Today, the online grocery delivery service is an outstanding unpredictable service with the fastest-growing online category.

The marketplace is a number of popular multinational retail companies such as Walmart and Amazon, they both are growing the platform of grocery delivery across cities across the globe. on demand Grocery app development Features that remain a must-have while you are going to plan for a grocery delivery app development.

The best grocery delivery apps like Instacart, Amazon Fresh,, and Kroger have correct functionality and features implemented.

The online grocery market value sales are determined to stand with around 150 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.


If you are planning to start your grocery delivery app development, make sure that you know very well about the below features in it.

21 Must-Have Features Necessary for your Grocery Delivery Mobile App

  1. Social & Simple Login
  2. Login is a must in the grocery app development while you are planning to develop a grocery app. User can have a type of Login such as:
    • Social Login – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Login with Mobile Number
    • Login with Email ID & Password
  3. These logins are helping businesses to keep tracking their customer information like you can send a notification, update, new offers in customer’s mail id and number, etc. Businesses can have the proper details of customers so that they are able to recognize a  valid user.
  1. Display Product/Service List
  2. Whenever a customer visits your platform they must-have a product or service listing which will recognize what you are offering. In the grocery app development, you must have product listing with their category and subcategory with complete details. So that customers are able to find us and order their specific things from your platform.
  1. Must have Product/Service Description
  2. Product listing shows about what is being offered by the grocery story, but the product description shows about the product details, with that customers are able to recognize the product use and features, and they can consider if they have need of any particular product.

Setting up Online Grocery Business? Here Is What You Need to Know

  1. Advanced Search
  2. Advanced search helps to find out specific products from thousands of products. On-demand grocery app development is capable of smooth running with advanced and smart search features. Customers can easily find specific products according to their needs.
  1. Recommendation for Product
  2. You might have seen this helpful feature on various online shopping sites. According to this feature, based on the customer’s search preferences, the recommended product listing is displayed in the app. Mainly this is the eye-catching thing where customers can see more available products. That will help you to sell more products.
  1. Image Quality
  2. A good quality Image always attracts the customer, Make sure, with the product description you must-have a quality based product image that shows your brand effectively. 

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  1. Add to Cart
  2. After searching the products, customers decide to buy that specific item right now or later or will not buy it. Just click “Add to cart” for many or one product, that will help you to keep your products in one list and later you can buy it. Also, that will notify you that the product is out of stock or in stock.
  1. Add to Favorite
  2. Products can be added in Favorite as per your preference, customers can add to favorite their selected products and can purchase in the future, it will enhance the user experience and features for all the concerned parties of online grocery delivery app development.
  1. Share Products & Shopping List
  2. Customers can have features sharing particular products and sharing shopping with other contacts through whatsapp, messenger, telegram etc. This will help to explore more products and get traffic through this. Customers can share on another app to contacts so that another customer knows about your platform.
  1. Offer/Voucher/Discount/Coupon
  2. This is the best feature to have a crowd of customers at any time, Mostly customers find the best cost-effective products, and that feature helps them to apply or have a coupon on their total orders. Customers can apply on the total amount and get a discounted deal.
  1. Order
  2. When a customer is completely satisfied with the product details, then they must have an order screen, where they can place an order, view all added products that they are going to buy. This will help to know what they are buying.
  1. Payment Option
  2. Online shopping helps to find the best solution ever in payment. One must integrate secure payment options that involve card payment, cash on delivery, mobile wallet, and any gateway. That feature would be to make customer’s purchasing easy and convenient.
  3. Ask your grocery mobile app developer to integrate convenient payment gateways in your grocery shopping app.

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  1. Add Address & location
  2. While grocery app development, you must have features to add the address or location of the customer where they want to get grocery delivery. That address helps the delivery agent to find out the customer’s location or address.
  1. Schedule Delivery
  2. Customers must have the schedule feature, where customers can set their convenient date and time according to their availability at the provided address. Schedules with date and time will be more convenient for grocery stores to deliver at their doorstep.
  1. Reward Point
  2. To keep the customer engaged in your grocery shopping app, reward them by points or cashback on every billing. That will help to get customer traffic.
  1. Membership
  2. They offer a lot of benefits like free delivery offers. Membership offers one-time payment or monthly wise, after availing to any suitable membership customers will get free and before time delivery.

Best on-demand online grocery app in Singapore

  1. Push Notification
  2. This great feature i.e Push Notification is to trigger the grocery app usage, also, increasing customer engagement. Grocery stores are able to notify the customers about ongoing deals, payment completed, orders placed, delivery order, remaining payment, and accepted and discounts of your stores.
  1. Find nearby Store
  2. The customer must have to automatically detect nearby grocery stores dependent on his/her current geolocation. Also, the customer can physically choose a particular area in the application initially.
  1. Track Order
  2. Track order features help to know the exact location of their ongoing order, After Completion of the order and payment, customers are able to track order that where the delivery agent is.
  1. Map Integration
  2. Ask your grocery app development company to integrate the map in your grocery shopping app. Map would give you a solution to reach at the particular place, where customer, delivery agent, vendor can track the address.
  1. Review & Rating, Feedback, And Customer Support
  2. After delivering the order at the customer’s doorstep, a grocery store can ask to give review ratings or feedback about provided services that will improve your service efficiency.
  3. And customer support must-have in every platform, that helps to get customer queries or issues, and grocery stores can help on it.

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As we have mentioned all the required features in grocery app development and can be more as per your imagination. On-demand grocery apps are the most trending which will give you a lot of benefits, because the essentials needs everyone. And all above features must include in the on-demand grocery app development.

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