach.
  3. Online Learning and Educational apps are an effective method of learning through online lecture video, Audio, test, or document records.
  1. Live Streaming App Idea
  2. These apps can benefit your business through a subscription plan to give to your customers. The live-streaming app has a number of features that could be benefited by in-app purchases and many plans for your customer who want to live streaming

Doctor Appointment App Development Cost & Features

  1. Healthcare Solution App
  2. The healthcare sector is one of the most profitable served enterprises through mobile apps, It allows lots of benefits to patients and doctors, clinics including an online consult with doctors, check diet, track health wellness, consult and advice, Video call, audio, Live session unlimited managing all cases of medication, diagnosis, recovery, and monitoring of health and wellness.
  1. Dating App Idea
  2. As we are already familiar with the highly successful dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder these dating apps have hundreds of millions of daily active users. These users are profiting proof that this mobile industry revolutionized all the aspects of our experiences.
  3. We created a Dating App “FindMeAFreak” which has 10 million downloads and revenue is $2000 – $3000 per month.
  1. Virtual Reality Augmented Reality App
  2. AR technology has expanded rapidly including quickly and it will become extremely most popular. Especially by new frameworks originating from Google and Apple-like ARKit & MLK and with this advanced technology you can have the best opportunity to create the business brand-new unique experiences for your customers.
  1. Entertainment Mobile App Idea
  2. With the high revenue-generating mobile apps for entertainment by online movies are a great alternative to eliminate time. Though this entertainment industry possesses streamlined many services which include Online ticket booking and checking online such as Paytm, BookmyShow.
  1. Trip Planning App
  2. From the mobile app where the user can start a trip on where it should end including everything between them either as a local guide about the hotels, site seeing, transport, restaurant. You can further decide about a budget and the mobile app will plan your trip respectively.
  1. Crowdfunding Mobile App Idea
  2. To help many people by providing them food where some of the waste and throw after having food. The startup can be a charitable organization or individual company with this purpose that can be implemented upon a wide group concerning possible funders. Several people contemplate creating a crowdfunding mobile app, especially if people have less money.
  1. Finance & Billing Management System Idea
  2. Finance and billing administration mobile app that automatically advertises user finances based covering all bills, send payment alert, push notification to remind/due/ or done payment.
  1. Matrimonial App Idea
  2. As we are familiar with the top platforms such as Bharat,, and Community Matrimony, the top generated revenue sites and apps in the matrimonial business. Matrimonial apps help the user fetch all the details about his/her friends from social media. Including choosing them based on ranking, how attractive, professional, or accommodate could be.
  3. Startups can think of creating the matrimonial app where they can use any method to earn from customers online.
  1. Mental Health App
  2. Due to the current environment, many people are depressed and have to overthink, etc many. These mobile apps can work as a therapy to maintain patients’ mindset and can make them happy additionally created for healthy users who just want to stay mentally happy and peaceful. 64% of users have claimed that they are recovering from their mental health issues by using an online therapy app.

How Much Does It Cost to build a Dating Application?

  1. Online Art/Talent/Tips Gallery App
  2. Today in every way we can find a talented person where they are searching for a good platform to show to the world. We can have a mobile app where every talent comes on that platform and shows their art or talent.
  3. In this app, the user can find related art or talent or new tips from an expert and can start their training or show to them.
  1. Cooking/Food Recipe App Idea
  2. A Million people use a mobile app to know new cooking or food recipe because of smoothness. Each day thousands of apps download in mobile phones and people access easily to get recipe details, video, and many more things, They upload their newly made food or recipe and make multiple connections.
  3. This business can be more beneficial because of the thousands of users are using these kinds of apps. As a startup can possible to make an app and upload videos, a new recipe, books, food suggestion, take training by experts and many more.
  1. Childcare App Idea
  2. As a parent, you have workload on a daily basis in between them parents could not focus on their office work or another outsider work of the house. In this case, the startup can provide service to take care of their child where parents feel free to go outside and work from the office. From this mobile app, a parent can book a trustable childcare service provider, pay them, and tracking the system by the customer.
  3. A startup can start with this idea and can generate more revenue through the app because now it’s very high time to create this platform.
  1. Storage Startup
  2. This idea is the best solution for the room rental, house, apartment, centers, etc who are living or centers on rent. This idea will be a help to a person when they are not able to live in their current place where they will come again. They can book an appointment to pick up and drop their house’s things. A person can keep their things for a week or month or year with fewer charges as compared to house or room rent.
  3. Make this idea successful and provide service to many users who want to go outside for some time with the house’s security. So that when they come they can get their house’s things.
  1. Fitness/Nutrition App Idea
  2. This app can be possible for every person who is looking for a better fitness and nutrition plan, with the help of an app any user can start their fitness exercise and track all the plans like food, milk, water, exercise type, reminder, etc many things.
  3. Nowadays fitness and nutrition are the most ongoing apps where every user wants to online trainer, videos, tips for exercise, and how they can keep their fitness better.

On Demand Home Service App, Service Provider App

  1. Custom Cake Ordering App Idea
  2. Everyone has a special day like a birthday or anniversaries even when they get achievements for the celebration the only cake cutting has never changed. Users can order customized cake, Bakers, cake shops, etc. can get an order with customers’ needs and prepare a cake.
  1. Find Flexible Work
  2. Many people are searching for flexible work like freelancing such as On these types of platforms, users can post their requirements, or freelancers can send proposals to hire them.
  3. There can be free or paid subscriptions possible for those who want to post their requirements and who want to hire a freelancer for their work.
  1. Reminder App Idea
  2. This type of application like Note which you have a on time reminder from your mobile phone, and you can do that work on time, A user can write tasks on the daily basis with time, details, image etc many things. When the app tracks a task time and on the same app will remind you to do that task.
  3. In this busy schedule this app is very helpful to remind daily tasks to everyone, users can keep track of tasks with status updates that are done or not.


Notwithstanding your business goal is growing earnings for your current brand or developing the world through the new innovative and efficient mobile app for startup or industry or large scale of businesses.

We believe that our article on mobile app ideas obtained is useful including inspiring and remembering, no idea is on a large scale where it is difficult to manage everything, you just need to startup with the new brand and make an innovative app where everything will be feasible and manageable.

We at Deorwine Infotech are trying to provide our best quality based mobile app development to identify the passionate trends in terms of using mobile app and development. Here at Mobile App Development Company, Our mission to support people like you to get excited about their new mobile journey.

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