Catch the interesting home service provider apps like UrbanClap, which is the complete solution that provides an all lifestyle-related service on one-click. UrbanClap is curated in such a method that you can hire professionals for making everything done with a single tap.

As on-demand Solutions, the mobile app is very fragmented completely the globe. Be it tasks like an apartment or home cleansing or more innovative ones like digital snapshotting; it is hard to locate professionals despite all the search benefits of Google. An on-demand service business is an ultimate opportunity to streamline the work of searching and working with experts providing area services from a broad range of exchanges. Hire Mobile app developer for Urbanclap, who will assist you in this matter.

What is Urbanclap ?

Urbanclap is one of the most trending on-demand services provider apps where you can get all urban lifestyle help. It serves as the most reliable platform where customers can hire specialists to get the services at their doorstep without hazarding their valuable time. The urbanclap mobile app features to search the services based on different filters like location, budget and price so that customers find helpful to search the services in the nearby areas.

Urbanclap is reflection to be one of the best on-demand mobile app development there. If you want to achieve services like plumbing, electrician, Home cleaning, carpenters, washing machine Repairing, etc. are only several taps away. Just not only Urbanclap give you service, but the app also collaborates with many people and firms that are able to implement these services to their customers every day.


Service Offered by Urbanclap

A customer can choose a 60+ services book and schedule any kind of service on the app based on pre-approved prices. A trusted service provider will be sent to your home or place at the same time, which allocated. Urbanclap is the top-notch on-demand mobile app, and if you require developing an app like Urban Clap then you can select a top mobile app development company in USA. You are on the right site as we provide the service of mobile app development is a great plan.


  • Fitness coach
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietician
  • Yoga trainer
  • Massage Experts

Home Design & Construction

  • Interior Designer
  • Modular kitchen
  • CCTV camera installation
  • Painters
  • Architecture

Healthcare & Wellness

  • Fitness coach
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietician
  • Yoga trainer
  • Massage Experts

Tutors & Lessons

  • Commerce
  • English
  • Home Tutor
  • Mathematics

Home Cleaning & Repairing

  • Electrician
  • Geyser repair
  • Washing machine
  • Plumber
  • TV and fridge
  • Home deep cleaning

Party & Event Services

  • Birthday Party
  • Event photography
  • Party make-up artist


  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Professional Lawyer
  • CA for tax registration

On Demand Home Service App, Service Provider App

Features of on-demand Service Apps Like Urbanclap?

During the starting stage, the online mobile app of urbanclap was just a search and find a platform. However, it’s having a guide those professionals, guides them if needed then connects those including with real-time customers, they can easily book their services every day.

Urbanclap facilitates the method of finding skilful professionals for local services; it also helps the service providers by excluding agents and giving them an immediate way to customers.

Let’s have a fast glance at How Urbanclap Works.

Customer App Features

  1. Registration: Do quick and easy registrations
  2. Signup/Login: Do quick and simple signup and login with social media and OTP verification via mobile number.
  3. Multi-Language Support: The app like Urbanclap supports multilingual that options for different countries.
  4. Real-time location: Customer can enable GPS or search nearby services.
  5. Search: Available advanced searching with various filters.
  6. View Profile: View service provider’s profile and details.
  7. In-app chat: Chats and Quote history.
  8. Questionnaire: Set a questionnaire for service providers to choose the best match.
  9. Push Notification: Customer can notified for any kind of activity.
  10. Schedule Booking: Customer will be able to schedule their booking according to their availability.
  11. Payment Method: Customers can select multiple payment option.
  12. Apply Coupon/Offer/Discount: Customer can get offers/discount and coupon facility.
  13. Emergency Service: This app provides an emergency service.
  14. Review & Rating: Customers can give service Review & Rating.
  15. History: History Of orders or booked details which you booked

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Service Provider App Features

  1. Registration: Quick Registration & easy sign-in.
  2. Profile: Review many profiles.
  3. View Rates Plan: Customer can view variant profiles.
  4. In-App chat:  Service provider will get facility to chat or solve their queries with customers.
  5. Feedback reply’s: Service provide can reply to customers’ feedbacks.
  6. GPS tracking: Services provide can track location.
  7. History: Service provider can view their history.

Admin Panel features

  1. Dashboard: Display stats in dashboard.
  2. Manage Booking: Admin can manage complete booking which received by customers.
  3. CRM & CMS: In advance CRM & CMS.
  4. Manage Customer: They can manage customer’s details of customers that who are registered.
  5. View Payment Detail Tasks: admin able to view and manage all Bill records & payment details.
  6. Offer/Discount: Manage all offers and discount.
  7. Map Integration: admin can view customer’s address via map to quick delivery.
  8. Backup and restore: Admin able to keep backup and restore option.

How to Develop a Mobile App Like Urban Clap?

Let’s have a glance at the elements, which support you in confirming the cost of app development like Urban Clap?

  • App Development Platform: Mobile development can have many platforms, it totally depends on your requirements, and most we receive app development of Android app development and iPhone app development.
  • Professional App Development Team: Hire an expert development teamand the Quality Analysts who are very experienced in creating an app development like Urban Clap.
  • UX/UI App design: You can choose the professional color combination, which will look clean and good as well; the customers are often seduced by this kind of effectively designed app.
  • Third Party API: The third-party API integration raises the price of app development however; these APIs will provide various benefits to the customers.
  • The technology used: You can consider advanced technology such as Chabot, Automation, Cloud solution, and many more
  • Testing: The implementation of various testing administrators during the development of an app assists in making your app errors or bugs free.

How Much Does It Cost to an on-demand App Like Urban Clap?

Although, considering all the elements, features, technologies, developers, and functionalities that are explained above it is expected that the cost of developing a mobile application such as Urban Clap cost is between the cost of $5,000 to $15,000.

To make an accurate estimation of the cost, we can discuss the requirements of your design, features, and platform requirements to be included in the app. Deorwine Infotech is able to provide a proficient solution for your custom idea that would cost-effective.


The UrbanClap Works and is developing the industry today. Developing such an app from scratch will take months for both Android and iOS platforms. Capturing requirements of the customers, allocating developers and then tracking all below a single home was a difficult challenge. But the unique minds developers, QA and project manager their slots with the guidance of technology.

Do you want to comprehend the development cost of building an UrbanClap alike online home-based service provider mobile app that could move results for new companies?

Then Deorwine Infotech is a best for your development, we are expert mobile app development company like urbanclap and delivery your apps on time.

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