According to recent reports, the number of active podcast listeners has gone from 50 million in 2018 to 120 million in 2021, which is a pretty big shot. In 2019 alone, the podcasting industry generated a wholesome value of 9.30 billion US dollars, and it is also growing at a 27% rate.

Big companies are launching their podcast apps one after another to beat the competition, and each company is introducing new features. If you love to listen to your favorite podcasts on your mobile phone and want to provide the same experience, maybe it is time to launch your podcast apps. Here is a complete how to make a podcast app guide to create your podcast app and learn how to earn money.

What is a Podcast App?

A podcast is a series of digital audio files that you can listen to online or download on your mobile phone to listen to them later. Anyone can create and edit a podcast with easy podcast editing software in a few simple steps.

There are no rules on how to create a podcast and the length, format, or style of the podcast, so you can free to make whatever you want. Just use the best free podcast recording apps to record your podcast and share it with the outside world. The best thing about a podcast is that you don’t need to spend too much money to create them, and these podcasts are the new trend.

Types of Podcast Apps

There are four different types of podcast apps, and below are some more details about these podcasts apps.

  • Interviews and Discussions
  • Story podcasts
  • Repurposed content
  • Hybrid podcasts
  1. Interviews and Discussions
  2. As the name already tells, this podcast features interviews and discussions between the podcast host and the guest. Hosts can invite as many guests as they want to their podcasts and these podcasts give a variety of viewpoints on the main topic of the conversation.
  1. Story Podcasts
  2. In story podcasts, you can tell a story to your listeners in audio clips, whether it is a real story or a fictional story. They are the most effective weapons of journalists and media correspondents as they can narrate any event or share information with their listeners. It would be best to spend some more time mastering this podcast as it is somewhat complicated compared to other podcast types. This podcast type can keep the listeners engaged from start to end due to the content.
  1. Repurposed Content
  2. With this type of podcast, listeners can enhance their knowledge by learning more about celebrities, workshops, seminars, and things like that. Listeners from all around the globe also prefer them.
  1. Hybrid Podcasts
  2. Hybrid podcasts usually have a guest and a host, but each podcast episode features a different guest, giving listeners an excellent opportunity to learn from guests. The podcast host records a discussion or an interview with the guest and releases it on the podcast app. At the start of the podcast, the host briefly introduces the guest, followed by an in-depth conversation on the given topic.

Common Features of a Podcast App

Below are some common features that most podcast apps feature, and you can Hire Android App Developer to add these features to your podcast app to make it successful.

  • Subscriptions
  • Downloadable content
  • Audio quality
  • Playlists
  1. Subscriptions
  2. With monthly and yearly premium subscriptions, listeners can access content, and you can earn more money. They can also subscribe to a single podcast and listen to it as soon as it is released.
  1. Downloadable Content
  2. Listeners can have complete control over the content that they want to listen to and download it to listen to it without an active internet connection. They can also set limitations to how many episodes or podcasts they can download to save their data and limit the amount of storage.
  1. Audio Quality
  2. Listeners can change the podcast’s audio quality to listen to the host’s voice at a higher bit rate or reduce the audio quality to a minimum to save some data. Better audio quality would result in enriched human voices, which would make your podcast listening experience better.
  1. Playlists
  2. Listeners can create as many playlists as they want by adding a podcast and tapping on the play button to listen to all the podcasts in a playlist. They can refresh the playlist whenever there is a new episode of your favorite podcast, so you don’t miss what you love the most to listen to.

Steps to Develop a Podcast App

Below are the four podcast mobile app development steps that you can follow to successfully build and launch your podcast app in a short period.

  • Research the target market
  • Choose the best monetization model
  • Hire the best app development team
  • Create an MVP before launch
  1. Research the Target Market
  2. When it comes to the podcast app personal development, you should first research the market and learn more about your target audience. This will give you a better idea about their needs to provide them with all the features they want in your new podcast app. You can also create a detailed portrait of your ideal podcast listener to share it with the Web Development Company. Below are the two of the best research methods which will work in your situation.
    Behavioral trends: Learn in detail all the reasons why users don’t want to download a podcast app and solve all those problems in your app.
    Demographics: Learn about the age, sex, and location of your ideal users.
  1. Choose the Best Monetization Model
  2. After the market research is done, you must choose the suitable monetization model for your podcast app. With market research data, you can predict what an average listener is willing to pay to listen to podcasts on your app. below are some common monetization models that most podcast apps these days implements.
    • Paid: this is a straightforward monetization model where listeners need to make a one-time payment to enjoy all the available podcasts for the rest of the life
    • Freemium: this model lets listeners download the app for free, but they need to purchase the premium membership and upgrade their account to unlock all the content and use premium features
    • Advertising: You can run ads to earn money every time a user interacts with an ad
    • In-app purchases: users can buy more stuff from the built-in shop and only pay for the feature that they need the most of the podcast that they want to listen
  1. Hire the Best App Development Team
  2. The third step is to hire a Mobile App Development team and share all your ideas with them. First, the development team will share all the details about the development process with you, including the estimated development costs and the project’s duration. Then they will develop your podcast app from scratch, and you can contact them from time to time to check on their progress.
  1. Create an MVP Before Launch
  2. After you Hire Dedicated Developers and give the task to develop your podcast app, they will hit development milestones from time to time and after three or four milestones. It will be time for you to launch a minimum viable product in the market to let users test it first. By doing so, you can learn about any issues in the app and share the details with the development team to resolve the issue.

What is the Cost of a Podcast App?

The podcast mobile app development cost depends on the factors given below, and you can minimize the cost by getting rid of some unnecessary factors.

  • The design of the app
  • The features of the app
  • Rate of the development team
  • Size of the project
  • Numeral of developers working on the project
  • Time required to develop the app
  • Complexity of project

Best Podcast Apps

Here are the four best podcast apps available in the market today, and you can get ideas from these apps to develop your podcast apps with the latest features.

  1. Pocket Casts
  2. Pocket casts have been one of the best podcast app available for Android devices as it features everything a podcast lover could imagine. By spending 3.99 dollars once, you can access thousands of podcasts whenever you want and browse for new podcasts based on genre and popularity. Apply custom filters to sort the list of available podcasts according to your needs.
  1. Castbox
  2. Castbox is a free podcast app where listeners don’t need to buy any membership or make any in-app purchases to enjoy podcasts. They can search for their favorite podcasts by entering the name on the search bar and sorting the search results based on the release date, likes, and popularity.
  1. Spotify
  2. Although Spotify isn’t specifically a podcast app, it has a different section for podcasts, which podcast listeners look for. They can save some extra bucks by purchasing the desired podcast or some podcasts episodes instead of the premium membership.
  1. Overcast
  2. Overcast is an iOS exclusive podcast app that supports the famous Apple Car Play so listeners can enjoy podcasts when driving their vehicle. It provides listeners notifications whenever there is a new episode of their favorite podcast. This way, they will never miss an episode of the podcast and can listen to it in the first place.

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Overcast is an iOS exclusive podcast app that supports the famous Apple Car Play so listeners can enjoy podcasts when driving their vehicle. It provides listeners notifications whenever there is a new episode of their favorite podcast. This way, they will never miss an episode of the podcast and can listen to it in the first place.