When we look at the top marketplaces such as Amazon, Airbnb, eBay, or Uber, and they are large and profitable firms around the world. These are gathering thousands of vendors as well as customers/users. 

Marketplace mobile apps such as Amazon and eBay are the two biggest ways to create a mobile online storefront.

Business Model of Marketplace eCommerce

An online marketplace portal that provides a facility to exchange products or services from various sources with each other. The marketplace business facilitates other people’s inventory to a user while providing a safe and easy way of transaction. Here are the following marketplace business model:

How to Start Your E-commerce Business in 2020

  1. Commission Model
  2. The best and popular way to monetize the entire marketplace introduces a per-transaction fee/commission. The most popular three models can function:
    • Paid by the vendor
    • By the buyer 
    • Paid by both

    This is the popular gaining module in the marketplace payment model that helps to gain good revenue. A commission option would be based on big brands utilizing it for everyday operations and management. Amazon, Airbnb, Ube, eBay, and Etsy such large platforms marketplaces operate with a commission model. 

    It depends on the transaction process, If no transaction then there will be no money for a huge marketplace owner.

A marketplace app development helps to calculate the entire commission in the app as per your requirements.

  1. Set up an Amazon Seller’s account
  2. Amazon is one of the great places to setup a seller account. With selling benefits on Amazon, you will get benefit from exposure on its platform that regularly circumvents popular search engines.Amazon has two kinds of seller accounts of Amazon: 
    • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – FBA sellers do ship to Amazon distribution centers that can ship the products to customers.
    • Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) – FBM sellers export directly to the customers.

    Statics says that around half of Amazon’s deals proceed from third-party sellers just like you.

  1. Exclusive services (Freemium)
  2. The business model is the standard offer that is available for all users, while extended features require a payment process. Freemium differs from the trial version in that a lot of users are gaining extensive access to the features without limited time.

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A freemium model allows users to have an experience with standard features of the platform with unlimited time. That advanced or paid feature is a sort of buffer where customers might use for convenience and security. The main advantage of the freemium model, that it is very easy to attract users to a free marketplace, and customers are preferring to spend by taking exclusive services when they enjoy the beneficial offer first.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Being an affiliate is pretty similar to being a social media influencer. You are able to select multiple products/services through an affiliate networking website that is likely to interest your connections.

You are able to post a URL on your Facebook that includes a code, and an embedded affiliate ID. When any user clicks on those links that make an order on a product, and the company pays you a commission on every purchase.

How to Boost Ecommerce Store Sales without paid Traffic

  1. Subscription Model
  2. In the subscription model, the marketplace owner receives money from registered users. Cost for membership may vary: – Exclusive membership with multiple options available and expensive.The users are usually acquired for a longer time. It’s equal to including more modest investing above marketing, retargeting, social media campaigns as well that set to activate users of the marketplace membership, as they are already included in money spent on membership.

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Business Development Strategy: A High-Growth Approach

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You already are working well on your way to generating good profitable online business. If you put the time and develop it in the right way, you will eventually get your target market or audience. 

When you are choosing the right marketplace business model that requires many factors, extending from a specific area of the future marketplace, and problem solves for the customers to an average price of those listed products and services.

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