If anyone requires me about the type of apps that I enjoy working on, developing chat and messaging apps would top in record. They are essentially so challenging, so complicated, and at the same time so easy, that it could drastically improve one’s perspective on goals of software engineering.

Nowadays, Telegram is one of the most extraordinary messaging mobile apps. It’s an excellent example of how the platform marketplace has grown. Telegram’s creators concluded out how to develop a messaging app which is fast and secure and has a great developer community around it.

Telegram seamlessly syncs beyond all devices and can be used on desktops, tablets and phones alike. You can send an unlimited number of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.). Telegram groups can now have up to 5000 members in super groups and you can create channels to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. Presently, the App has 55.2 Million Active mobile users, 15 Billion messages are delivered every day.

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In July 2022, Telegram met the line of 700 million monthly active users. Although one of Telegram’s main opponents – Line – has 165 million monthly active users in their four important countries alone, developers still like Telegram as the role model.


Why Telegram is Popular?

  1. Privacy: Users who preferred to enable Telegram’s end-to-end encryption feature to use total anonymity, wherein governments, regulators, or other entities cannot obtain the contents of private communications.
  2. Multi-Platform Availability: Multi-platform availability not only enables users to access their conversations while on-the-go but the head to combine different accounts within Telegram further enables users to build different profiles that may be different from the appearance which they work to connect with their friends or family.
  3. Cost Bots: Telegram has continued committed to the development of bot services on its platform. Curious developers can leverage Telegram’s API and documentation to generate bots of their own, with passage to third-party libraries.
  4. News Channels: Given that Telegram promotes both automated bots and RSS services, several cryptocurrency traders, news sites, and other media have gone on to build broadcast groups that can quickly share news to Telegram users.

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Fundamental Features of the Messaging App Like a Telegram

The times are gone when people used messaging apps only for chatting, nowadays, people browse merchandise plus they understand all the interesting contents within the texting apps. Brands and many businesses resemble to unlock different exciting marketing ways to attract more and more users. There is a kit pattern of features that looks on a chatting app. Sharing of images, group chats, video calls, social login buttons and some other.

Customer Panel

app screen
  • Sign-up
  •  Verification process
  •  Messages
  •  Groups
  •  Channels
  •  In-App filters for pictures
  •  Self-destruction
  •  Support all media
  •  Support multiple different extension file
  •  Turn off notification
  •  Activated Notification
  •  Cloud storage
  •  Syncing with contacts
  •  Export data
  •  Lots of stickers & email
  •  Terminate activate session
  •  Block users
  •  Smart search
  •  Manage privacy
  •  Multilingual
  •  Theme
  •  Calls
  •  Multiple profile pictures
  •  Sharing live location

Admin Panel

  •  Login
  •  Manage profile
  •  Manage users
  •  Reporting and analytics
  •  User Privileges
  •  Push notifications

Advanced Features for Messenger App like Telegram

  • GPS integration
  • The Mobile App, desktop app, PWA
  • Cloud storage integration
  • End to end encryptions
  • Multiple accounts
  • Video streaming
  • Two-step verification
  • Lock chat
  • GIF creation
  • Contact integration
  • Profile customization
  • Messaging
  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Media file transmission
  • Push notifications
  • Group Admin
  • Group Calls
  • Timely Alerts
  • Quick Search
  • Security features
  • Delete the message
  • Group Calls
  • Sharing & Storage
  • Payment Integration
  • Sponsorship
  • Chat SDK & Messaging API

Cost to Develop a Messaging App Like Telegram

Discussing the exact mobile app development cost, it can be involved in dollars/hour. It is important to find out what is going to be the average development cost, which varies as per the markets in UK, USA, Eastern Europe, Western Europe & India, etc. many countries.

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The Modern popularity of the Telegram records that the messaging app market is available for your development. You may get money while supporting people to communicate. It is not that easy as may appear but if to allocate enough time and money you may be the next leader on the messaging application market. It is an opportunity for you to create a messaging app like Telegram (or better)!

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