Firstly, you should keep in mind that Node.js is one of the most widely used frameworks in the world. Approximately 55% of developers are using Node.js to create top-notch and highly scalable web-based applications. Most renowned applications like Trello, Uber, etc. were built using Node.js. In short, it is fully loaded with prominent features, including Massive Development Community, Simple Code Sharing, Mild Learning Curve, and outstanding Performance.


It is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript framework mostly used for backend development. Furthermore, it allows “Software Engineers” to write the command-line tools to make dynamic web pages that load quickly to any browser. Apart from that, the framework is also used to build video streaming services as well as real-time chat systems. If you don’t know, let us define that the framework was invented by Ryan Dahl, a software engineer, who also invented Deno – a JavaScript Framework released in 2020. Before finding Node.js worth in the future, you should learn about its features, benefits, and advantages first.

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Moreover, Node.js is much stronger than any other framework and can easily handle requests in bulk as well as respond to them quickly. Why Node.js is a perfect choice for web application development?

Because of its five next-level features, Node.js is considered the best option, and the features are the following:

  • Node Option
  • ASYNC Hook
  • Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Single-threaded Model
  • Node Report
  1. Node_Option
  2. It is one of the most prominent features found in Node.js that determines the command line should be run under the given environmental variable as the code runs.
  1. Node_Report
  2. Node_Report is used to store data for problems during the development and testing as it includes the JavaScript traces as well as resource usage.
  1. ASYNC Hook
  2. The main module of Node.js that comes with an API used to track asynchronous resources whenever the callback feature uses.
  1. Single-threaded Model
  2. This feature is used to process, prioritize several tasks at once, and asynchronously execute them.
  1. Node Package Manager (NPM)
  2. It is a tool that is used to release open-source projects written in Node.js. Furthermore, the feature also makes sure the installation process, version management, and dependency.
    After knowing about all prominent features, you should learn about the key benefits of Node.js that we will discuss below. Although there are lots of Node.js alternatives available, including Deno, its popularity is increasing day by day, and people worldwide searching for the Best Node JS Development Company for the creation of their web-based apps.

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Why Node.js is popular?

Without any doubt, for a few years, it looks like the Node JS is in trend and going to evolve more. Besides, it comes with lots of fabulous features and benefits that make it the most-favorite for software developers. Furthermore, it is built as an alternative to other Client/Server Side models, wherein the server reacts only in response to the requests left by clients and closes the connection after sending the response.

Although Node.js increases application performance, it also decreases the response time; therefore, PayPal saw a decrease of almost 30% and of course, the development costs.  Before discussing its future, here’s a quick overview.


Surely, developers would be familiar with Caching advantages as it stores data for some future requests to ensure the fast speed. Whenever the user sends a request for some data, they are involved from the cache. Therefore, caching is making Node JS much faster than ever.

Hosting Services

No one can deny that the JavaScript Module has evolved a lot in a few years and covered lots of hosting service providers amazingly.

Node.js is lightweight and faster

Surely, you would be familiar with Google’s V8 JavaScript engine built on C++. Node JS uses the same engine to make applications lightweight and faster than others.

Cross-platform Feature

No worries if you are searching for a Node JS Development Company for the creation of an iOS application because Node.js is cross-platform and offering the opportunity to run applications on both Android and iOS devices.

Benefits of Node.js

After learning about the increasing popularity of Node.js, you should learn about the most benefits of Node JS that may blow up your mind with amazing technology developer companies used for the web or application development projects. We’ve compiled a list with a brief introduction of each benefit that matters to its future.

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Fast Performance

No doubt, everyone avid to make their app and web speed faster and it is only achievable using Node.js. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the user’s expectation is highly concerned with the loading speed that is continuously rising. Furthermore, Node JS is known to speed up the delivery of back-end services that are evolving. To check the magic of Node JS, you can check the performance of AliExperss and eBay powered by Node.js.

Architecture and Scalability

Nowadays, Micro-services are trending because of being compatible with iterative development and scalability of the software. Similarly, Node.js uses several functionalities to run applications faster without comprising on speed and performance as well.

Open Source

The modern piece of technology isn’t only free for everyone but also invites creative and engaged developers from worldwide to join each other for the creation of something unexpected and amazing.

More than 700K Modules

Node.js is fully loaded with more than 700K modules that are almost ready to use whenever you need. Instead of coding new things, you can use utilize ready-made things to complete your project. A report that had been released back in 2018 revealed, almost 50% of project managers and developers recommended Node.js and considered it a cause of increasing developer productivity.

When You Should Use Node.js

Usually, Node JS Web Development Company uses Node.js for the development of web-based apps and websites. If you learn about what factors it could be helpful and you can imagine using it, then here’s a list of key uses:

  • API Servers – When it comes to the creation of an API server, then there’s nothing better than js in my opinion. I’m saying this because I know, Node.js can handle multiple concurrent connections at a time and easily convert them into JSON format.
  • Real-time Applications You can use js to process a massive volume of short messages without any delay. To check how fast it could be, you should Linkedin, Uber, and Yahoo as well built on Node.js.
  • DevOps Projects Already mentioned above, Node.js is the perfect technology when it comes to writing fast and lightweight applications using Microservices that take the development team to the next level where they can create, deploy, and maintain the app with ease.

What is Deno and will it replace Node.js in the Future?

Both Deno and Node.js are frameworks of JavaScript created by the same developer, Ryan Dahl. Similar to NOde.js, Deno uses Google’s V8 – an open-source JavaScript Engine specially designed for Chromium Browsers and Google Chrome by the Chromium Project. Besides Node.js, here you may learn four benefits of Deno over Node.js.

  1. Security
  2. Simplicity
  3. Support for TypeScript
  4. No need for Any Modules and NPM

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It will be early to say that whether Deno will take over Node.js or not in the future because Deno is released recently back in 2020. However, the first creation of the developer has the following advantages over all frameworks as follows:

  • Node.js has a huge development community than Deno.
  • The framework has proved itself as much battle and is stable for server-side JavaScript development.


When we talk about does Node.js has any future in 2022 after watching its competitors, such as, Django, Flask, and Spring Boot, then it seems yes Node.js has a bright future in 2022. I’m this because almost 70% of developers were recommended Node.js, revealed by a survey back in 2017.

Without any doubt, Node.js has competitive technologies when it comes to web and app development and their names are the following:

  1. Flask
  2. Django
  3. net
  4. Sprint Boot

Future of Node.js

As we mentioned above, Node.js isn’t going anywhere in near future because of the following reasons given below:

  • Almost 50% of developers are using the aforementioned framework for the creation of enterprise
  • Lots of Google and Microsoft’s resources have been invested in the development ofjs.
  • Furthermore, js is compatible with server-side parts of the website applications.
  • It is most-favorite to use for the development of real-time apps.

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With no doubt, it is evident that Node.js is a next-level technology that has been adopted by the leading Node js Web Development Company. If you are one of those who are working on technologies like PHP, then giving Node.js a chance will surely enhance your career and take it to the next stage only if you enjoy app development and coding as well. Therefore, we would recommend Node.js for those who are considering it for their startups, because the popularity of Node.js is gaining momentum.

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