As we all know after covid situation online delivery services increased. 

People are purchasing in bulk their essentials like groceries or vegetables and with all these, the most important essentials is Medicine. Medicine delivery service has started online selling for every area or location where they give facility to customers buying required medicine.

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Amazon has Started Selling Medicine


Customer Traffic on Amazon to buy Online Medicine

PhonePay has Started Online Medicine Delivery

 PhonePay platform has started Online medicine delivery at their customer doorstep. They offered a discount and coupon, multiple payment options, or gift cards to their customers.  They gave online pharmacy delivery 

People now don’t want to take a risk in this case of taking medicine, they only want to store as much medicine as they can in lockdown. For every customer, they are providing deliveries at their doorsteps. 

When you look after things then we have that privilege from medicine delivery apps support during this period of hardships. These medicine delivery apps are helping to stay together despite and keeping a distance from each other.


Top Medicine Delivery Mobile Apps


It provides an online medicine delivery including access information regarding your prescriptions. 


 India’s Trusted Online Pharmacy App.



Online Pharmacy India, Available free cash on delivery (COD) and get your medicines within 4 hours of ordering at your doorstep.



Pharmacy Delivery App, Online Pharmacy Order from Yodawy mobile app provides health insurance approvals, reads prescriptions, or can repeat the same order again and again.


Online Medicine delivery App which allows you to buy healthcare products.


Medicine Delivery Apps Future

In this Pandemic situation the medicine industry is providing a lot of facilities to patients, clinics, hospitals, or many people who need this service  at their place. People there are just going to order continuously and the pharmacy industry has to set everything up so that they can keep pace with increasing demand.

Here are the reasons why the medicine delivery app is going to score big in this COVID-19 phase. 

Home Delivery of medicines at COVID-19 Situation

Home delivery of medicine  witnessed a jump in the number of orders as people prefer online orders rather than visiting the stores. And for people with serious illnesses, getting medicine home delivered is a must.

What do people see when they are looking for online medicine delivery, mostly it will be their preferences and facility:-

    • Do have your medicine in stock
    • Do you offer home delivery
    • Online order available by the phone call

How online medicine cover customer needs:

      • When needed you are able to ask your friend or family member to place an order for you at your preferred location.
      • You can inform it or you can get the medicine to the pharmacy before delivery by having a prescription.
      • Many times the doctor provides a prescription digital copy, then the pharmacy sends you the medicine to the address on the prescription according to prescription.

Medicine Reminder Facility

Such apps not only provide home delivered medicines but add-ons like medicine reminders through their mobile app. Basic features to support prospective memory, by providing daily, simply, timed reminders to reinforce medication-taking behavior with no further interactivity.

This basic app acts similarly to an alarm or a text message by showing a reminder on the mobile phone screen at a set time every day.

Delivery service for groups & people in isolation

In this COVID-19 situation hospitals & clinics need medicines in bulk, and they offer Home Medicines Service or free home delivery too so that patients could not be stuck anywhere. Medicine industry providers use the service if you are:

This basic app acts similarly to an alarm or a text message by showing a reminder on the mobile phone screen at a set time every day.

    • Isolating at their home as advised by a medical practitioner.
    • Aged over 70 years.
    • An original or Torres Strait Islander person above the 50.
    • Having a chronic health condition
    • A new baby parent
    • For the pregnant lady
    • An aged care home resident
    • On the one service cancellation, the next service will be available at the same time and have a choice option.

These all services may be available on any pharmacy licensed to supply medicines at their location or provided address.

With the medicine also users can order other things which are related to COVID-19 safety, and they will deliver the same.

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On-demand Online Medicine Delivery App Features

  1. Customer App:
    • User Registration
    • User Log-In
    • Easy Upload Prescription
    • Search & Medicine
    • Add To Cart
    • Video Call Option
    • Push Notifications
    • Online Payment
    • Re-Order
    • Discount And Rewards
    • Order Tracking
    • Live Chat
  1. Pharmacy App Features:
    • Registration
    • Manage Information
    • Manage Product Details
    • Doctors Management
    • View Ratings And Reviews
    • Order Alerts
    • Manage Payments & Receipts
    • Inventory Management
    • Billing Creation
    • Manage Prices
    • Support


  1. Admin Panel Features:
    • Dashboard
    • Manage Inventory
    • Manageable Order Status
    • Manage Customers
    • Payment And Offers
    • Manage Offers & Discounts
    • Create Multiple Users
    • Payment & Commissions
    • Store Management
    • Content Management
    • Reporting & Analytics

We aim to provide the best Medicine Delivery Mobile App Development, with these and more exciting features which you require for your online delivery medicine to your customers.

With these features, customers can have an online digital prescription that can be sent to the medicine store, and they can see the right details on the provided prescription. 

Here at Deorwine Infotech, we are ready to move on your online medicine delivery app development, where you can provide a complete facility to your customers.

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In this COVID-19 situation, we all have a large target to provide the suitable and right facility to our customers. That online delivery is the best option for now, because no one wants to go out of their house so creating a pharmacy delivery mobile app, is the best solution.

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