We are completely familiar with the developed marketplace about digital trade that has become overly full for the earlier time. OfferUp marketplace app is on top in the market through its simple and convenient mobile-friendly user interface. 

OfferUp is a mobile-first C2C marketplace that allows users to buy and sell a number of items. In this platform, available categories and subcategories include clothing, automobiles, furniture, and more. OfferUp is a popular marketplace for selling and buying stuff locally, where around 65% of people list products.

The online platform intends to make it simple and manageable for people to publish items, real-time chat, and interact with each other, and make sales. 

Research says that they received $130 million in the financing, taking complete funding of the brand over $221 million, and this is the only closely-held marketing firm in Seattle over $1 billion. It is rendering the unicorn status in the region.

How OfferUp Works

OfferUp is an online marketplace where users are able to buy and sell items on the platform. Most of the mobile app development company users are obtaining the service by Android and iOS apps.

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OfferUp is a great opportunity to emphasize in-person interaction between buyers and sellers, where buyers are able to use the app’s chat functionalities to ask queries regarding the items with many dealers for further examination of a specific potential purchase.

When the customer finds a product and if wants to purchase it, then buyers can make offers on selected products. Both buyer and seller can consult on the final price and after the item is successfully delivered, where buyers have two days to examine it and the complete purchasing process.


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Both buyer and seller can consult on the final price and after the item is successfully delivered, where buyers have two days to examine it and the complete purchasing process.

OfferUp App Makes Money – Best Way to Earn Money from OfferUp

Offerup is a marketplace that makes money from various products offered to sellers and buyers. Consequently, the platform is free of charge for any buyer and seller to use it. Customers can explore products of a wide range of categories that include furniture, clothing, sports equipment, toys, etc.

  1. Seller Fees
  2. OfferUp allows sellers to pay for service when they sell a product or items that need to be shipped. Charges start from $1.99 per sale or 12.9% of the sales price. OfferUp allows sellers to export the items to 48 states over the U.S. through its partnership with the US Postal Service. OfferUp utilizes a small service fee for the performance of the shipment that varies by state. When buyers explore multiple items of their affection, they can opt-in concerning Ship, make an offer, and pay by the app should the seller receive a specific bid.
  3. The buyer and seller are able to meet in person to manage the payment and item handover that does not require any fee structure for in-person transactions.
  1. Promoted Listings
  2. Sellers can promote the listings through OfferUp Promote and features. Promoting a product makes it arrive in the first 50 listings in the browse, category, sub-category, and search outcomes. It allows users to buy promotions for any fixed duration, for instance, or some days.
  3. Sellers are able to buy that catapult the products to the top of a feed, and the listing progresses the provisions with every new bump obtained by other sellers. For open-ended, sellers can opt into promoting plus. Promote Plus is a paid monthly subscription help that allows sellers to promote listings continuously.
  1. Verified Merchant Program
  2. OfferUp is more than 10% of all used sales in the U.S. are instantly transferred through the company’s marketplace. The Verified Dealer Program aims to improve the presence of all given car dealerships that actively trades on OfferUp.
  1. Transaction fees
  2. That way is the most popular revenue channel where the marketplaces charge a commission during transactions. If customers pay via a mobile app where you are able to charge a fixed and secured price, this is simple with some third-party services like PayPal. For example, eBay charges 2.9% of the total selling amount plus a $0.30 fee per transaction.
  3. OfferUp allows us to add features, users, and financing over the business in the years followed. By 2015, the mobile app was freely available to use and had already attracted around $90 million in venture capital funding, sales extending from $2.9 billion just in 2015 only, and more than 12 million app downloads presenting in the statistics.
  1. Pay Per use Services
  2. To make fast marketing, OfferUp gives Pay-per-use services that can buy a promotion option to get seen by a number of people and promote your item on OfferUp. Promote benefits your item premium place between the top 50 items.

How to earn Money from Marketplace app

  1. Monthly Subscription
  2. When you have a subscription to Promote Plus that allows you to have a promotion available for subscription users, also they can use it by using items to deliver featured deployment.
    When you are looking for a fast promotor, just move your promotion to a different item. As it is a paid subscription that can cancel anytime. That effective feature is optional without any restriction yet a very effective way for OfferUp to generate revenue.

How to Create An App Like OfferUp

Hire the best OfferUp mobile app development company in India that is offering an end-to-end solution with the seller and buyer flow in the marketplace, where you are open to launch a marketplace app with the standard or advanced features that will give you a way to offer different services and products.

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OfferUp flow is complex to understand sometimes but it is an effective one where the company is growing and increasing its net worth after every interval. The overall revenue strategy and tactics have presented OfferUp as one of the greatest valued companies based in the Pacific Northwest.

The growth for OfferUp has endured especially effectively extremely considerably.

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