Today, the on-demand laundry services industry has become one of the biggest marketplaces. There are laundry apps like Cleanly Laundry app, and Washio offering washing, ironing, and dry cleaning services over various countries. Dry cleaning and laundry app have become popular because they enable people to dedicate their time to major or pleasant actions rather than washing. On-demand Laundry Mobile Apps come to relieve people from spending their important time in washing clothes. Today, the industry extends to progress and bring in significant income for entrepreneurs.


An on-demand laundry mobile app is an online platform designed to take care of all your dirty clothes cleaning necessities. Laundry services have become an integral element of an individual’s day-to-day life; they allow individuals to send their time towards engaging activities as exposed to washing. In this highly focused and combative business of start-ups, the on-demand laundry section has achieved significant prevalence and is especially competitive. The on-demand laundry app has become a necessary part of the administration in this ever-growing service industry.

Statistics reveal the revenue of dry cleaning and laundry services is extended to approximately 7,660 million U.S. dollars by 2022 in the USA simply.

The development of the on-demand laundry services app in recent years has improved the situation in the laundry market. Today, the province is developing rapidly. Some companies have good revenues and continue to develop:


9 Things to Know Before Starting a Laundry Service

Why Choose On-Demand Laundry?

Laundry becomes a complete circle but with the help of on-demand services created for the support of the customers. Laundry app development services have grown noticeably in a few years ago. On-demand laundry services have become a fundamental element of the service industry. Laundry apps begin the process of washing quickly and conveniently. Customers can utilize these apps for anything from arranging pickup to evaluating the service.

  • All Services – Just on one click
  • The entire process of increasing services from giving the option of placing orders, to scheduling the time for convenient and deliveries, the on-demand laundry services have added cost and simplified the activity of the customers.
  • A kind of services
  • From washing to dry cleaning, to choosing organic scents for clothes, the customers can handpick the most superior of services they would like to avail.

The on-demand laundry services startup had earlier raised $2.3 million in seed funding.

  • A boost to entrepreneurial business Enterprises
  • A standard laundry business needs a large amount of financial outlay/funding, time and effort to improve the inflow of revenue. All these charges can be narrowed and provide the business a force start by opting for on-demand laundry services which gives the customers an individual process of doing laundry.
  • A corporation without direct funding
  • The origination of a considerable number of on-demand laundry services has improved the system the market operates/market trends. Businesses like Cleanly, Zipjet, Wash box, Urban Dhobi, pick my laundry and several have increased considerably over the past few years and led to make some good revenue edges to meet at the top view of the on-demand service-driven industry.

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How to Develop an On Demand Laundry App Like Cleanly

On Demand Laundry Apps Development needs developing a customer app, a delivery app, a laundry app, and an admin panel. These apps are lightly separate but work collectively to implement a smooth user experience. The on-demand laundry app entirely depends upon the building and structuring of laundry app features. Along with this, just like other on-demand apps, the app will be developed for three major elements.

Customer app

  • Signup & Login: A customer should be able to onboard the app with fast and easy signup method powered by social signup, email or via the phone number, etc.
  • Search: A customer should be able to get a nearby laundry service provider for quick and simple pickup/drop-off service.
  • Laundry Service Measurements: Laundry service provider offers a quality of services from washing to dry cleaning. Customers can choose the variety of service along with the price for the different type of clothes and description.
  • Schedule Specification: Laundry app allows customer schedule specification for pickup and drops time and location.
  • Track Order: Customers allows tracking the live status of where the laundry pickup agent is currently. This gives an advantage to the customer to exactly understand how long it pickup agent to arrive.
  • Order Status: Once an order is confirmed and picked up, it is detailed to notify the customers about the current status of the order like order processed, washed, dried, out for delivery, etc.
  • Easy Payment Method: Customer able to select a payment method according to their satisfaction pay for the order. User can choose like: PayPal, credit card or wallet, etc.
  • Order History: User allows checking their previous order history with complete measurement.
  • SMS & Push Notification: User should be notified via push notifications and SMS for order status, offers and updates is a direct approach.
  • Reviews & Rating: Customers should be able to give reviews and rating after using laundry service which can be useful for other customers as well.

Laundry Service App Features

  • Signup & Login: A service provider can sign up to the app via email, social account or mobile number.
  • Service Management: A service provider can manage & control various laundry services and pricing according to items.
  • Order Request: The service provider should be able to accept or reject orders by customers to manage orders already in queue efficiently.
  • Order Management: The service provider gets complete control over all activities of orders.
  • Profile Setting: Profile setting enables the service provider to manage their profile details like first and last name, email, contact details, business name, profile photo or logo and so on.
  • Order History: Order history also helps the provider to measure multiple statistical details like a number of active, completed and cancelled orders, etc.
  • Coupon & Discounts: The provider can view and apply on all discounts and deals delivered by a customer for each other. This insight may help provider offering choices effectively.
  • Customer Reviews: Managing feedbacks and respond to reviews and rating submitted by a customer after taking service.

Delivery Agent App’s Features

  • Log in – Delivery agent can login using a valid ID, which is provided by the admin.
  • Check orders – check all the ongoing orders, payment details, time of delivery. Pending and complicated orders can be checked from here.
  • Accept/Reject orders – Delivery agent allows accepting or rejecting the orders according to their task schedule.
  • Payment Claim – In case of Cash on delivery, the delivery agent will need to collect the payment from the customer.
  • Delivery history – The delivery person can track the record/history of all the completed orders.
  • In-App calls – when the delivery agent receives an order, he can chat with customers.
  • GEO Location – In this, the delivery agent can get the location of the customer to delivery order.

Admin’s Features

  • Login: Secure admin authentication page provides feature login into the backend/admin panel.
  • Dashboard: In a web solution for admin with a smoothly designed dashboard help admin to get a smart view of a platform including a number of service providers, customers, and pending, completed and delivering requests and so on.
  • Category Management: The admin can manage product categories by add/update/removing inactive items.
  • User Management: This module provides complete access to a record of all users of the platform. Admin can add/update/remove to the users, access details.
  • Delivery Management: Admin can manage & control over the delivery part. Managing delivery orders, status, time, location tracking and delivery agents doing that order currently.
  • Push Notifications: Push notification important tool to keep updating about new updates, offers, and services. Admin can send manual or automatic push notifications to users from Laundry business app.
  • Payment Management: With the various payment options to offer a smooth and hassle-free user experience to the customers. Admin can manage different payment processes and transactions.
  • In-app Chat: In-app chat is a useful and effective solution to overcome the communication gap between users. Customer and service providers can use this feature to perceive in method to identify issues, inquiries, special requests, and concerns related to an order.
  • Live GPS Tracking: Enabling customers to track their order delivery via live GPS is a necessary feature of on-demand service business apps.

Cost to Develop on Demand Laundry App Like Cleanly

Cost to develop laundry app like cleanly one of the most important features that must be analysed before you dive into the sea of mobile app development. While communicating in the prospect of laundry app development, various steps are included, according to the properties that are attached, and the hours expended, the cost of the app can be determined. Significant other factors such as the design standards; platform choices such as iOS or Android and the foundation of the backend and admin panel perform a great role. Required team: –

  1. Project Manager
  2. App Developer – Android App Developer and iOS App Developer
  3. UI/UX Designer
  4. Back-End Developer
  5. QA

Cost and Time to Build a Laundry App Like Washio


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