The hotel booking app‘s successful growth shows the purposes of developing a likewise mobile app for your business. It also states that 60% of people are interested in booking hotel rooms through mobile applications instead of offline booking.

Now, people mostly use OYO like apps and platforms to find reliable places or hotels or rooms as well at the best prices that save time and money.

This blog is the best for those, who are willing to launch their hotel booking app like OYO, this blog helpful and descriptively guide you about your requirements to create an app, that is the largest network which presently around 18000 properties in over 1000 cities globe within a few years, and it has already reached the mark of $950 million in revenues.

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Digital Travel Sales WorldWide From 2014 – 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

It shows the online travel sales worldwide from 2014-2020 globally. In 2016, global online travel deals totaled around 564.87 billion U.S. dollars, and this number is predicted to grow to 755.94 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

Business & Revenue Models of OYO Rooms

Before going to the development, It is important to learn and understand the marketplace revenue and business models that a Room booking app like Oyo runs on.

Here are the two business models of the OYO room booking app:

  1. Aggregator Model
  2. OYO has been associated with many hotels that comply with collection guidelines such as the authenticity of security, attractive prices, quality of staff, standard facilities, and location, etc, With the business model, they were generating around 22% of the profit share. While associate hotels and room owners made huge traction‌ at the end and customers got a pleasant experience. Through this way, customers are able to connect to them via your platform and make the most excellent hospitality services from them without knowing their original name.
  1. Franchise Mode
  2. This is based on a commission business model that depends on the services which are offered by the OYO brand. Now, OYO is working with this business revenue model where room and hotel owners are limited to their proposal and term plans. OYO rooms like app rent rooms at the best pre-determined offers to their customers at a take-up figure. Hotel/OYO owners must offer more reliable customer service and the business will ultimately grow by OYO standards.

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Key Features to build the Hotel booking app like OYO

The OYO app features must have complete satisfaction of the Hotel/OYO rooms where you can integrate standard and Advanced features that can help to increase your marketplace.

  1. Simple Registration & Login
  2. The OYO-like apps must have a simple sign-up and login process where users can enter the correct details with their Name, Email, Contact Number, Address, etc., You can ask your developer team to integrate login with social media such as Login with Facebook, Login with Gmail.
  1. Advanced Search and Filter
  2. A number of users want to find out a specific requirement about their room such as price, location, interior, etc. so here the different filters will be helpful to get the matching result. Those features will increase the user experience.
  1. Check Room Availability
  2. This feature consumes the user’s time because every user can check the room availability before the booking or go-ahead to the next step. The main reason is to download the mobile app that gives you the various solutions on every point and according to the user’s requirements and all the room details are available simply with high-quality images.
  1. GPS Functionality
  2. On reaching the specific destination place, the mobile app users can easily determine the hotel location hence it’s essential to incorporate GPS functionality to make search more effective and less time-consuming. That feature will affect the searching rate where many are searching your hotel/OYO.
  1. Check Prices of Different Rooms
  2. Business like OYO mobile app can see the prices of various rooms or places and that way they are able to make the determination as per their budget. Users must be allowed the easy check-in and check-out of the app that displays the time, date, and required details for the hotel and user.
  1. Online Booking Rooms
  2. A room booking app allows the users to easily book rooms from the business app that make the user’s booking process effortless with multi-payment options. The instant creation of the applications to book hotels is what gets the users attracted to them in the first place.
  1. Make Easy Payment
  2. A hotel booking app can offer multiple payment options for their users, like PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, Stripe, Braintree, and e-wallet apps, integrated payments become more comfortable, and more.
  1. Checking Multiple Facilities
  2. The app allows checking the various facilities through a mobile app for a specific hotel/room where the users can look at the available amenities to make the determination process easier for them.
  1. Modifications in Booking
  2. Whenever after booking the room or hotel the user wants to modify anything in the booking then they have an easy option. The user might wish to upgrade the room or add any required specifications, and According to the modification, prices will be shown the can be decreased or increased.
  1. Easy Cancellation
  2. Due to any certain urges, your user may request for cancellation and claim to refund the money, then make sure about your terms and policies that you keep the cancellation process easier with only one tap. That feature will build your user’s trust toward your brand surely they will look at your brand.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App like OYO?

When you have planned to create a hotel-booking app like OYO at that time you are benefiting as a business owner with well-arranging and advanced bookings, that to build up a mobile, able to contend with such a bulk of the travel and tourism industry where you need an expert team and huge investments to achieve your goal.

The development cost of app like OYO Rooms depends on a number of factors such as app features, development platforms, hourly rate, the total number of hours required to develop an app, and tech stack.

The identical goes for hotel booking app development like OYO. As compared to different regions, the development cost per hour or total cost is significantly lesser in India. So upon estimating the overall development cost for the OYO-like app, now we can say it will come down as per the requirements and if you choose hourly rate or total cost.

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How to Create an Hotel booking app like OYO

How to create app like OYO, is the biggest question for every startup that is willing to develop the same platform. Hotel booking apps will follow the complete app development process to make them successful.

If you are looking for app development then we have the most experienced and proficient team that has global knowledge. We at Deorwine Infotech offer the end-to-end solution to create the hotel booking app platform for Web, Android, and iOS.

With the solution, we are ready to work on the hourly rate and total costing of the project accordingly. You must have transparent details in your mind that you can have in your mobile app development, Additionally, if you have an edge of specific functionalities or flow of the app prepared and you can move over the development phase, the expense to make the application.

We as an expert mobile app development team are more innovative and have reached the top in the division of the software and IT solutions implementing an app for various industries.

Team Required Structure

Hire dedicated developer who can understand and analyze your app development and business ideas. The cost of simple and user-friendly OYO rooms booking app development also depends on the developer’s geographic location, experience, and expertise level.

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Hotel booking app like OYO has a huge market that has gained popularity for its ease to use and unique convenience of the properties. We have assisted our various clients to build apps similar to OYO room booking that brought them great revenue according to the trending marketplace. When you are looking for technically advanced and end-to-end solutions that are future-ready you are at the right stop.

We can be your tech partners and can help to grow your property to gain popularity and profits with our scalable and flexible solutions.

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