How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Naukri?  This question is with the initial ones that are being asked when any app development projects like job portals begin. Yes, the mobile application industry aspect covers all domains and therefore people look for such opportunities to benefit from the right plan. However, some entrepreneurs looking for answers to how much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Naukri?

There are a number of students who are looking for their first job, internship, training, some working individuals are looking to switch their existing jobs, or some looking for a part time work from home job. The answer to all these needs are these job searching platforms. Job Searching Mobile apps provide multiple industry jobs finding with several advantages to job seekers such as resume updating and able to connect with recruiters and review the company and can contact the company, etc.

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Job Application can simply connect the way between recruiters and job seeker. The apps like Naukri, Indeed giving you services to search for jobs based on several categories like locations, qualification, and salary-wise. User can apply the filters that help to make the available jobs on a full time, part-time and internship terms. The giants of job search application are Naukri, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn which are expanding the current generation. Interviews, create resumes, salary discussions, etc. are built easily for job seekers with such applications.


Advanced technologies have grown an important part of human beings affecting individually and professionally. Mobile app technology arrived with innovations that assisting job seekers to get the ideal job through a mobile app. There is a growth in the evolution of job-seeking apps, as performing a significant role and supporting learners and experienced experts to follow the preferred job based on their qualifications and experience in the wanted field.

Features of Job Search Mobile App

Total User in Job App

User Panel

Recruiter Panel

Admin Panel

Features of Job search applications

  • Essential features of Naukri App
  • Job discovery
  • Job applications
  • Employer communication
  • Job Search
  • Resume Preparation
  • Applying for Job
  • Push Notification
  • Job Posting
  • Professional networking
  • Easy Registration
  • Hiring – Status

Important Features to Consider While Developing Job Search Applications

  • Allows job search
  • Get Relevant Job Alerts
  • In-app communication
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Push Notifications
  • Premium Membership
  • Privacy by Cloud management

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Advance Features

While developing job search applications, developers should know the most essential factor, The Advance features which require to as follows:

  • Use AI for Screening resume
  • Application Tracking System (ATS)
  • Auto Apply Features
  • Resume Building
  • Ai Powered job portal
  • Manage job ads
  • In-app communication
  • Counselling for career & Interview
  • Memberships/Subscription plan
  • Instant Job Alert
  • Customized Functions
  • Advanced Search Facility
  • Job Recommendations
  • All Browser Compatibility
  • Secure Testing to Guarantee Performance
  • Multi-Language Options Available
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Interview Schedule
  • Job questionnaires and fields
  • Every Industries Cover
  • Cloud Management
  • Overcoming Job Marketing Costs

Team Structure

Discovering the best mobile app development company is not the only purpose to be achieved. Many individuals are included in developing your app from scratch. You need the comprehended team of Mobile App Developers, expert designers, testers managed by a couple of project managers.

The functionally of your job finder app depends mainly on the method, that is deployed in developing it. Hence it becomes very essential that you get the right and the deserving applicants that are imbibed with the true passion and potential for engineering the perfect mobile app. Here is the important key person that performs a great role in providing true quality and perfection to your app:

  • Project Manager
  • Developers – Android Developer, iOS Developer
  • Designers: UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer
  • Testers

How Much Does it Cost to Develop App like Naukri?

There are various people involved in the app developing your application from scratch. You require a very highly skilled mobile application development team, expert designers, and QA testers managed by several project managers.

The cost to develop an on-demand Job is searching mobile app completely depends upon “what functionality you require on which platform”. App with the basic and minimum features will cost you around $12000-$20000. But this cost is only an approximation as it can modify as per client requirement and features.

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How to Form a Great Mobile App Development Team that Deliver Success

Therefore, if you want to create your job searching portal mobile app, you need to know the basic architecture of the application along with technology, the best features, and application development cost that we are going to discuss next.

Most of the people want to understand the cost of job app development like Naukri. To assist the audience who are looking to know the cost of app development like Naukri, Deorwine Infotech came to guide them in the right direction.

Conclusion : is the biggest job app in India, which recruiters simply can’t overlook. But for higher quality talent, there may be better options available that cost much less and are much more important.

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