What is Route Optimization Software?

Route Optimization software helps you generate all the available routes to your destination so you can choose the best route based on distance and fuel consumption. Staying ahead of your competitors should be your priority, and route optimization software can accomplish this for you as you can save a lot of gas and money by cutting down your travel expenses.

Communicating with on-field staff is easier than said with the route optimization software India as you don’t have to call them anymore on their phones. From dispatching vehicles to as many locations as you want, letting the advanced route optimizing software decide the best route is beneficial in many ways as you focus on other essential tasks.

You can Hire Dedicated Developers to develop route optimization software for your company with some extra features if you can’t find appropriate software in the market.

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Why Route Optimization Software?

You may think that a delivery route optimization software isn’t the best approach for you, but here are some reasons why they are better than the typical route optimization methods.

  • Efficiency: It will make your delivery efficient by showing them their weekly, daily, and monthly performance at a glance
  • Scalability: You need a long period to know about your business entirely, but this software has everything in its arsenal to help you in all scenarios
  • Flexibility: This system is very flexible as you can move drivers from one task to another to avoid delaying product deliveries which will further result in unhappy customers
  • Accuracy: As your business progresses, it will be difficult for you to manage things due to complexity, but some of the best route optimization software offers features that can reduce the chances of a human error by a large extent
  • Robustness: Replacing your current staff members can be done as everything is shown on your computer screen and you are just one step away from deciding what is best for your company

Components of a Route Optimization Software

To choose a free route optimization software that meets all your needs, you should ensure that it has most of these components, so you don’t have to look for other solutions. Here are some components of route optimization software that assist you in accomplishing all your business tasks.

  • Upload tasks and delivery data to server
  • Mapping of stops along a delivery route
  • Add a start pointing and ending point of the route
  • Change the delivery route on the go
  • Efficient and fast route planning
  • Integrate with other apps
  • Share routes with team members

You can Hire Android App Developer to develop the perfect route optimization app to fulfill all your company’s needs and add as many of these components as you want to make it advanced.

Upload tasks and delivery data to server

The best route optimization software free lets you upload delivery data, tasks, and upcoming appointments to the system one by one or in bulk. This data includes

  • Date and time of delivery
  • On-site delivery time
  • Name of customer
  • Address of customer
  • Mode of contact
  • Contact information

Most software enables you to import all this data from other sources with a single tap, and you can sort the data according to your needs

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Mapping of stops along a delivery route

Although a delivery route may start with just one stop, there should be an option to add as many stops as you want to a single delivery route until all the due deliveries are done. The built-in task manager will automatically distribute these tasks based on your delivery strategy.

Add the start time and the end time of the route

With route optimization, you can add the start time and the end of each staff member so they can complete their current task right on time and move to the next time without wasting any time. It is beneficial for drivers as they keep track of their completed deliveries and get new tasks.

Change the delivery route on the go

Dynamic delivery routing software features the changing of a delivery route. At the same time, on the go, if the customer is not available on the delivery spot or wants to change the delivery address to receive the parcel at some other place. There is a chance that a driver may take longer than expected to reach the new delivery location due to traffic; the optimization software will automatically change the delivery schedule for best results.

Efficient and fast route planning

As soon as you enter the start and end locations of a delivery route, the software shows a complete route covering all the appointments. To minimize costs, you can opt for ways that will mitigate usual high route density areas even if it takes more time.

Integrate with other apps

In some cases, one software is not enough to plan the best delivery route, and managers use various apps and software simultaneously for the best experience. A route optimization software that can integrate with other software to effortlessly import data is ideal for delivery managers. If you work closely with a Web Development Company, they can develop integrated delivery route optimization software for your company.

Share routes with team members

There are many key components of route optimization software, but a management dashboard and a separate app for delivery drivers are the backbones of this system. The dashboard is the main control panel where managers control everything while the driver app shares route information with drivers. Get Mobile App Development services to get your delivery app developed with all the above components.

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List of Best Route Optimization Software

The route optimization software market is growing day by day with new software released every day but choose the best route optimization software to fulfill all your needs. You need to look for features, pros, cons, and pricing plans to compare various software. Below are the five best route optimization software available in the market today.

  • Tookan
  • Circuit
  • Route4Me
  • OptimoRoute
  • RouteXL


Tookan is a delivery route optimization and delivery management software that streamlines a large number of delivery business processes. With its real-time trackers, business owners can always watch what their staff is doing to reassign their tasks and increase their productivity. It features integration with a large number of third-party apps to make data management better.


  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Graphical analytics
  • Navigation
  • Barcode generation
  • Route optimization
  • Geofencing

Pricing plan

Tookan offers four pricing tiers: early state, startup, growth, and standard tier. An early state plan price is around 29$, and you can manage up to 200 tasks. In the startup plan, you can manage up to 700 tasks by paying 89$ free. With the growth plan, pay 189$ to manage more than 2000 tasks in a month. The standard plan is by far the most expensive, but its value for money as it facilitates more than 5000 tasks in a month with a monthly cost of around 350$


Circuit route optimization software helps businesses plan more than one stop on a single delivery route. As you add more stops to a single delivery route, the delivery process becomes efficient and enable your staff to deliver more order in a short time. The software is programmed in such a way to help you save fuel and time by up to 25% with smart techniques.

Pricing plan

The free trial version offers route optimization by adding more than ten stops, but you can buy a premium subscription to optimize routes. The premium version supports the addition of more than 500 stops to a single route and optimization of as many routes as you want.


Route4Me is a comprehensive solution to take your delivery business to new heights of success with efficient yet straightforward delivery route planning on your smart devices. It has become a popular solution for mileage tracking with the option to document every mile to share it with your boss anytime. You can update the customer database remotely and synchronize the data on a cloud server to let other drivers access it.

Pricing plan

Route4Me offers three different price tiers with the following features.

  • Route Management tier costs around $149/mo. But it doesn’t feature route optimization
  • Route Optimization tier costs around $199/mo. Features optimization of routes of a single delivery driver
  • Route Optimization Plus tier costs around $299/mo. And includes all the premium features of the software

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OptimoRoute is a one-stop solution for route optimization as it offers all the key points that delivery businesses look for when selecting software. From route optimization to route monitoring and customer updates, it has got your back with advanced tools. You upload a weekly plan, and your drivers will already know what their daily task is, so you don’t have to get online every day to assign tasks to them.

Pricing plan

The starter OptimoRoute plan features management of 250 tasks with live tracking of delivery drivers at a glance. The Business plan features management of 500 orders, and the enterprise plan includes all the features of OptimoRoute with the management of 750 delivery tasks simultaneously.


RouteXL is an entry-level delivery route optimization software. You can use the email of your delivery drivers to make a delivery route and tap on the given link to access the route. Print delivery reports as well as share them with delivery drivers through text message and email.

Pricing plan

The free trial version features optimization of a route with the addition of 20 routes, but you can pay 38$ a month to add more than 100 stops to every route. The premium plan costs around 76.35$ a month with the option to add 200 stops to each route.

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What is best for you may not be best for some other delivery company, but one thing is for sure with these route optimization software. The right software will increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff to make your business grow faster.

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