Online Shopping is one of the most growing industries in the marketplace that has significantly transformed particular methods where people search and buy online preferred items. 

When almost everyone has a digitalization and mobile phones are covering one-by-one to every business, especially an eCommerce online shopping experience is more convenient. 

The growing idea of an online marketplace app like Wish is easy to use, it helps to shop online anything-of-anywhere within just a few clicks on your mobile phones. In the busy schedule of a person, no need to spend a long time standing in queues or waiting.

Retail eCommerce Sales Worldwide from 2014-2023

eCommerce Sales Are Expected to Reach $4.2 Trillion by the End of 2020 (Statista)

About Wish App


A Wish Online Shopping platform that helps transactions among sellers and buyers, A wish platform was founded in 2010 by Piotr Szulczewski, James Prendergast, and Danny Zhang. This platform uses advanced innovations which customize shopping visually for every user. It allows retailers to make a list of their items on Wish and sell them directly to the customers. 

According to a Statista report, Wish was ranked as the most popular shopping application in the US in July 2018.

Wish Mobile App allows an intermediary handling payment, however, does not stock the things oversee returns. 

75% of people purchase online once a month, the huge majority of people who shop online do so very frequently.

Must-Have Critical Feature While Developing An Marketplace App Like Wish

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Wish Business Model

  1. Sign up
  2. A user can register with the required details such as Name, Surname. There is an option to log in with social accounts like login via Facebook, Twitter, Google. Also, users can set their password or reset.
  1. User Profile
  2. A user is able to make changes in their own profile with the list of followers and followed, and photo editing options should be available.
  1. Display List
  2. With these integration helps to show price, products, with some details such as cost, add to cart, referral system, and where users could see what’s in there more list.
  1. Add to Cart feature
  2. Users have a number of choices, and some time is not possible to purchase all things in one slot. Add to cart help users to add their preferred item into their account, and it can be many. Users can add or remove items to their carts.
  1. Advanced Search
  2. Users have their own preferences and this is the best solution to find our item fast. Users are able to search for items for different items, It should be saved recently and saved search results.
  1. Payment Gateway
  2. Users able to choose payment options as per their suitability to pay. Your app should have Integrate trusted Payment Gateway into your app while ordering. There can be multiple options such as PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe, for example.
  1. Offer/Discount & Coupon
  2. The marketplace mobile app allows users to apply kinds of offers/Discount & coupons, it is the best way to interact with a number of customers and that engages users.
  1. Push Notification
  2. That feature helps to let you know about your activity, such as order placed, order at your doorstep and delivery successful. It should be more interactive and increase the communication between owner and user.
  1. Real -Time Tracking
  2. Real-time tracking should be able to track a user’s order and get an exact location. This is the run from phone GPS, and users can provide access to track.

How to develop Local buy and sell Marketplace App

Admin Panel

  1. Login Sessions
  2. A admin manages login for users. Users who use the system actively should get a reward in the account wallet and the system takes login sessions for each application user.
  1. Personalization
  2. This feature allows users to get particular outcomes based on the following factors such as location, order history & details.
  1. Warehouse Management
  2. Admin can manage the warehouse where merchant inventory is managed. It allows Merchants to send their own inventory to manage shipments and after orders are completed, the remaining tasks should be handled from the warehouse section.
  1. Multi-currency support
  2. Payment management helps to manage multi-currency according to country.
  1. CRM Integration
  2. That function useful for increasing marketing via SMS, e-mail, where the admin deals with every user analysis, promotions, email communication templates, etc.
  1. CMS Integration
  2. The content part is the core of the platform, that functionality helps your application users to read and get info the correct information from the system.
  1. SMS Gateway API
  2. This specific feature is useful to communicate between clients via SMS.

How to build an eCommerce App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an Marketplace App Like Wish

Well, for a growing future and business development strategies of eCommerce app development, we must go for a good investment first where every single feature is integrated into the app. 

Of course, It is very hard to estimate the mobile app development cost without knowing the exact features and requirements. And Some factors also affect the cost, followings are: 

  • Mobile platforms 
  • Standard & Advanced features 
  • Hourly rate of mobile app developer 
  • Location of team
  • Third-party Integration

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Wish App has a huge user and smooth accessibility to us all – and it’s great when shopping is of high-quality, with fast delivery and responsive customer support. eCommerce platform helps you to give strong support to your customers and things can still improve in online shopping. 

Choose the best on-demand eCommerce app development company, and select the most required features for your business development.

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