As the number of wealthy millennials and business entrepreneurs are increasing day by day, flying in private jets to reach their destination in style has become the new trend. Although commercial flights cost a lot less, they are stressful and can cause discomfort, while private flight booking, on the other hand, eradicates all these issues.

Due to the increasing demand for luxury private jets, a private jet app like uber are the need of time, and people are already working on projects to make it possible. The private jet industry has been one of the most booming industries for many years, and the market share is anticipated to grow by a margin of more than 10 Billion dollars in the next five to ten years.

Millennials and entrepreneurs are some of the primary targets of this industry as they don’t want to waste their time on commercial flights or want to conduct meetings while travelling. They even opt for a private plane sharing app to travel with like-minded people instead of spending hours with an unknown person in the next seat.

Flying in a private jet will cost you the same as the Business class ticket of some big airlines. You will be sharing the ride with some other passengers with the private jet sharing service offered by various Aviation companies.

Why a Private Jet Booking App?

Time is money, and millennials have to travel a lot to attend meetings and conferences all around the globe. They don’t want to listen to the usual excuses of airlines about the unavailability of seats at the last moment. The conventional jet booking approach isn’t the thing for the young generation. They want to accomplish everything on their smart devices instead of calling the company or visiting them personally.

The Private plane booking app features the option to invite other millennials to join you in the flight and equally distribute the fare to reduce the cost and enjoy the luxury of charter flights. These apps solve all the issues and are a user-friendly alternative to the conventional jet chartering method.

Working on Private Jet Booking Apps

The private plane booking app Development process may look like developing any other travel booking app, but it differs in some steps. Below are some of the essential components which should be present in your jet booking app to make it successful.

  • Allow users to register by entering their details to book flights
  • Enter the departure and arrival location to view all the available flights
  • Show prices, duration, and other information about each flight
  • Provide various online and secure payment methods
  • Show notifications for the successful reservation of the flight
  • Optional services such as booking onboard meals and drinks
  • Option an entire aircraft
  • Book a flight and sell available seats to fellow flyers
  • Book crowdfunded flights

Critical Features of Private Jet Sharing Apps

Here are some features that you should consider including in your jet booking app to make it feature-rich as compared to other flight booking apps available in the market today.

  • Signup-Login and registration
  • Book Seats only
  • Book Entire flights
  • Search for flights
  • Document management
  • Call and chat with the service provider
  • Navigation
  • Push notifications
  • Sharing
  • Scheduling
  • Referral system
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Favorites
  1. Signup-Login and registration
  2. For a better user experience, registration is one of the best features. It enables them to synchronize their data and log in to their account on other smart devices to view all the data at a glance. By getting their email and phone number, you can send them promotions and new offers to generate extra revenue.
    The option to login fast to the app using your social media accounts and email address is a one up as they don’t need to remember the password anymore. If customers log in to the app using social media accounts, they can share the app with their family members and friends.
  1. Book Seats only
  2. Some are looking for entire planes, while others want to book a seat or two, and a separate seat booking feature will make the whole thing effortless for them.
  1. Book Entire flights
  2. Users who want to book entire aircraft to travel in style to their destinations all around the globe can book it in a few taps. They can also sell the extra seats to get their money back and enjoy travelling with strangers to make new friends.
  1. Search for flights
  2. The search feature is essential in the flight booking as you will allow users to type their destination in the search bar and hit enter to view all the available flights. Below are some filters that users can apply to make their search easy and quick.
    • Departure and arrival location
    • Available charter flights
    • Time and date of journey
    • Number of passengers
    • Allows baggage amount and type
    • Facilities available on board the flight
  3. This way, they don’t have to go through the list of all the available flights and can view only relevant flights and book in a few clicks to save their time.
  1. Document management
  2. Hire Android App Developer and add the built-in document management feature in the booking app, so users don’t have to share their passport, immigration, identity card, and other details with the company every time. They can save all these documents in the app and don’t have to worry about these sensitive documents, so security should be the company’s priority.
  1. Call and chat with the service provider
  2. Instead of searching for the company’s phone number every time to call them, users can tap on the built-in call button in the app and talk to a customer service representative to ask them questions and get detailed information. They can also engage in video calls or chat with service providers through the built-in messenger.
  1. Navigation
  2. If the company is situated in a big airport, adding the navigation feature in the app will make the customer reach directly at the company to navigate through directions.
  1. Push notifications
  2. If there is any change in the flight time or the status of the charter flight, sending a notification to the relevant customer will make them aware that the company cares about them. Mobile App Development companies have all the skills to provide all these features.  Users can turn off notifications at any given time from the settings menu or keep them on to learn about upcoming offers and discounts on flights.
  1. Sharing
  2. After booking a flight, users can share the flight data with their family members and fellow passengers to keep them updated about their situation.
  1. Scheduling
  2. Instead of booking a charter flight right on time to pay some extra bucks, users can book a flight for the future and save their money.
  1. Referral system
  2. By sharing the flight booking app with their friends and family members, users can get extra benefits such as discounts or better in-flight services.
  1. Scheduling
  2. Instead of booking a charter flight right on time to pay some extra bucks, users can book a flight for the future and save their money.
  1. Multi-language
  2. Supporting multiple languages from all around the globe will make users love the app as they can view all the data in their native language and understand it better to avoid any misunderstanding.
  1. Multi-currency
  2. Supporting multiple currencies will enable customers to pay in the desired cash instead of exchanging the currency to the given option first.
  1. Favorites
  2. Customers can add departure locations, destinations, and flights to a favourite section to view them at a glance.

Cost of Development

There is no accurate answer to the question about Private jet booking app development costs, but here are some factors which will affect the cost of booking apps in the end.

  • UI and UX design
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Size of the development team
  • Location of the app development company
  • App for iOS and Android operating systems

Monetization of the Private Jet Booking App

To get things going on for your private flight booking business model, you need to hire a Web Development Company to ready your booking app, which will cost you money. To earn money back, monetizing the booking app can generate a stream of income from day one. Here are two of the best techniques you can apply to this model to get some extra money.

  • Membership card
  • Pay as you fly

Membership card

With premium membership cards, customers can pay a subscription monthly or annual to receive special facilities and treatment. They will get discounts on reaching certain flight hours and get notifications about discounts on flights, available seats, and various other gains over non-members.

Pay as you fly

This monetization technique lets customers pay based on the hours they spent in the charter plane, and it gives them a sigh of relief that they are only paying for the services. In most cases pay as you fly technique doesn’t require customers to buy the premium membership first.

Available jet Sharing apps

Below are some of the best flight-sharing available nowadays. You can take inspiration from these apps and Hire Dedicated Developers to develop your app with all the latest features.

  1. Flyxo
  2. Flyxo provides its customers with options to book entire flights, separate seats, and seats on a shared flight on their smartphones. From booking to departure and arrival, the whole experience is very smooth and seamless.
  1. Tapjets
  2. Tapjets is yet another private jet booking service provider that comes up with all the necessary features so you can book a private jet in a few taps. By using the best technologies, the whole flying and booking experience is one of the best and customers pay based on flight hours.
  1. AirCharter
  2. From private jets to cargo aircraft, AirCharter is a one-stop solution to all your aviation needs. Whether you need a small package or a full-size package delivered anywhere around the globe or want to reach your destination as soon as possible, AirCharter has got your back.

Do you have an Idea?



Reports and stats indicate a massive surge for the private jet booking industry, and it is the right time to invest your money in developing your Private jet booking app. Although it may take some time to build and get popular, if you do everything accordingly, you will get achieve success.