On-demand Solution has changed the technology and process of every delivery.  That has effectively and completely transformed on the internet. Now all startups, large industries are adopting it day-by-day. Now every day is hectic, and people have less time to handle the daily workload. 

Best on-demand online grocery app in Singapore

On-demand service is the most trending app development that gives you a comfort zone of your home, on the other hand, on-demand mobile apps allow you to download from the app store and play store with the small price to bridge the gap between the needs and customers.

Approx 22.4 million customers are demanding such services for an annual measure by spending $57.6 billion around.

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Biggest On-Demand Market Trend with New Business

Key Features Of On-Demand Mobile App

Customer App Features

  1. Registration: New customers able to register and manage profiles using email, mobile number, and social login also possible from social accounts. 
  2. Booking Service: The customer is free to book online service at a convenient time and location.
  3. Set Schedule: Customers can make their delivery available at their suitable schedule, set, and update accordingly. 
  4. Multiple Payment Options: The customers can choose the specific payment method by various options such as credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, etc.
  5. Live GPS Tracking: Having Live GPS tracking can track the order of the customer, and they can be confirmed about on-going orders. The customer is able to know arrival time, delivery time, and exact location of the delivery person. 
  6. SMS/Email Push Notification: The customer is able to receive a notification about the kind of services, Ordered successful, fares, service details, etc. Also, the customer can see alerts as an SMS and email. 
  7. Reviews and Ratings: The most important to get feedback from the customer about given services. Customers can share their experience with the service. 
  8. Cancel Order: The customer can cancel the order, they’ll have an easy cancel button to cancel the order. 
  9. History: The customers are able to view their order history regarding past orders, delivered, etc., which is done by the customer. 
  10. Help & Support: Customers can inquire about their orders, so they need help and support from where customers can reach easily.
  11. Offer, Promo Code & Referral: This app allows customers to get benefits applying by offers, promo codes, discounts, coupons, referrals, etc.

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Delivery App Features

  1. Login: Easy login to the new driver that is provided by the admin after approval. 
  2. View Delivery Order: Delivery agent able to view all the delivery orders with all details, customer name, address, contact details etc. 
  3. Setup Availability: Delivery agents can set their availability according to deliveries. 
  4. Tracking: Delivery agent has an real-time tracking that delivery agents can track location of customer address.

Service Provider App Features

  1. Registration: New service provider able to register itself with their email id, mobile number and required details. 
  2. Set Availability: Service providers able to set their availability when they are available to receive orders. 
  3. View Service Request: The service providers view all received requests and accept/reject according to their suitability. 
  4. Real-Time Tracking: That app has a feature for real-time tracking delivery.
  5. Track Earning: The service providers can get complete details about the earnings and get info daily.
  6. Reporting: The service providers would be able to view and download the reports about the total customer, orders, earning, etc.
  7. Receive Review & Rating: The service provider must receive reviews and ratings from the customer so that they can improve service.

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Admin Web Panel Features

  1. Dashboard: Admin has a dashboard where users can view the overview of their platform such as today’s order, customer, registered order, delivery etc.
  2. Manage Customer/User: Admin have an complete right to manage new and existing customers, add, edit and delete the customers and their details. 
  3. Manage Services/Products: Admin can add, edit and delete the products/services with images, description, cost, etc. all required details.
  4. Service Tracking: The admin is able to track and view all the on-going real-time services.
  5. Analytics & Reporting:The admin has all the rights to contain the service providers, earnings, services they declined to, customers, orders, tracking, delivery agents, cancel an order, applied coupons, discounts, and gift codes, etc., more. The report can be downloaded in the excel form and can be used to send.

Apart from these features we can have more features according to need in the business, on-demand app gives a integration and using a lot of features, that all are possible into the app.

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In the Features to Consider for a Successful On-demand App Development, creating the perfect app, and it is necessary to have the best features added to the app.

If you have a better strategy and on-demand app then success is not far off when you have above all the features and many more.

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