According to recent research, the average revenue-generating for a small business is approx $3.6 million.

But the small business with a website revenue is $5.03 million.


So research says that your business needs an online presence, easy to use, eye-catch business website development, and customers will definitely prefer a website to keep their headlines on the top.

Points to consider while planning your own website

As the market is trending, a business website is most important for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, home-based businesses, and who want to sell their products or services.

Whenever you are looking to create a website for startups or making your current site effective and attractive.

We are going to explain to you unique 9 Key Steps To Building A Great Small Business Website, which would allow you to know how to get started and improve your small business website to compete efficiently with the online marketplace website.

9 Key Steps To Building A Great Small Business Website

  1. Get a related domain name
  2. Your domain name needs to be related to your business which represents business or also known as your website address. It is important to make a good impression of usability expectations.
  3. Whenever you are registering your new domain, we would recommend registering the related domain extensions (.net, .org, etc), these are usually available.
  4. Also, this will protect your unique brand identity from other businesses who want to run the same business or copy yours.
  5. Use a catchy name for your domain, such as Google, Yahoo, they are catchy names and unique and try to come up with SEO friendly website addresses including targeted keywords like “www.LasVegasElectrician”.
  1. Purchase a Secure, Scalable, Trusted Hosting
  2. A secure and scalable hosting determines that, where your website really convenes for the online presence. A business website host is a company that offers tech stack and services important to view on the internet.
  3. Some guidelines and kind of a good website hosting plan:
    • Shared server: Shared hosting offers sharing a server, and it is resourced with many customers, which is able to manage the site appearance.
    • Dedicated server: Having a dedicated server plan offers you the physical server machine completely dedicated to your business website, Also, it is more secure than shared hosting.
    • Virtual Private Server: Virtual private server (VPS) hosting plan offers the best for both an affordable plan. It helps to share hosting, with the security potential as a dedicated server hosting.
    • Secure File Transfer Protocol: You can access your server by Secure File Transfer Protocol in short SFTP. There are daily backups of your server contents.
    • Secure File Transfer Protocol: You can access your server by Secure File Transfer Protocol in short SFTP. There are daily backups of your server contents.
    • Here are some popular website hosting companies include:
  1. Choose a Great Template and Plugins
  2. Including many features, the first important point is the template. The content management systems (CMS), with Joomla, WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, and Wix, etc., you are free to pick from thousands of different templates. Those templates give your website a unique look and feel.
  3. Templates can be applied for specific products and services with background and using some graphics, also other visual elements that will reflect and make your products or services more attractive.

How to Increase your website’s page loading speed?

  1. Display a clear and simple description of your business
  2. It is an important part of your business to let people comprehend who you are and what you are providing. So they would be clear about you by reading your business description.
  3. The first look of your professional website development makes sure about homepage &  subsequent banners obtain visual representations of your products and services. And these all must be clear to the visitor or customers, your introduction should be more clear to get the easy understanding.
  1. Right Technology for your eCommerce Website
  2. An eCommerce website helps you to sell your products/services/goods online, then you will need the right technology to develop an eCommerce website. That will help you present your product or services on your website with the smooth working functionality to online order and delivery.
  3. You can allow financial transactions through some payment integration methods which will help you to receive payment from customers at the time of online ordering for your products.
  1. Create an Engaging website user interface
  2. Whenever we create a professional website for our business, we must have knowledge about the interface of the website, make sure that the website interface has a positive impression to customers or who are searching. Some of our standard suggestion is there to apply on your website:
  3. Create a standard and individual page on the website such as Home, About Us, Our Service/Products and Contact, etc. Those individual pages will be clear the vision of your customer that what they are looking for.
    • Easy-to-read fonts.
    • The theme color must be light.
    • Apply beautiful graphics and optimized for fast loading. 
    • Keep your eyes on competitors
    • Research what the customer and what they are looking for in the market. 
    • Your design must be allowed for easy navigation.
    • Must have a clear format of contact number, Email ID, etc. require details. 
    • The easy action button must be there such as “Order Now”, “Add To Cart” etc.

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  1. Must allow SEO-Friendly Website
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important part of your business website to get good traffic.  To ensure search engines index and rank your website appropriately shows it to search engine users on the top. When your website has unique high-quality content, images, and design, they all show you good results.
  3. SEO includes target keywords, research, and implementation, Fast loading website, and code, Optimize website code, Secure SSL, Mobile-friendly site, High-quality and number of backlinks, Internal linking, etc., many more things matters.
  1. Organize Your Website Daily
  2. Organize your website with daily content uploaded on your site in the form of Articles and blog. They must have a unique content and information which you are going to provide to visitors and customers on your platform.
  3. Organize yourself with the testimonial of your site, that would be very impressive for new customers. Testimonials present a standard of your website which is given by different or many people.
  4. Ask for feedback to your existing customers or visitors, you can have a complete contact details and a pop up where you can ask for feedback on your website after visited or left customer.
  5. Try to give some offers or discounts, content of every page, wishes on the occasions etc. such things will be interesting for customers, because they always want to see different and unique things.

Tips to Choose a Professional web Development Company

  1. Plan to Website Maintenance & Support
  2. After all the things completed, the website needs maintenance and support. The website must be secure from hacking and keep on well ranking to gain revenue, so you need to be properly maintained and supported technically.
  3. Always find an on-trend and effective way to market your business online. Make a good portfolio and testimonial to see others products or services. 
  4. Also, your website has a strong backup plan so that the website can be restored in the future. 

Useful Tips and Tricks to Make Your Small Business Website a Big Hit

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