To save your time, the mobile app development company is bringing a multi-category delivery platform, where users can find a number of categories such as grocery, vegetables, pharmacy, pets, cake, cosmetics, bakery, flowers, water, home appliance, buchetry & BBQ etc.

Digital transformation of mobile apps for on-demand food delivery has grown a focal point to consider. And, this is the best time to change your business strategy to reach more customers in a limited time period. As we know some popular online shopping platforms like Amazon, Walmart, including Instashop etc.

They have created a big market in the Grocery delivery services. They all carry different platforms such as grocery website delivery, grocery android app delivery, and grocery iPhone app delivery services. On every platform they are getting different customers.

Setting up Online Grocery Business? Here Is What You Need to Know

What is Instashop

Instashop online shopping platform delivers multiple things grocery, vegetables, pharmacy, pets, cake, cosmetics, bakery, flowers, water, home appliance, etc., at the customer’s doorstep within 60 minutes. They work day, night and serve their services. They provide a convenient and effortless online shopping service experience.

CNBC research says that online grocery sales items stand out for  gaining hikes to grab around 20% by the year 2025.

And other stats say that it’s suggested about grocery mobile app usage would expand up to 50% by the year 2018.

Instashop is Growing in UAE


Instashop is Growing in Australia

How does Instashop App Work?

how instashop works

Instashop serving in mentioned countries: UAE, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Egypt. And, in the UAE, instashop services available in the following cities:

  • Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Al-Ain
  • Ajman
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ras Al Khaimah

Instashop Business Model


Customer App Features

  1. Sign up: New customers can register themselves with required information such as full name, phone number, email id, etc. 
  2. Login: If a customer has registered, then they can log in any time with the created ID and password. 
  3. Manage Profile: Easy to manage their profile and details, the customer is able to add, edit, and delete the details. 
  4. Search with Filters: Customers can use these features to search for a specific store or product. 
  5. Find out the stores: Customers able to find out suitable stores and view store details such as name, image, products, address, delivery time, etc.  
  6. Add to Cart: Customers can easily select the required products by one click only and can add to cart and view in their own account. 
  7. Use Location Feature: Customers choose their location for delivery of their product or can add address manually.
  8. Schedule Delivery: Customers can schedule their delivery according to availability at their provided address.  
  9. Offer/Discount: Customers able to apply available offers or discounts to get benefits from the total amount of order. 
  10. Choose Payment Method: Instashop provides multiple payment options as per their convenience. 
  11. Real-Time Tracking: Real-time tracking is available to track customer’s orders, so they can keep updated with the order. 
  12. View Previous Orders Details: Customers can view their previous order with details. 
  13. Call To Delivery Agent: Customer able to call the delivery agent, who is delivering their order. 
  14. Review & Rating: After completed delivery customers can give review & rating to the service provider or delivery agent or food etc. 
  15. Re-order: Customers can re-order the same within one click. 
  16. Push Notification: That feature helps to keep updated with app activities. 
  17. Customer Support: Customers have complete support to solve any query related to delivery, order or payment, etc., they can contact the support team.

21 Must-Have Features Necessary for your Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development

Vendor Features

  1. Login: Vendor has login credentials that are approved by admin. 
  2. View Order List: Vendor able to view the received order list with the complete details. Also, view the complete, pending order list. 
  3. Accept/Reject Order: Vendor has a right to manage order, they can accept or reject the order.
  4. Inventory Management: Vendor able to manage complete inventory. 
  5. Payment Management: The vendor can manage received payment from the customer with the complete details.

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Delivery Agent Features

  1. Dashboard: Admin has the dashboard where they can view total customer, toral order, total vendors etc. and some graphs.
  2. Manage Order: Admin can add, edit and delete the all order, view details, search and manage easily. 
  3. Delivery Agent Manage: Admin has a complete right to manage all agents and approve them to operate instashop platforms. 
  4. Manage Vendor: Admin able to add,edit and delete the new vendor, update details and approve them with complete. 
  5. Offer/Discount: Admin can add,edit and delete the new offer or discount. 
  6. Payment Management: Complete payment received by the admin and can the details of customer’s payment. 
  7. Billing/Invoice: Admin able to generate a billing or invoice for customer order according to their order products and amount. 
  8. Manage Countries/Cities: Admin can add, edit and delete the new country and city where they want to serve their services. 
  9. Order Tracking: They are able to track orders with delivery agents, they can keep updated with delivery order till then delivery at customer doorstep.  
  10. Notification Manage: Admin able to send important information or any reminder, offer etc. as an notification to the customer, vendor and delivery agent. 
  11. Product Management: Admin can manage whole products, category and sub-category. They can add, edit and delete products, search and update complete description, price etc.

Cost to Build An Grocery Delivery App Like Instashop

We have a kind of features of food supply program, and you have the best Grocery app development company that knows how to create an online food delivery mobile app.

The cost will depend on selected features, platforms, technology for front-end, and back-end, etc. The specific estimate quote can rely on a variety of factors from outstanding quality of the on-demand mobile app to your preferred mobile app developer team.

At Deorwine Infotech, we have the best Grocery Delivery Service mobile app development team that delivers a rich-features platform. 

Here the team is required to create an app like instashop

  • Project Manager
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Specialist
  • Backend Developer

Benefits of Online Grocery App Development During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic


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