Electricians must usually obtain lightning-fast technical decisions in the department that make customers safe at home. Several mobile electrician app gets the advantage of a small computer in your opening on your smartphone that makes the process easier.

Numerous purposes require an electrician whether it is for the service like repairing electric equipment/appliances such as TV, washing machine, air conditioner, and refrigerator, etc and maintaining various fuses. The On-Demand Electrician app helps people to discover electrical technicians nearby by your location or area whenever and anyplace.

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Top 10 Electrician Mobile App In The Market

  1. ServiceTitan Mobile: iOS, Andriod
  2. Route4Me Route Planner: iOS , Android
  3. QuickBooks: iOS , Android
  4.  Master Electrician Reference: iOS  Android
  5. Electrical Engineering Dictionary: iOS Android
  6. Ugly’s Electrical References: iOS Android
  7. ElectroDroid PRO: iOS Android
  8. DeWalt Mobile Pro: iOS  Android
  9. eTools Lite: iOS
  10. EveryCircuit: iOS  Android

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How Does Electrician Mobile App Work?

Is developing an Electrician App Could be a Great Idea

Advancement technology is becoming a significant first preference of people these days. Constant growth in the digital era to innovation and extensive investments have taken the individual competition over high heights, thus it is important to create an electrician mobile app that allows your users that helps to connect including a proper electrician, and get all the work completed seamlessly.

Some household appliances require repairing, no need to get a new one instead that preserves your money with an electrician service app.

The best electrical wiring app finds you the reliable and good electrician to improve the household appliances like geysers, electrical items, ovens, toasters, air-conditioners, and kinds of services which you have requested.

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Finding an electrician is the most difficult task to do and after hard research when you ultimately get the connection of an electrician from ads or neighbors and they take too long to give up. Simply by the electrician app built it’s handy to get a good electrician and to complete the task.

Key Features Must Follow While Electrician Mobile App Development

Hire Dedicated Developers that have knowledge and understanding of the electrician industry which is growing speedily because of market demands.

Here are the key features to build an electrician booking app that helps to build your business platform including brand strategy and marketing.

While developing the mobile app must follow the app project development process where included Wireframe, Designing, Developing, Testing, Deploying , and  delivering the app successfully.

User App Features

  1. Registration
  2. A user app has an attractive UI with the registration opens where a new user can register themselves with the name, contact, mail id, password, etc.
  1. Login
  2. Allow your users to log in with your added credentials mail id and password, which helps to login into the app and access the features.
  1. Select the Electrician
  2. The users can select the electrician and repair services as per their requirements and charges. they need to avail.
  1. Request a Service
  2. Your user can make a request process for service by giving the time and location where the service does need to be performed.
  1. Schedule Request
  2. Whenever a user gets selected for the required service and electrician, they can choose a preferred schedule.
  1. Profile Updation
  2. Users can add, edit and remove the information, that profile will be public so that everyone can view it.
  1. Payment Method
  2. The user can choose the payment method where the user can select according to their suitability and avail the necessary services. Payment methods can be multi such as Stripe, PayPal, etc.
  1. Apply Discount/Offer/Coupon
  2. The most attractive feature is a discount for the users where they must visit once. Must know your developer to develop that section where users can apply coupons, discounts, etc., users can look at the availability of various offers as well to get services at discounted prices.
  1. Confirm Service Booking appointment
  2. The user gets a notification about confirming the booking successfully.
  1. Cancel Booking
  2. After booking any service, the user can cancel with the following terms and conditions easily.
  1. Check History
  2. Users can view the complete order history to book the electrician with a single tap.
  1. Feedback
  2. After getting the service experience the users can give ratings and reviews to the electrician based on the provided services.

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Electrician App Features

  1. Registration
  2. This section continues the same for new electricians. They can sign in with their login IDs to start the work after approval by the owner or admin.
  1. Accept/Reject Request
  2. After assigned the request to the electrician, the electrician can choose to accept or reject according to their availability for the specific job at the same time.
  1. Manage Profile
  2. The electricians can manage the profiles by adding their years of expertise and experience or other related data.
  1. Manage Availability
  2. Electricians can update their availability status whether they have scheduled with other tasks or delivery and electricians can also choose the date in advance to book the electrician on a preferred schedule.
  1. View Payment
  2. The electrician can accept and view the payment via integrated methods such as Debit/Credit card, PayPal, cash on delivery, etc.
  1. Customer Reviews
  2. The electricians can get and see the ratings and reviews given by the users as per their experience with your service.

Admin Panel Features

  1. Dashboard
  2. An admin has a dashboard where they can view entire activities with all information such as the number of bookings, active users, request counts, etc., so on managed by admin.
  1. Users & Electrician Management
  2. An admin can manage Users & Electricians by adding, editing, and deleting them. All users and electricians are verified by the admin.
  1. Manage Service
  2. Admin can add, edit and delete the services on the app platforms such as repairs and accessories whichever is needed are completely managed by the admin.
  1. Manage Payment
  2. Every transaction is handled and verified by the admin that they can view, accept, check the history with the other information.
  1. Reports
  2. Admin can download the reports from the panel when they need to review their targets or sales of the business. That report can be shared with their team as well.
  1. Manage Rewards
  2. A number of discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs are completely managed by the admin through adding, editing, or removing them.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an Electrician Mobile App?

To create an on-demand solution revolution repairman mobile app is not a simple job and It requires measurements of time and effort. A significant expense of these mobile apps relies upon the various highlights and elements of the application.

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The Electrician App Development cost depends on the numerous features and functions that charge may vary according to the payment of UI/UX Wireframes, designers, development, quality assurance, and testing team or also the physical location of the developers.

Different platforms iOS and Android are the leading mobile working systems that have been managing the entire mobile app ecosystem for several years.

Hire The best Mobile App Development Company

Deorwine Infotech is the best solution provider to develop electrician booking app and offers an end-to-end solution.

Whenever you plan to develop your business by developing mobile applications, hire dedicated developers team who has a deep knowledge of the electrician industry and provides a complete on-demand service.

When a brand estimates the development cost and features for future applications, they need to factor in the development team location and an app complexity, both factors that have a numerous impact moving an overall development cost.

Both iOS and Android platforms have a great adoption rate and time, it’s a smart marketing strategy for businesses to go mobile to develop an app for both platforms simultaneously. The foundation is the most significant contributor for app development cost, it’s considerably reasonable or logical for companies to perform the best to deliver moving things like data storage and scalability, third-party API integration when there are various choices available to choose from.

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The On-Demand Electrician booking app has transferred important concentration from many companies in modern decades. While customers are continually in inadequacy from quick solutions, this could be an excellent method that helps to solve their household matters associated with electrical applications in a few minutes.

Contact us and connect with our team to discuss and plan to build a flawless electrician app and take your business to its next stage of success.

It required collections of time and endeavors and there remains a remarkable requirement for mobile electrician app to trade with the day-by-day duties recognized including the electrical machines. These demanding mobile app development help you to determine an efficient path repairman who can resolve the electrical devices to schedule and spare you important time and money.


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