Based on usage numbers and other stats, the mobile app market is growing daily because mobile is the future of everything. There are two ways of doing something, one is right, and the other way is wrong, and no one in this world wants to do anything by the wrong way.

When it comes to launching a new mobile app, everyone wants to meet consumers’ expectations to enhance the sales of whatever they are selling. Not everyone who steps into the world of mobile app development tastes Success, so business owners are looking for a safe approach to launching their mobile app.

From beginning to end, the mobile app development process should be conducted in the right way to avoid any possible delays and errors in the project. This article features a complete guide to help you with your mobile app launch.

How to launch an app?

Deep Market Research

In the app market, the competition is more than you imagine in almost all the niches, and performing deep market research can make you stand out from your competitors. You will learn about all the apps currently ruling your niche with details about all their good and bad features. If used accurately, your mobile app can effortlessly become the new ruler.

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Learn about your audience

Keeping an eye on customer data is the habit of successful people as they have a better understanding of the audience than everyone else in the market. The best mobile app launch strategy is knowing what customers like and what they don’t like to include and excluding features from your app accordingly.


Strategize the pricing Based on Audience

In terms of pricing strategy, the subscription-based pricing model is the best as users can download the app for free and use it for some time before buying the premium version. Each pricing model has pros and cons, so consider a pricing model according to your targeted audience.

Define criteria to measure your Success

Experts suggest that you should define criteria to measure success before launching new app to keep an eye on the graph all the time. Some business owners take the number of users who installed their mobile app to measure Success, while others use ratings.

According to stats, free apps get a 50% more installation rate than paid apps, and on average, receive a rating of 3 to 4 stars. You should work hard to maintain a healthy installation rate from day one and keep updating the app from time to time to reduce the number of users who are giving bad reviews.

Launch Activities

Now that you have done the market research, it is time for the new mobile app launch, and below are some launch steps that you can execute right on time to attain an app launch like none other.

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Promote with the help of Influencers

When you conduct deep market research, identify all the social media influencers related to your industry and actively participate in conversions of your industry. Connect with influencers to promote your app to relevant users.

Record and share a Demo Video

Sharing a demo video is a crucial step in the Iphone Apps Development India process that will help new users understand your app’s features to use it to its fullest. Use a screen and voiceover recording app to create an engaging demo video that showcases why your app is better than all the other mobile apps of the same niche.

Use Social Media Accounts for Customer Feedback

Create Social media accounts of your app before launching a mobile app to raise the interest of your targeted audience. Create posts to get ideas from users and add new features to the app in the upcoming updates. Direct the link in the biography of your social media profile to the app store so users can directly move to the download page after learning about your app.

Enhance your reach with a Dedicated Site

If it’s possible, you can launch a website of your app and start a countdown timer to tell users how much time is left in the launch of your app to increase their interest. Upload the demo video of the app and share the links to all the social media pages of your app. Send a download notification and update notices to the email of users.

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Encourage Reviews

Whether the review is good or bad, you should take it seriously based on its authenticity and work to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This will turn the bad review into a good review and an angry user into a loyal user. Thank those who identified a bug, as they have saved your development team some time to find the bug and then remove it.

Make use of App Store Optimization

The first step in the app store optimization for the effortless discovery of your app is including a trending keyword in the title of your app. Fill in all the categories and subcategories when you submit your app to these app stores. Add screenshots and a short video on the download page to help users have a better idea about the interface and features of the app.

Use paid advertising

This may cost a bit, but paid advertising isn’t that bad if we look at the bright side, especially for new launch apps for android in the market. Set ads on various social media platforms to attract users to like your page and receive notifications about future posts. When it comes to paid advertising, everything will be under your control, and you can direct the link in the ad to the download page.

Launch the Beta Version of your App

Before the final launch of your app, get mobile app development services to launch the beta version to get user feedback about the features and interface of your app. You can also launch an invite-only beta version instead of a public beta launch if you want to keep some secrets until the final launch. Fix bugs and issues with the user interface while on the go as the app is still in the development phase.

Embed the download Link

When the development is complete and you are ready to launch your app. You can imbed your app’s download link in blogs, the home page of your website, and social media pages to increase the number of downloads as soon as you launch the app.

Promote the app by partnering up with Affiliates

Now that you have hired the Top Mobile App Development Company and they have developed your app, it is time that you promote your app. One more way of doing so is affiliating with big social media influencers who followers in millions. Give them a commission on each download from their referral link, and they will encourage their followers to download your app.

Spread the app with a Launch party

A lunch party of a mobile app can be a webinar with influencers related to the industry and niche as guests for a strong start. Those who attend the launch party, give them some special discounts and perks to tell users that you care about them.

Launch your App

After following as many of the above steps as you can, it is time for you to launch your mobile app by submitting it to as many app stores as you want. Follow the submission guidelines of all the mobile stores to avoid the hassle of submitting the app again and again.


Post Launch Steps

According to research, 20% of users uninstall a mobile app after using it once, so avoiding this situation is essential for long-term success. Try to give the first impression of your mobile app better as they matter the most and keep improving the features. Here are some latest app launch steps that you can follow.

Update the app based on feedback

If you include features that users are demanding in their feedback and comments, users will think that you care about them and will use the app for a long time. Create an updated log to keep track of Android App Development and upload these logs to your website and app stores to keep users updated.

Create a ‘Coming Soon’ Section

With the help of the ‘Coming Soon’ section, you can keep users excited about upcoming features, so they wait to use these latest features in upcoming updates. This will make your retention rates and customer loyalty skyrocket and various other benefits.

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Boost Retention and User Engagement

Many methods are available nowadays to increase user engagement and retention, including incentivizing users with access to premium content and stuff like that. These methods work in almost all situations as users always tend to go for the app which incentive instead of the app that doesn’t provide them with rewards, coupons, and other special promotions.

Measure the Success

Wait for some time after Mobile App Development and launch before measuring the Success of the mobile app as you need to be accurate. With these results in your hands, create a strategy for what you want to do in the future and discuss these results with your team to get suggestions. Adapt to new trends of the market and provide features that users expect from you to hit new heights of success.

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Launching a mobile app is not an easy task, and there is some room for improvement no matter how hard you try. So, the best thing to do is give your best and try to provide users with features that they love. This way, your app will make it to the list of top apps in its niche.

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