Washmen laundry app in Dubai provides laundry services in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. They provide services such as providing pick-up, and delivery of laundry accurate to the doorsteps of customers.

The main reason for the washmen laundry app to be a great success is that they provide charges 20%-30% lower the market rate.

Washmen laundry app has raised $6.6 Million in the funding round, making that a hit with the selected investors.

9 Things to Know Before Starting a Laundry Service

How Washmen Laundry App Works?

Washmen app works with a unique and engaging idea that helps both customers and the owner since they may acquire a number of orders in nearby areas.

They both employ a color-coded bag all for the particular service as per request, with all that, there is a need to wait at home with the providing instructions by the laundry app will do the job.

Top Qualities of a Mobile App Development Team

What services Washmen Offers

  1. Washmen offers the following in laundry app development:
    • Iron
    • Dry Clean
    • Wash & Fold
    • Laundry on-demand
    • Laundry pickup and delivery
  1. Create laundry app like Washmen that provides home recycling services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Customers are able to send your home waste including your laundry order such as plastic and paper items, but not glass or food waste.
  1. Washmen work 7 days every week from 9:00 (am) -11:30 (pm) with the whole team and manage them.
  1. They have a payment solution too, as they accept MasterCard, Apple Pay,  Visa, and American Express as an option.

Revenue of the home & laundry care market worldwide by country

Key features of On-demand App Development

Customer App Features

  1. Register: Customers able to register themselves by adding some required details, such as name, address, email id, and number, etc.
  2. Search Nearby Service: Customers have features to select their nearby store of washmen laundry service, who can provide you service on time.
  3. Choose Laundry type: In this section, anyone can select types of laundry services and view the complete details of every service.
  4. Select Package: Washmen gives some selected packages to their customer, that can be chosen by the customer as per their requirements.
  5. Select the date and delivery date: Scheduling your delivery is easy, just set your available time and date, and the delivery agent will pick up and deliver on the same.
  6. Book Service: While all the steps are done, customers can book their laundry services and send a request to the admin.
  7. Track Order: Customer able to track their requested order via GPS after getting approval of acceptance, that will help you to know the exact location of your order.
  8. View Order Details: After placing an order and payment done, customers can view their order details with the selected service, package, per cost, and total amount. 
  9. Pay via Audio QR scanning: In this app, there are a number of options to pay or select an online payment method.
  10. View history of orders: This gives you a complete history of the total orders with all details and status of the order.
  11. View Offers and Discounts: Apply offers and discounts at the time of order, it will give a discount in the total amount. 
  12. Refer your friend with referral code: Through this feature, customers can share an app to another user and can get a reward or some points which will be added in your next order and give you a discount on the total order.
  13. Rating and Reviews: Customers can give ratings and reviews to the service provider after delivery at your doorstep.

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Delivery Agent Features

  1. Login: The delivery agent has a login ID and password, which is approved by the admin, they can log in and view details. 
  2. View Delivery Details: The delivery agent able to view delivery orders with customer details.  
  3. Accept/Reject Delivery Order: Delivery agents able to accept or reject their delivery according to multiple delivery schedules. 
  4. Update status of Order: the delivery agent is able to update delivery status whenever they deliver. 
  5. View Payment Details: Delivery agents are able to view payment details that are received from customers.
  6. Map Integration: Delivery agents can track the specific location or address of the customer to deliver at their doorstep. 
  7. Push Notification: The delivery agent will get a notification to receive new delivery order etc.

Service Provider Panel Feature

  1. Sign up: Service providers able to sign up to provide their services in wahsmen platform, they need to add required details like name, service details, etc. 
  2. Log in: After approved by admin, the service provider can log in anytime with the provided Email ID/Username & password. 
  3. View and manage profile: Enabled to view and manage your own profile, can add, edit, and manage accordingly. 
  4. Manage laundry charges: Service providers have the right to manage laundry service charges, they can add, edit, and delete according to their suitability. 
  5. View Order Request: Every received request from a customer can be viewed by service providers in the form of listing or notification from them. 
  6. Manage Orders and their status: Enable to view and manage orders and their status according to deliveries, and Accept/Reject the order.
  7. View Order History: The service provider has the facility to view complete history from their account with details.
  8. Manage Offers and discount: Enable to manage offers and discount sections, they can add, edit, and delete offers for the customer. 
  9. View Reviews and Ratings: They are able to view all the reviews & ratings that are received from customers.

Cost and Time to Build a Laundry App Like Washio

Admin Panel Features

  1. Login: Admin has a login system with their email id and password, can log in anytime and anywhere to manage and control the things. 
  2. User/Customer Manage: Admin able to Provide actions to customers/users. Admin can add, edit, and delete the customer or allow to order from washmen. 
  3. Actions to Laundrymen: Admin enables them to provide an action to the laundrymen to accept, view, and deliver the orders. 
  4. Payment Management: All the payments will be received by admin and able to view all the received payments. 
  5. Laundry Category Manager: Admin can manage categories of the services add, edit, delete, and active/inactive the categories. 
  6. Manage Commission: Admin able to manage commission, that will be calculated between the service provider and admin and will receive commission automatically. 
  7. Content Management: Admin panel able to add, edit, and delete the content. Admin can upload new content on their apps such as terms and policy etc., which will be displayed to customers. 
  8. Analytics ( App usage, total users): Admin can view total user, service provided, total orders via their Dashboard, and, also, in the form of graphics too.

How much does it cost to create an app like Washmen

Laundry app development costs would totally depend on their standard and advanced features of the app functionality, design, features, payment gateway, multilingual/single language, single vendor or multi-vendor, and many more.

Hire dedicated developers for your on-demand laundry app development, here we mentioned some of from our company:

  1. Business Analyst 
  2. UI/UX Designer 
  3. Mobile App Developer – Android & iOS
  4. QA – Tester

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