In the past few years, nursing has emerged as one of the most trusted professions all around the globe. All the hard training and techniques of nurses to comfort and care for their patients paid off in the form of confidence by the public. Medicine Delivery App Development is beneficial, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic where everybody is afraid of going out. In the medical sector, a mobile nursing app has many uses, including patient information management and studying.

These nurse-finding apps are a time saver and feature filters to sort the list of available nurses. View nurses based on their active hours, rate, experience, and the degree to find the relevant nurse. Patients who want to find nurse who can take care of them use mobile applications for this purpose and find the desired nurse in a few taps on the screen.

With the find, a nurse near me feature, just turn on your location, and you will be able to see all the available nurses near you at a glance. When it comes to medical field-related apps, you can hire a professional developer for Mental Health App Development to help those who are in need. Patients can share their prescription with the nurse using these nurse-finding apps to learn the schedule of medicine along with advice about what to do in case of a reaction.

11 Best Nursing Apps to Make Your Job Easy and Efficient

Although registered nurse search apps are popular for those nurses who want to use the app to study for exams, better up their organization, and increase their medical knowledge in their free time. Here is a list of top nursing apps to make their job easy.

  • Nursing Central
  • Pocket Doctor
  • Human Anatomy
  • Nurse’s Pocket Guide
  • MedPage Today
  • Diseases Dictionary
  • Nurse’s Aid
  • Zip Schedules
  • Prana Breathe
  • NurseTabs
  • Medscape Mobile

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  1. Nursing Central

  2. Nursing Central is one of the best nursing apps, which helps nurses in learning more about a disease along with prescribed drugs, tests to diagnose the disease, and other medical procedures. Search for terms relative to your questions about a disease, and Nursing Central will bring the database at your fingertips.It features a list of more than 5000 drugs to treat various diseases and an extensive dictionary with a definition of 65,000 diseases. Take the learning experience to a whole new level by watching images, videos, and figures related to the topic. Add topics to a favorite folder by tapping on the star icon to view them whenever you want. With a regularly updated database, learn about new diseases.
  1. Pocket Doctor

  2. Pocket Doctor is a medical encyclopedia with data about thousands of diseases to help nurses in learning more about what they are dealing with. It features an A to Z listing of medical conditions, and you can search for the desired condition based on the first letter of the name or type the name of the search bar.With a built-in body mass index calculator, enter the weight, age, and height of your patient to check their age to weight ratio and suggest them to lose some weight to avoid diseases. Don’t know anything about the condition or the disease, enter the location of the body area to view all the possible conditions.
  1. Human Anatomy

  2. Human Anatomy is a nursing essentials app that comes up with a large collection of more than 3500 images of human anatomy with detailed information about each image so nurses can study to ace their exam. Take built-in quizzes after reading a topic to put your knowledge to the ultimate test.Select the desired sex and view all the available body parts to select the part about which you want to learn. Zoom in to view an image in detail and add tags to identify various body parts and muscles. With a built-in notepad, take notes and change the font color to high-important medical terms in your notes.Share your medical notes with fellow nurses through email or save them in the internal storage. View a complete history to keep track of your learning and read any topic that you left by mistake before moving to the next title.
Human Anatomy Atlas

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  1. Nurse’s Pocket Guide

  2. Nurse’s Pocket Guide features a large database of information about hundreds of diseases to enable nurses to develop care plans for each patient based on their diagnosis. Tap on a diagnosis and use the search bar to search for the desired line, and start reading right from where you left.It features information including definition, factors, actions, classifications, and guidelines for each disease. High light important terms and sentences using the built-in high lighter to instantly start reading them whenever you access the desired notes. Apply filters to sort search results according to your needs and view only the relevant topics at the top of the search results.
Nurse's Pocket Guide
  1. MedPage Today

  2. Want to stay updated about the medical field and receive all the latest news on your mobile phone? MedPage Today is one of the best medical news apps that provides a personalized news experience. Pick up your favorite topics when you first download and install the app to receive news about selected topics only.Read blog posts by medical professionals and share them with your colleagues to keep them updated about what is happening. Increase or decrease the font size to read the news and share your views by commenting.It shows information such as writer, date, last update date, reviews, and the total number of comments on each news to help you in getting a better idea about what is trending. MedPage Today covers 30 different specialties daily and more than 60 different medical meetings annually.
MedPage Today
  1. Diseases Dictionary

  2. Diseases Dictionary is a digital handbook for nurses that they can install on their mobile phones to help in diagnosing diseases and suggest the relevant treatment based on the diagnosis. Instead of remembering everything or keeping large books with them, nurses will be able to find information about any diseases with a single tap.Learn causes, definition, summary, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments of each disease all in one place. You don’t need to connect your smartphone to the internet every time to download the information. It also features a built-in thesaurus to learn all the medical terms and abbreviations along with their pronunciations and meaning.
Diseases Dictionary

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  1. Nurse’s Aid

  2. Nurse’s Aid is a Health Care App Solution for nurses through which they can manage their workload to accomplish all their tasks without stressing. Enter the time of appointments with all the patients that you are attending to receive reminders right on time so you can accomplish all the tasks. Don’t worry in case you missed a reminder, as you can choose to receive the same reminder after the given time.You can add as many duties as you want to the list and edit them while on the go to change the timing or other details. You don’t want to remember the medicine of all your patients. Just create a new entry by typing the name of the patient and all the prescribed medicines to receive a reminder.With the help of a professional app development company, you can complete the Medication Tracker App Development project to give your nurses the solution that they need the most.
  1. Zip Schedules

  2. As the name suggests, Zip Schedules is an app for nurses who are tired of being late for their duty and looking for a solution to manage their schedule. Keep track of your active duty hours by viewing a complete history of all your past schedules. Even if you create a schedule, everything will be under your control, and you can turn off alters and notifications for the desired schedules.Connect with other nurses through the app and edit your availability so someone else can do your duty. If you want to take a break, you can request time-off for the desired period through your phone instead of going to the doctor by yourself.
Zip Schedules
  1. Prana Breathe

  2. Prana Breathe is a caretaker app for nurses who work day and night to take care of their patients and forget about themselves in the process. With ancient medication techniques and modern science, get rid of your stress in a short time. Unleash your power to the fullest and take your mindfulness to a whole new level by doing these breathing exercises for a few minutes every day.Use the built-in tracker to track your breathing activities and view a detailed monthly report to motivate yourself to do better in the next month. Get reminders about the exercise time to get time from your busy schedule for yourself. Listen to relaxing sounds while meditating for a better meditating experience.
Prana Breath

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  1. NurseTabs

  2. NurseTabs is one of the best nursing apps for nursing students and nurses who have recently graduated from nursing school and want to learn about diseases in detail. It features instructional videos for each topic that nurses can watch along with reading the text to learn better.Tap on the desired part of the body from the available option to view all the available topics and select a topic to start reading right away. If your exams are near and you want to ace them, NurseTabs can be helpful for you as you can watch videos along with sounds while doing other tasks as well.
  1. Medscape Mobile

  2. Medscape Mobile is a comprehensive app for those who are related to the medical field, especially nurses, as they are responsible for taking care of patients. With Medscape Mobile, just search for diseases by typing the name, and you will be able to read all its symptoms and treatments.

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Nursing is a tough profession, but these nursing apps can make your life a lot easier and help you in taking your carrier to a whole new level. This list only features a few apps, but you can always search for more nursing app on the internet according to your needs.

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