The progression track that the mobilized healthcare market has placed the industry on has not just gained health care more convenient and real-time but has also achieved the complexity of connecting the gap between the patients and doctors. One of the greatest contributory digitized determinants behind this action that has created healthcare more hassle-free and convenient than ever before is App for Doctor Appointment.


  • There were 325,000 mHealth applications in significant app stores in 2017. 
  • The stores’ side of the market presents a good step of 25% year-over-year growth. 
  • The global Health market is expected to approach $112 billion by 2025, rising at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44.2% according to the statement by Grand View Research, Inc
  • In the time from 2015 to 2020, the mobile wellness market’s CAGR is assumed to be nearly 41%. 
  • The digital healthcare market is expected to touch over $200 billion by 2020, driven essentially by the mobile health market.

Introduce two other great doctor appointment application


Practo Video Consultation App is the biggest online healthcare appointment booking system in Asia. This platform lets patients consult with certified professionals over India, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Moreover, to doctor consultations, patients can also schedule appointments to diagnostic centers, salon spas, and other areas. 

Now, Practo includes 200,000 healthcare providers who are available to help people in need. Practo offers certain features, they are:

  • Online doctor appointment booking
  • Helpful & and smart search engine
  • Online ordering of medications
  • Medication Delivery
  • Medical history storage
  • Blog with penetrations by health experts

Doctor Appointment App Development Cost & Features


ZocDoc is one of the most successful booking doctors’ appointments apps for all across the United States. Established in 2007, ZocDoc raised $3 million in a Sequence A round of funding led by Khosla Ventures.

Now, more than 6-million patients use ZocDoc every month to book more than 1,800 kinds of medical methods across 50 experts. The app is easy to use and engaging at a glance for both patients and doctors. ZocDoc offers the following features:

  • Online appointments 
  • Over 50 types of specialists like dentists, ophthalmologists, allergists, dermatologists, psychologists, etc. many more.
  • In-app Reminder
  • Map to explore for doctors in a support network
  • Reviews from patients

The Growth On-Demand Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

The efficiency of booking and monitoring, that the doctor appointment application offer has presented them with a top category in the Healthcare & fitness mobile app development domain.

Here is a short infographic to authorize the trade from numbers, statistics that show how your hospital require an app for scheduling appointments mobile app

Patients App features

  • Social Login: Login by using their Email Phone number and password, or they can log in via social media accounts for quick sign in. 
  • Sign up: Sign up with filling complete details, Email, create a Password. 
  • Preferred Location: Patients can choose/select a location for which they are in search of doctors. 
  • Search Clinic or doctors: The doctor’s appointment application allows users to browse clinics or doctors around them, view other patients’ reviews, check the schedule, list of specialists, and more. 
  • Book a Doctor Appointment: The patient can book an appointment without having to call the clinic. Online booking can be re-schedule or canceled.
  • Tracking Doctor’s Location: When a patient visits a clinic, they can track the doctor’s location where they are located
  • Chat with a professional: The patient able to chat with professional doctors and can consult with them with complete security.
  • View Specialist Profile: View profile, Information about doctors, schedule and place of admission, reviews & rating, recommendations, etc.
  • Live Video Sessions: Patients can join live sessions that are providing by a specialist on specific. 
  • Audio Call: If a patient is not able to visit the clinic, the patient can call the doctor through the doctor’s scheduling app and can discuss it.
  • Payment gateway: An in-app payment method the hassle of payments. Patients can choose the payment method as they want to access it.
  • Check History: The patient can view history and upcoming appointments details, treatment prescription, examinations, and tests immediately in the app.
  • Subscription: The patient’s practitioners have an opportunity to take the subscription plans on a monthly or yearly basis. Even the patients can pay through a payment gateway for the monthly and yearly subscription.
  • Push Notifications: Patients receive notify about upcoming appointments.
  • Group Account: The ability to add a child or close connections or any family member to your account will enable the patient to take care of their loved ones.
  • Reviews & Rating System: After attending or visiting the doctor, the patient can evaluate his work and can give review and rating.

 Doctor App Feature

  • Sign up: Sign up with filling complete details, Email, create a Password.
  • Sign in: Doctors can sign in to the mobile app using their Email id/Phone number and password and social logins like Facebook and Google etc. 
  •  Profile Manage: Doctors can manage their profile in the mobile app where they can choose a city where they are working, specialization, and other educational detail, etc. 
  • Appointment Manage: View all received requests, and based on the availability accept or reject the request. 
  • Chat/Audio/Video Call: Respond or receive messages/calls from the patients, the doctor able to attend the calls and chats.
  • Live Sessions: Doctors able to create a live session for their patients and it can be joined by users. 
  • Provide Prescription: Doctors able to provide a prescription to the patients if they are not able to visit a doctor.
  • Manage Patients record: Any of the patients of the doctor, they can manage records in their historical records, and view, edit according to reports and can share with patients. 
  • Reminder: The doctor will have a reminder section for their upcoming scheduled, share the record with patients.
  • View Review & Rating: Doctor can view their all review & ratings which is provided by patients.

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Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard: In the dashboard can get a summary regarding several details for patients and doctors on the app platform. 
  • Payment Manage: Admin can view complete payment details and manage all the aspects of the platform. 
  • Manage Users: Play an admin part for the users and manage them properly, add, edit and delete, View all details about both of them.
  • Manage Doctors: Approve and Manage various aspects of a doctor’s profile and their clinic in the application platform.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Admin manages complete subscription plans created for patients for their facility. 
  • Push Notification: Admin able to send push notification to the users regarding several blogs and system-related content.
  • Reporting: Admin can generate reports or download to get info about their platform.

 How much does it cost to create an app like ZocDoc and Practo

To know the cost to create On-demand doctor appointment app depends on some significant factors, like Features included, Platform opted, Development Cost, Design. That implies you must handpick your development team and trust your plan to make an app for booking doctor appointments just to an expert mobile app development company that meets all criteria and standards.

The actual cost of building an app like ZocDoc and Practo depends on the next factors:

  • Platform — Android, iOS, Windows
  • UX/UI design 
  • API creates & Integration
  • Selected features 
  • Development time to create an app
  • Testing 
  • Support & maintenance

Doctor on demand app development: how much it cost to build doctor app like teledoc


The online doctor appointment web app is a helpful idea for patients and doctors. It preserves the time of both parties, patients can skip waiting long hours in the queues visiting at the clinic to the appointment, and doctors possessing all important information in the patient’s profile do not require dealing with masses of paperwork.

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