Today, we feel a continuously rising market for integrating intelligent solutions into private houses. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are converting a common element of private homes all around the world. Homes using IoT mobile app devices are usually referred to as smart houses. In a smart house, all IoT devices are wirelessly connected and managed by the user’s smartphone, tablet, etc. This all-in-one control functionality allows for excellent support and comfort. Smart homes have developed the system people live in. Imagine switching ON your AC at your home just before you enter your home, interesting right. When you ask the bot Alexa to play your favorite song and even get weather updates while you are in the other room to work. Smart automation can also do more than that; it has displayed the future of our true life.

For 2020, the global smart home mechanization market is forecasted to touch 21 billion U.S. dollars. The predicted combined annual increase rate between 2013 & 2020 should be 26.3%. According to research from  Statista forecasts that by the end of the 2018 year, higher than 45 million smart home devices will be connected in U.S. homes, giving the average revenue per home approximately $490.


No wonder, as only 12–16% of homes use IoT smart home goods in the U.S. However, the number of possible customers is more effective. According to some experts, around two or three of customers are expected to buy smart home IoT devices previously this year.

Assume a world where every device of your home is joined and the seamless connectivity supports you to start a better growth. Right from lights, thermostats, home security systems, water systems, Internet of Things solutions enables controlling all devices by a push of button remotely, anytime from anywhere. Mobile Applications of Home Automation

How an IoT can make an impression on the app development process?

 Mobile Applications of Home Automation

Rebuilding customer expectations, home automation has been extended to target broad design applications for the advanced digital customer. Some of the domains where customers can foresee to see their home automation led IoT-enabled connectivity are:

  1. Smart Monitoring
  2. Mobile App Development is great for home surveillance systems with the aid of sensors such as window and door sensors, movement sensors, and video cameras. With such sensors, homeowners can quickly report detecting break-ins.
  1. Smart Home Appliances:
  2. We can develop a variety of Smart device orders that can interact with the internet from smart and quick locks to cameras to screens to coffee mugs. We aim to implement the best user experience and safety when developing IoT designs for smart homes.
  1. Preventive Support:
  2. All home IoT systems can self control themselves to avoid home maintenance emergencies. Our defensive maintenance assistance for home automation gives instant notification, and statistics to homeowners for water leakage, device failure, and electrical problems.
  1. Smart Light:
  2. The smart Light solution given eliminates additional energy usage. A lighting system utilizes a lot of power and it can be overcome by IoT resolutions like automatic change lightning conditions, turn off in empty rooms, or places in the home using sensors.
  1. Connected Entertainment System:
  2. Command to the music system, television channels via making a smart home entertainment system. We support you to develop your personalized audio-visual ways like a smart speaker, a multi-room video that can be controlled reporting of audio-video all-around home.
  1. Security cameras with your mobile phone:
  2. Once your home safety and security system have been synchronized with your mobile phone, you can control the movements and motions in-home use. Besides, you can get trouble alarms and return by the mobile app by calling the authorities.
  1. Smart Personalized Schedule:
  2. Fixed predefined commands for devices to execute particular actions at some point be it a coffee available when you wake up or turn off when you go to the house.
  1. Healthy lifestyle:
  2. Home Automation intelligent solutions can give your life a healthy lifestyle with a temperature controller, fresh and clean air and water, strength, and the use of management of growing appliances, safety, and security delivers you a peace mind and less anxiety.

The above list is still not exhaustive and will grow over the season to support new IoT application cases. 

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  • Google Home: Google’s response to Amazon’s Echo. It’s a device with a high assistant.
  • Amazon Echo: Cost-effective device with the most reliable voice assistant on the competitive market.
  • ControlAny: IoT automation staging for home automation, smart building, security automation, power management, and many more.
  • Wink Connected Home Hub: By Wynk control an unlimited number of devices.
  • Samsung SmartThings: Supports an infinite number of smart home gadgets.

Home Automation Architecture


How IoT Smart Home Automation Changed Human Lives

It has declared that the IoT smart home solutions can improve the system in our lives. Some of the significant trends in which this happens are:

  • Time-saving: Smartest home products have created planning to take common jobs in people’s lives. By receiving rid of single actions, every day, people can save extra time to focus on other important things.
  • Saving Money: You can save money on the working charges of the house using IoT. You can utilize intelligent network integration, you can understand when using the most power and save energy respectively even control heat and lighting as well.
  • Enhancing the quality of living: Working smart, IoT-enabled automation solutions from the home, you will obtain your home a place with less pressure and reduce prices.

How to choose a technology stack for web application development

How Home Assistant Works

  • Home Automation triggers control based on user configurations.
  • Home Control: Responsible for gathering knowledge and collecting devices.
  • Smart home triggers based on prior user response.

As a Mobile App Developer, we need to understand the architecture of Home Assistant for us to develop high-performing results on the master of it.

Let’s have a glance at the architecture that gives control and data flow potential. Home control consists of five elements:

  • Components
  • Timer
  • Event bus
  • State Machine
  • Service registry

Home Automation App Development Solution

We work with many companies to implement automation solutions for the home such as immediate services utilizing mobile technology, mobile applications, and web response. Therefore, whether to connect the thermostat to the best level or management of home electricity based on human appearance in the rooms, and we will execute your ideas come to life pleasing.

We believe that the best mobile app development of IoT and the integration of artificial intelligence technologies in the associated systems support to create the concept of a modern smart home atmosphere that foretells what its people require or want and implements the positively seamless user experience.


Today we can recognize the powerful connected systems for homes and monopolies that support people to save money, enhance the comfort and performance of their homes, and at the same time working green.

Successful home automation is just about the best blend of connected devices, insights, and seamless user expertise to solve issues, make intelligent associates as well as analyze lives, and preserve the most prized possession-home.

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