Flutter is the latest mobile app SDK from the residence of Google, intended to create cross-platform app development more accessible than ever before, Flutter development has generated a lot of hype between developers and businesses alike.

Google I/O 2019 dedicated a set of recognition to Flutter and declared an almost overwhelming amount of news about this technology.Just to name a few of them:

  • Google issued a preview version of Flutter for the web. It’s not called Hummingbird anymore, presently it’s called Flutter web.
  • Google released Flutter 1.7 with many enhancements.
  • The latest Flutter announcement adds support for building Chrome OS applications.
  • Google released Dart 2.3 with new support for UI-as-code features

Tim Sneath, Product Manager of Flutter made an aggregation of all the big news announced for Flutter in I/O 19: A roundup of Flutter news at Google I/O.

At the same duration, the speed at which Flutter apps are published on Google Play continues to increase. Flutter is becoming a passionate subject and, whether you choose to use it or not, if you want to develop or improve your mobile app, you should be aware of what Flutter is, let’s start with the basics.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK, concluded with a framework, widgets, and tools, that provides developers a simple way to build and deploy visually charming, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

For Introduction Checked Official Website of Flutter – https://flutter.dev/.

Flutter allows a smooth and effortless cross-platform mobile app development. You don’t need to develop an iOS and Android app individually. All you need is one code base for both platforms.

What’s More Extra in Flutter?

  • It’s free and open-source code.
  • Provide its widgets, moved with its high-performance rendering engine
  • Fast, attractive and customizable.
  • Is based on Dart  – a fast, object-oriented programming language which is in itself simple to learn.
  • Gratitude to rich widgets, Flutter apps look and feel great, you can create your custom app design, but also use easily available UI elements following specific platforms’ guidelines.
  • The architecture of Flutter is based on the highly popular react programming of nowadays the React Native is most popular.

Advantages of Flutter Development for Mobile Apps

Fast-Code With Hot Reload

Hot Reload in flutter development enables developers to see the real-time differences in the output of their code while they are making modifications to it. For developers, it reduces the trouble of reloading. This implies efficiency in the development process and the ability to make on-the-spot changes.

Perfect for Quick-paced Projects

Flutter development is the best choice if you’re looking to deliver an appealing MVP. It’s simple to build, and flexible by creation, so anything you intend to do goes well so long as you hire flutter developers good at their job.

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Designs Which Your Users Will Love

Flutter is designed to execute it easy to create your widgets or customize the existing widgets. You can browse a catalog of Flutter’s widgets and view, for example, Material Design widgets and Cupertino widgets.

Two Platform – One Code

Since Flutter is a cross-platform framework, its Dart-based codebase would assist you to develop mobile apps for both iOS & Android at once. So with flutter development, you have a single app that can be used successfully on various platforms. If you’re looking to create one app different from the other, it’s perfectly possible to do that as well.

Cross-development Platform Developed for Design

Flutter is created following app design and functionality in mind. So there are an entire lot of widgets available to make an appealing app. There are also possibilities to customize widgets and they built as per your decisions.

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The Same App UI on Older Devices

Your new app will look the same, also on old versions of Android and iOS systems. There are no added costs for supporting older devices. Flutter runs on Android Jelly Bean or brand-new, as well as iOS 8 or newer.

Less Testing

If you have the same app for 2 platforms, it means less testing! The Quality Assurance method can be fasterBecause of one codebase, the developers write automatic tests just once. What’s more, Quality Assurance professionals have less task to do, because they have only one app to check.

Disadvantages of Flutter for Mobile App Development?

Flutter Mobile App Development has a lot of advantages for businesses when linked to another cross-platform framework such as Xamarin. However, it has a collection of drawbacks. The initial core drawback is its shortage of support within the development area is a reasonably new framework. Other drawbacks cover lack of OpenGL, Video, and Maps & Approachability support.

There are many purposes why you should reconsider Flutter development, which is as follows:

Integration With Future Fuchsia OS

Google will soon launch its hyped Fuchsia OS. The basic idea following Fuchsia is to have an OS that seamlessly integrates over all types of devices. Fuchsia is a cross-platform OS that is expected to work on all types of devices, from smartphones to desktop, laptops and also wearables. Google will probably begin to focus more on Fuchsia preferably of Android in the longer run.Well, Flutter itself was developed fulfilling the idea of Fuchsia in mind. So it is extremely probable that using Flutter development would also have your business ready for Fuchsia whenever it begins foot into the market.

Complicated Blend of Native Android App Development

Most utmost businesses have already confirmed this. Native android app development is in a tremendous mess. On top of that, you have to deal with the ever-so-flexible and fragmented kit of Android-powered devices, routine updates, bug fixes, and whatnot.
Google, most developers, and even businesses are starting to see Flutter development as a solution to clear all this jumble. The fact that it’s a cross-platform development framework comes as a frosting on the cake.

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Google Is Shifting Away From Java

Google is doing everything feasible to move away from the Java ecosystem. This is why it began Kotlin as the primary language for android app development at the I/O 2019 developer’s conference.
However, Kotlin itself is mostly dependent on Java. So Google needs a different alternative which supports them get relieved of it fully (That’s one of the reasons for the existence of Fuchsia). The Dart programming language used in the Flutter framework is one of the initial steps used by Google to do the same.
And so, Flutter app development is just a different tool to help android developers, users and businesses leveraging the platform to move to a completely new environment, where Google is free from the limitations and battles with Java and Oracle.

Want to Develop an App With Flutter?

With various benefits, it never wonders that some of the best innovative apps have been developed using Flutter. Some of the important examples of Flutter apps are Google Ads, AppTree and Alibaba. Flutter provides many advantages like faster programming and testing times, cross-platform abilities with native-level experience, smoother apps and UI designs that your users will prefer to interact with.

On top of this, it is backed by a giant like Google, which implies you will never have to worry about a lack of support. The time is now, for developers to consider shifting to Flutter for all their mobile app development requirements.

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