The globally available grocery delivery services include Instacart, Bigbasket, Shipt, Walmart, and Peapod, they all are on high demand right now and during this high resolution, many possess started hiring more employees and delivery agents to meet and make satisfied delivery to the customers growing demand.

Walmart Grocery Delivery has scored with the number of downloads. Grasping on the top ranking position across to all the Online Shopping apps also exceeding Amazon near 20%.

Amazon Online Grocery can produce $70 billion while gross merchandise volume around 2023 which is estimated from 2019.  The most frequent purpose of Amazon to customers including 60%, associated with 47% for Walmart.

According to the research result, 42% of respondents weekly to online grocery orders and higher from 22% under 2018.


As an impact, the grocery industry which has segments such as food and beverages, Fruits, health, vegetables with more added general marketing stands to observe any significant growth inside their sales.

In this situation due to lockdown people have faced new challenges within a few months, and they grapple beside actualities about the lockdown. Most of the biggest challenge remains to get food/Grocery deliveries due to this effort has resulted under the record rise of on-demand grocery delivery app development, grocery pickup, and delivery services skyrocket.

Growth in Online Grocery Apps during Covid-19 Lockdown

People are taking Interest in online grocery shopping and it has risen during this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown because customers avoid going to stores or out of the home and now it has become an essential service toward those who are old or self-isolated.

How to keep the sales of groceries up and running during this phase of COVID-19 with the On-demand Apps?

Instacart, FreshDirect, Peapod, Bigbasket, and Shipt are undergoing extremely high demand including an increase inside in these multiple orders also to increase the size of single online orders.

  1. Ensuring Safety
  2. Delivery agents go outside and meet many customers daily even though they are putting their health in danger as several online delivery firms have implemented agents to provide them masks, gloves with sanitizers also ensuring temperature tests daily. These important steps have become one of the best impacts for customers that are approaching online delivery apps.
  1. Contactless Online Deliveries
  2. Kind of app is offering contactless deliveries without direct contact between customers and delivery agents and it is only done through the mobile app. Online Delivery Apps are offering uncountable deliveries on customers to make payment transfer online also opting to contactless delivery throughout checkout and once again contactless delivery performs a big role.
  1. Multi-delivery Apps Growth
  2. During this situation, on-demand solutions have evolved over the rescue about users due to this lockdown. Numerous consider online grocery apps because it is a one-stop solution to get an essential service online and that has surged ahead in this crisis.

Daily Downloads of Grocery Delivery Apps

Benefits of Online Grocery App Development During COVID-19

  1. Provide Health and Safety Products
  2. Any person who has suffered empty shelves or has observed rate gouging online grasps that health and safety products are moving to be purchased very fast after they are produced and restocked them.
  3. According to research, things such as hygienic or face mask purchases are above 300%.
  1. Advance Product Discover
  2. This grocery delivery app permits customers/Users to explore their needed essential products using various  filter search options like based on category, quantity, etc. With the help of these benefits it saves precious time and encourages them with more purchasing.
  1. Enhanced Customer/User Loyalty
  2. In these, all Customer loyalty remains a very important role in the growth moreover staying afloat to necessary but that is not an easy task to get a result or find out loyal customers. In this grocery business, you must convert your specific customers into loyal ones.

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  1. Get Conscious about Customer Behavior
  2. The term Customer behavior that we must probably examine the economics with considerably applicable grocery order app business as well, considering that present scenario has become necessary for entrepreneurs who assemble valuable data of those customers which keep track of their own likes or dislikes.
  1. Online Order Tracking Facility
  2. With the satisfaction level of the customers including convenience factors that these grocery applications are providing for the users.
  3. The online grocery industry has grown around 21% – 34% during 2016.
  4. Through this facility, the customers can know the live status and can be updated with their coming order, also track their delivery making sure when they will arrive at the customer’s doorstep.
  1. Expert Inventory With Order Management
  2. Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps always have a strong backend as an admin panel where you are able to access computers and mobile data and efficiently complete inventory management. Through this delivery app, you can set a reminder to get an update about their stocks running low plus order them quickly. You can get all types of reports through downloading from admin and all the things are available on one tap.
  1. Grocery App Provides Coupon/Discount/Promo to customer
  2. Provide a reward/coupon/discount or promote benefit on their select items price on their customer apps, they can easily use the grocery coupons/discount or promo code and that can be possible digital or paper. Every second the user adds multiple new items into the cart with applying coupons that are purchased. Every Grocery app must add features such as reward points, promo codes, discounts, new offers, etc. to get traffic.
  1. Keeping the customers Informed.
  2. The grocery industry has grown at that level where every connected user can be updated with their online grocery order. In this grocery order, the mobile app helps the customer through Push notification to get an update about their order if an order has been canceled or going to deliver at their doorstep.

The Cost to Build an On-demand Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart


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