Outstanding millennials transforming the unique concept about dining-out into dining-in, where people can enjoy the delicious food coming to them, instead of moving out to have. People just would love to deliver their favorite food from restaurants to their doorstep, and according to this scenario, food delivery service apps are in great demand.

Why on-demand online service ordering & delivery on the high demand?

The digital food-ordering measurement of the market has increased After 2020 and it’s going to grow around 28%.

The most significant various food delivery app downloads are in the top countries such as the US, China, UK, Germany and India.


The Food Delivery Service market has the potential for robust growth.

About Deliveroo

Deliveroo provides an online food delivery service, promoting, order taking, and allowing it to deliver food that doesn’t offer a regular delivery service. The successful Deliveroo platform motivates us that anyone can own a startup. Deliveroo  belongs to a British online food delivery company founded in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski.

Deliveroo currently operates with 200 cities in the countries such as the UK, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, the Netherlands, and more

Top Delivery Services Offered by Deliveroo

  • Free and Fast delivery on the location
  • Available offers/Discounts/Rewards 
  • Various Restaurant choice available for customers
  • Easy to Become a partner to serve services 
  • Different-2 Food items for both Vegans and Non-Vegans

Working Model of Deliveroo

The working model of Deliveroo is a smart platform with a mixture of various restaurants as partners. With the number of restaurants,  they have various riders that deliver at the customer’s doorstep.


Simply customers come to the app, they can search and apply filters, Also enable a location to get a nearby restaurant. Customers can select their favorite restaurant, select the food and pay online. Customers can add addresses or locations where they want to get delivery of the food.

5 Secrets To Make Your Online Food Delivery App A Success

Key Features in On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

Customer App Features

  1. Easy registration: Customers have easy registration steps and they have to add the required details.
  2. Login: Already registered customer able to login with available id and password. 
  3. Search Menu: Able to browse available food products that they want to order.
  4. Cart: As per requirements customers can add to cart their favorite food to order, there can be added food variety. 
  5. Set a delivery location: Customers can set delivery locations where they want to get order delivery. 
  6. Payment Integration: Customers have a payment method they can choose and pay according to their suitability.
  7. Real-time Tracking: Having a real-time tracking to order and keep updated with their delivery. 
  8. Rating and review: After delivering the delivery, customers can give reviews and ratings to the food, restaurant. 
  9. Customer Support: Customers can contact customer support to have a solution regarding delivery queries.

Delivery Agent Features

  1. Login – Driver able to login after approval by admin or vendor.
  2. Availability – Drivers can update their status via an app that they are available for or not for the taking order.
  3. Notification – When any new activity will be happening in the driver account then will get a notification.
  4. New order details – View complete details of the new order when the driver will get an order.
  5. Order Tracking – With the complete details of the customer driver can track their address that was added for delivery.
  6. Accept/Reject order – This functionality is when a driver can update status automatically for the orders.
  7. Active Order – When a driver is already reaching on an order, that time status will show active.
  8. GPS Tracking- To detect the delivery boy’s current location via GPS tracking will take place.
  9. Update status of delivery – Driver can update status according to delivery like Picked Up, on the way, and delivered.
  10. Google Map Integration – As the delivery boy will be able to deliver the order if he accepts so he can view the customer address on the map and can be navigated to the designation by the Google map.
  11. History – This will display the complete history of all orders with the details.
  12. Setting – Driver has a setting option to manage their profile or setting.

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Restaurant App/Web features

  1. Login: Approved restaurant able to login with provided user id and password. 
  2. Menu Management: Restaurant can add, edit, and delete the menu according to available food categories. 
  3. Push Notification: They can send a notification to their customer for new offers, deals, etc. 
  4. Checking Rating and Review: Received a review and rating through customers and can view them.

Admin Panel Features

  1. Admin Login: Admin has a login with their user id and password.
  2. Restaurant Management: Admin can add, edit, delete, update info, etc manage the restaurants.
  3. Order Management: They received an all order request and managed them accordingly. 
  4. Payment Management: Received payment will be managed by admin view details, search, and manage. 
  5. Discount Offers and Coupons: Active or Inactive the discounts or offers for the customers. 
  6. Content Management: Admin can update the content in all platforms such as terms & policy etc. 
  7. Technical Assistance: Admin able to receive all queries and contact the customer, vendor, or driver.

Trends That Will Change the Future of the Food Delivery Industry

How to build a Food Delivery mobile app like Deliveroo

This outstanding idea of On-demand delivery service supports restaurants for reaching more and more customers who love to have and try haute cuisine outside their home.

The On-demand food delivery app like Deliveroo must begin with specific features and designs because the app design is the most important part of the user experience.

To create the best On-demand food delivery app needs a skillful team to create, manage and deliver the app development. Hire a dedicated developer to have a rich-feature food delivery app for your startups or industries. Here we are mentioning team:

  • Project Manager 
  • UX/UI Designer 
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Support & Maintenance

9 Things to Take Care of while Building a Food Delivery App

How much does it cost to create an app like deliveroo?

Basically, the cost totally depends on some criteria of the mobile app development, that criteria will give the exact cost of a food delivery app like deliveroo.

  1. Features Standard and Advance 
  2. Platform – Android or iOS or Both 
  3. Multiple languages 
  4. Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
  5. MVP Creation
  6. Design
  7. App Development

And many more features and criteria can be integrated in this app development and vary the cost.

Looking for the Best Food Delivery App Development Company?

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How to Develop an Mobile App for On-Demand Food Delivery


A startup can begin with the unique idea in the food industry. Food ordering is the most growing business where every restaurant can have a good earning.

Above the mentioned detail helps you to understand how you can develop a food app like deliveroo as per your requirements and needs.

You can consult with best on-demand food app development like Deliveroo, just discuss with us your idea and select required features. 

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