UrbanClap is the largest online platform that enables the user to explore the experts to assist them with daily offering services and these can extend with a lot of services such as home cleaning, engineers to photographers, educational tutors, lawyers, etc. 

UrbanClap earned a total sum of $110.7M in five diverse series.

UrbanClap Have Some Facts

After lockdown, criteria were raised during several districts since 4 May, and Urbanclap company has witnessed interest picking up toward home-based salon services and tool, appliance repair, and home maintenance services.

UrbanClap is a marketplace concerning freelance work in India and the UAE that has raised $75 million under a different financing round to expand their business. 

Urbanclap announced exceptional beauty and wellness vertical offers to about 55% of its revenues in FY20. The net booking advantage for the complete transactions processed by the Urban Company gained about 138% to ₹918 crores in FY20 compared to the corresponding time a year ago.

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How does an on-demand Home Service App Like Urbanclap Work?

How urbanclap works is the biggest question in the market where every user wants to know, it is recognized for on-demand delivery services at customer’s doorstep. The urban platform offers kinds of services that are served by their skilled experts.

Urban app development can only start with exclusive features and functionalities that can give you a competitive revenue. 

  • A new user can explore services by searching with a number of services and professionals who are looking to serve their services in the market.
  • It facilitates the searching job for an experienced professional.
  • Moreover, it assists professionals or servicemen that help to expand their business market.
  • UrbanClap has made services or professionals apparent that help them in lead generation through delivering their contacts to required customers.
  • They exclude those middlemen and that is how they are creating a variation in everyone’s routine.

Business Model Of UrbanClap

Home Services App Like UrbanClap has its revenue-generating business based on exclusive and easy methods:

  1. Commission
  2. UrbanClap platform generates 85% of its total revenue where the commission-based method can charge the service owner with some percentage (%) of the total cost of the service. That process helps both customers by offering a fast and reliable service available through them. They charge commissions from registered vendors and servicemen based on their job also, it can consider when extra work is completed, then the extra commission will be payable.
  1. Lead generation
  2. Lead generation is a great way in the market, but in the Urban Clap segment, the main source for revenue generation by taking a commission charge. In the lead generation, the customer can contact the professional or professionals are able to contact the customer. Urbanclap platform follows, by giving the lead to the customers of servicemen who are looking or exploring for a specific service. From the perspective of the customer that receiving estimation from many competitive suppliers in the customer can make an extra knowledgeable determination.
  1. Fixed Charged Services
  2. Normally, they cut a specific amount of commission from the funds received. It offers services without fixed prices and the company charges the experts to lead generation and sponsored listing. The users don’t need to pay immediately. Where they get to know the kinds of service. The company receives any amount from a mobile app and then pays the hired assistant their dues. The expert pays any charge to allow the request, if the expert is able to convince the user to purchase the service then monetizing signifies success.
  1. Services Without Fixed Charges
  2. The firm charges specialists for lead generation and sponsored listing. The user has been given various advantages of choosing the most convenient choice and when the profile of the on-demand service provider does not view. After paying the expert and professional to accept the request, if the expert can convince the user to obtain the service, then monetizing is successful.
  1. Transaction-based Services Model
  2. The transaction-based services model helps the marketplace offering multiple services take a percentage (%) of every transaction which is billed by a specific platform. That model helps to make the business platform more scalable, reliable, the level-up transactions you bill and the revenue you bring in.
  1. Subscription-based model
  2. The best feature of a subscription service is. the chances of your customer maintenance are pretty-high as the revenue forecast is nearly spot-on. Also, it is with a high range for cross-selling and marketing. As per monthly service, payment assures, users can get a specific task completed and hassle-free that reduces the significant charges customers might acquire when they book services individually.
  1. Advertisement
  2. As many ways to earn money as there are various ways of earning extra money which is possible with digital advertisement. Businesses, vendors, and suppliers utilize the UrbanClap home service provider app to display their advertisements in revenue to the company’s advertisement fees.
  3. A home service mobile app development start-up is able to approach a unique market including a multi-pronged strategy that they become the service provider themselves, and following under the monotony about the services where they can choose a specific marketplace of suppliers and customers.
  4. The company has been raised around $57 million for seven different investors in 5 funding rounds.

How To Create A Mobile App Like UrbanClap

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