Most popular mobile applications update approximately once a week or 4 times a month and as they are extraordinarily popular they can get away with that sort of schedule consider Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, etc. because customers won’t mind them but not all mobile app developers will have the equal opportunity. Updates are important to maintain your app and mobile app development to include new features & functionality that boost user engagement.

New Updates might be an added pleasure reason to update, but forgetting to get the latest version of an app can set you and your device at risk. It may appear like the developers have you update your apps too often, but it’s important to make.

It’s crucial to have a great app rating. Amongst the top 100 free apps, the median app rating was 4.7, and only 9 mobile apps had a rating below 4.0. With the top 100 grossing apps, the lowest app rating was 3.9, and only 6 apps had a rating below 4.2.

The middle number of days between updates for the whole data collection is 8.75 days, and the most basic difference in days (update schedule) is 7 days. This shows that most free apps start to get updates every week.

The best mobile app development company constantly uses the latest and updated features that will be compatible with the latest updates.

We can list the reasons that explain an update and then define the choice of each of them.

7 Reasons Why We Have to Update Our Mobile Apps Regularly

To place them in perspective we can immediately list the most popular reasons for app updates:

Stay with Latest Technology

  1. Big reasons to update the mobile app regularly are to keep up with advances in hardware and software. Every point the OS of a device has updated, the chances are certain that you will need an update in your app. If your mobile app attaches with Google Pay, Apple Wallet or Apple Maps/Google Maps, you will require connecting notified with updates to these platforms to ensure that their alliance with your app stays seamless.
  2. If you recognized the recent increase in the application of Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. They are faster, more convenient and security is high. Many retail apps now offer it. If you also run a retail mobile app and you’re still to integrate into your system, you may already be losing some customers.

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Bug fixes & Performance Enhancement

  1. Expected reason for app updates, The mobile app developer can, however, have a weekly or fortnightly updated the model so that the customers are knowledgeable and can expect the app to be updated on one day of the week every time rather than any arbitrary timings.
  2. Apart from, every latest feature, add to the app will suitable come with its bug. Some bugs are not a big issue, but leaving them to stay for a long time is the actual problem. The more extended the bugs reside in your android mobile app and iOS mobile app, the more you lose customers of the app.

Improving Mobile App UX/UI

  1. A mobile app UX/UI design renew when the Full-Stack Development Company makes a reliable method of interaction with an app that leads to satisfaction of use or extended engagement for exp. – the company’s logo modification or additional services, products being offered by the company.
  2. For example, newly Google introduced metal design guidelines and supports strictly to app developers to follow it.

Minor & Major Update in App

  1. Minor & major statements are made in sequence to improve your app beyond its unique look and purpose.
    • Functionality – You want to add a standalone feature or upgrade existing functionality to allow a premium account benefit.
    • Content Update – The more often your content should be updated the better it’s to move it to the server-side and update via admin panel.
    • Monetization Option – Growing the monetization strategy, adding AdSense benefit or allowing in-app purchases will absolutely require you to update your mobile app.

Managing the Life-Cycle

  1. The publication is not the end of the mobile app development. Your app is an existing thing, and its completion or failure doesn’t rest only on the number of downloads.

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  1. The most prosperous apps are renewed regularly; the more popular apps updated weekly, while those on the more moderate end of the measure usually take at least a monthly update.

Security Purpose Update 

  1. The mobile app update performs a significant role in in-app security. It’s the individual ability of an app development company to have information about the customer protected.
  2. Unfortunately, no security capacity runs for a higher time. Therefore, the expensive stuff is to stay quite some steps ahead of those hackers. By that time, they make a similarity of a loophole to your app security buildings. Security is the most important reason for app development companies should regularly update their applications.

Reason to Rebranding

  1. You have seen several companies improve the appearance of their existing products or grow their brand identification. It is called rebranding, which attracts more awareness and includes on-demand solutions.
  2. You can present your app with a comprehensive makeover. This usually attracts existing customers and brings new ones.

How to Select a Mobile App Development Company?


With the Deorwine Infotech, you can understand how much of an impact the mobile app is becoming in new and repeat customers. Keep updating your Mobile App and you can have a brand-new Mobile App Development. You can hire dedicated developers for hourly-basis, Freelancer Developer, Project-basis, etc. Scheduling a time for updates provides us a chance to conclude out what is performing strong and what is not within your mobile app.

The best mobile app development company in USA takes the most advanced mobile app designs, which can be updated effortlessly constantly.

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