Child care is a successful business in the market. As working parents struggle to balance their schedules and responsibilities, they usually take the guidance of the daycare mobile app. The daycare industry is expanding at a quick speed all around the globe.

In the United States only, Statistics says, the daycare industry will provide enormous professional opportunities in the country. According to Statista’s statement, the child day-care services will amount to around 49,2 billion U.S. Dollars by 2023. Thus, to grow your business and generate such revenue, the online child care app world is the best alternative for your caregiving help.


Countries like Canada, Ireland, Singapore, UK, and the US are the top countries expecting more such childcare services provider app. People are not hard running to refer to yellow pages for daycare centers.

How much growing Childcare App Development


Step Guide On How To Start A Daycare Business

  • Research the Market
  • Create A Daycare Business Plan
  • Competitor Examination
  • Trending Name for Daycare Business
  • Hire dedicated developers
  • Create a babycare mobile app 
  • Choosing a Location For Your Business
  • Set up the place
  • Funding your childcare Business
  • Register Your Business
  • Licensing requirements For A babycare Business
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Create A Management Plan
  • Safety Measures
  • Listing Your Home babycare Facility & services
  • Marketing Your Home Daycare Business

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On-demand Babycare Mobile App Development Features

Customer App features

  1. ID Verification: A complete verification for a new customer with their email id, phone number, address, and required details. 
  2. Social Sign-In: New users will have social login to login into the app like Facebook or Google, they can access app features.
  3. Advanced Search: That provides advanced features to explore particular things.
  4. Category Filters:  This provides different-2 filters to search for specific stuff. 
  5. Babysitters Near Me: User able to find a nearby babysitter center or available service via GPS enable. 
  6. Multi-Language Support: Customers can choose languages according to their understanding, they have an option to choose languages. 
  7. Photos Observation: Customers can observe photos of their children and get info about their movements. 
  8. Live Chat: Parents able to chat with the childcare team or any of the members to keep an eye on their child. 
  9. Video Call: Parents have video call features to see their child between a day what they are doing and can keep an eye on their activities. 
  10. Push Notification: Parents able to receive a notification regarding app updates, features, etc.
  11. Geolocation: This feature allows users to track or find nearby available services. 
  12. Calendars: A calendar integration will be provided for parents where they can choose preferred dates and days. 
  13. Booking: When parents find the best service for their child-caring, they can book online.
  14. Attendance list: Give access to the attendance list of the parents, where they can simply know the check-in & check-out status of their child from the center.
  15. Online Payment: By payment gateway integration like PayPal, Stripe, efficiently manages the payment transactions online. You can also review the previous transactions, give an invoice, create records all in the app.
  16. Schedule Appointments: While booking the service user can schedule an appointment with the selected childcare center according to their comfort.  
  17. View Activity Report: Feature to access, parents can get a report according to daily, weekly, or monthly to know what their child has done with food details, playing, sleeping, etc.
  18. Food Suggestions And Details: Parents can give food suggestions or health details about their child so that the center team can manage a baby easily.
  19. Time Tracking Of Baby: Parents can track baby time when the baby is in a childcare center, They can easily view time details in a whole day.
  20. Start Time To End: Parents can set up their time according to their suitability, when they want to keep their child in a childcare center or when they want to take back home.
  21. Review & Rating: Parents can give reviews and ratings to their childcare centers, and recommend them to other people.

Baby Center App Features

  1. Sign up: A childcare center able to sign up with their complete details about centers.  After that the admin will receive a request and approve the account.
  2. View received request: A baby center can view all the received requests which are sent from the customer to take care of their baby.
  3. Accept & Reject: Center app able to accept or reject the new customer booking. Centers can do according to their availability. 
  4. Upload Photos & Video: The Center can upload photos and videos to the child’s parents so that they see what the child is doing. 
  5. Audio & Video: Center able to attend the call and video call from parents to see their child.
  6. View Payment details: The Center can view details of received payment to book. They can access the history of payment with date, date, and more details.  
  7. Manage Customer: Center can manage their customer, view details, view contact details, and can contact them. 
  8. Reminder: The Center has reminder features to remind them of the upcoming schedule if any parents scheduled. 
  9. Manage & Upload Reports:  Center able to manage a report of a child and that report can be shared with parents with activities which the baby does in a whole day. 
  10. Emergency Alert: The Center team able to give an emergency alert to the child’s parents and parents will get an alert to reach the center.
  11. Learning Standard: The Center team will have a complete study activity for the child that the report can share with parents So that they can observe a growth. 
  12. Staff Management: With the complete details and verified by the admin, they can manage their staff.
  13. Review & Rating: Center able to view review & rating which is given by parents.

How much does it cost to develop a Baby Sitting App Development?

Admin Features

  1. Dashboard: Admin will have an attractive dashboard where they can view a summary of the whole app’s activities like a total customer, total child, a daily report of booking, etc. 
  2. Manage Parents: Admin can manage all the registered parents with their details.
  3. Verify user: Able to verify to the new user before approved registration or login of parents and baby care centers. After verification, the admin provides them access.
  4. Manage  Childcare center: Admin manages child details, health details, food, etc. 
  5. Push-Notification: Admin can send a notification to the users of the application if they have any new announcements or updates. 
  6. Digital Daily Sheets: Admin able to create and manage Automate daily reports with activities, photos, and videos, and notes,  personalized for each parent.
  7. Staff management: An admin can manage the staff of their center after being verified by the admin.
  8. Manage Payment: View payment details, check the history of payment by date and day wise.
  9. Attendance Management: Admin can generate a complete report of attendance and manage easily.
  10. Live Support: Admin provides live support to their customers, through live support can receive a query and get back to them.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Brightwheel and Winnie

Once you determine the cost to create an on-demand baby care app, you’ll need to know the cost of child care app development. The cost depends on many factors, we have to analyze requirements, many features, platform, and timeframe.

Team Required

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager 
  • Back-End Developer
  • Mobile App Developer – React Native Developer
  • Tester
  • Support & Management

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